What UV Index Is Good For Tanning

what uv index is good for tanning

Getting tanned is something that never goes out of fashion. The dazzling golden tan looks superb; however, you need to sunbathe for hours or apply some self-tanner to get the desired tan. While both give the same results, the natural tan with the sun’s rays lasts longer, which people often prefer.

Besides tanning, sunrays may also harm the skin, especially when you sit under the sun for a long duration. Therefore, before getting a sun tan, it is essential to know what UV index is good for tanning. It will ensure that you only get tanned, not burned, and the risk of skin damage is reduced to a minimum.

Let’s know everything about getting sun tan and the right UV index for tanning.

UV Index Is Good For Tanning

What Is UV Index?

The intensity or strength of ultraviolet (UV) rays at a particular place and time is called UV Index. This index varies throughout the year and depends on your proximity to the sun. When the sun is closer to the Earth, UV Index spikes up.

Range Of UV Index

The UV index ranges from 0 to 11, wherein the higher the value, the greater the chances of skin and eyes damage. At the same time, in such conditions, the damage occurs at a faster rate. Therefore, in such situations, it is advised to stay indoors, especially between 10 AM to 4 PM.

If you can’t stay inside, wearing high SPF sunscreen and long-sleeved tops with high-quality sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat is essential. It will ensure that your skin remains protected from harmful UV rays. Do not forget that excessive exposure to harmful sun rays may cause skin cancer.

What Is The Best Time To Sunbathe?

Exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun can damage the skin even if it’s cloudy and not very hot outside. It can lead to premature aging as UV radiation affects collagen and melanin content.

At the same time, sun exposure is also beneficial in certain ways like-

  • Provides Vitamin D to the body that helps calcium and phosphorus absorption from food.
  • Helps to treat skin conditions like acne and pimples.

In fact, it is advised to exposure to the sun for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily to get the benefits of sun rays. People with high melanin content (dark skin) should sit longer to achieve the same benefit. Wearing a high SPF sunscreen is essential no matter how long or short you sit under the sun.

What Uv Index Is Good For Tanning?

UV index ranges from 0 to 11 depending upon the sun’s intensity. For tanning, the UV Index should be between 2 to 5. Make sure it does not go above 5, or else skin damage like burns may occur.

No matter what skin type you have, ensure you do not sit under the sun when the index is more than 5 as it is extremely harmful to the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer.

What Makes Us Tan Under The Sun?

Ultraviolet radiations are of two types- UVA and UVB. While UVA radiation triggers the release of melanin pigment in the skin, UVB radiation stimulates the body to produce more melanin, resulting in a tan.

In order to get a sun tan, it is essential to sunbathe for a few hours so that these two types of ultraviolet radiation affect melanin levels in the skin without causing any harm to it.

What Is A Healthy Tan?

Tan occurs when your skin is damaged from ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, a healthy tan is a myth. However, to ensure your skin only tans and doesn’t excessively damage, burn or become prone to skin cancer, avoid excessive sun exposure. Do not sit under the sun without wearing a high SPF sunscreen and avoid time between 10 AM to 3 PM when the sun is at its peak.

Taking these precautions will help your skin get tan and not burn.

What Areas Of The Body Need More Protection From Sun Rays?

Some parts of the body that are more sensitive than others are the eyes, lips, and scalp. They are more prone to sun damage; therefore, taking extra precautions is necessary.

Wear sunscreen with high SPF (more than 30), and cover your eyes with sunglasses and lips with lips balm. Reapply sunscreen after every two hours to ensure the skin stays protected. To tan hidden body areas, you can use self-tanners like sprays, lotions, or tanning creams.


Now that you know that the UV index should remain between 2 and 5 for tanning, ensure you tan the skin without damaging it.

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