How To Use Shower Steamers?

how to use shower steamers

Shower steamers are bath bombs for a shower that frizzes to release essential oil while showering. This results in a luxurious experience because of amazing the aroma. Besides the aromatic experience, there are other benefits due to the essential oils used in the process. Read on to know more.

Use Shower Steamers

How Shower Steamers And Aromatherapy Are Related?

Aromatherapy has its existence for thousands of years and is a way of activating the smell receptors in the nose. This communicates to certain regions in the brain, affecting emotions. Thus, it relieves you of stress, some types of pain, feelings of lack of energy and motivation, and lack of sleep too.

The benefits of aroma therapy can be attributed to the essential oils used in the process, which soothe the spirit, mind and body.

Owing to its importance, aroma therapy has been used in warm bath products, diffusers and even shower steamers, to give you a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Advantages Of Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Reasons, why people enjoy shower steamers, are because of the benefits of the essential oils used. This includes:

  • Better sleep
  • Pain reduction
  • Better immunity
  • Relief from migraine or headache
  • A soothing experience by reduces stress and anxiety
  • Enhancing your sense of alertness.
  • Boosting mood
  • Reducing inflammation

What To Remember While Using Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Every essential oil comes with a different benefit. For example, chamomile and lavender promote sleep, eucalyptus keeps you alert and focused and so on. So, the right ingredient will help you have an amazing experience and make you feel rejuvenated.

Steps For Using Shower Steamers

Follow these steps to use the shower steamer and avail maximum benefits:

  • Keep your shower steamer in a mesh bag and activate the steamer by wetting it. Continue this till it frizzes.
  • Hang the steamer in the path of the direct water stream. Take a deep breath and shower 2-3 times or a little more to enjoy the aromatherapy.
  • The shower steamer must be reactivated every time before showering, by wetting it to restart frizzing. Do not make the shower steamer too wet. Just wet it till its activation point as this will enhance its lifespan
  • A hot shower results in the steam that releases the essential oils in the product.
  • Use aromatherapy daily for a rejuvenating experience.
  • In case you find the aroma to be too strong during the process, hang it on the sink faucet while showering
  • Try various essential oils to understand which one suits you the best.

Shower steamers are practical and easiest ways of destressing yourselves in a few minutes. The amazing aroma during the process results in a spa-like experience in your bathroom and helps you recover and revive.

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