Can You Take A Shower After Getting A Tattoo?

can you take a shower after getting a tattoo

Getting conscious about a tattoo’s aftercare is normal. It is common among people who get inked for the first time. The most common dilemma is if it is okay to take a shower after getting a tattoo?

Is It Okay to Take a Shower After Getting a New Tattoo?

No one sits for hours and goes through the pain only to see their tattoo getting flaked and scabbed easily. It is said that the next 48 hours are the most crucial hours that decide the lifespan of your tattoo.

If you are in a hurry to take a shower, it is important to take the green light from your tattoo artist. Generally, the tattoo artist wraps the tattoo with a bandage once it is made to secure it, and it is advised to keep it wrapped for the next 3-4 hours.

Also, soaking the area with water and using soap is completely prohibited for the next two weeks. It ensures faster healing of the site.

How Soon Can You Take a Shower After Getting The Tattoo?

You may want to flaunt your tattoo to the world, but the more you can wait, the better will be the outcome. You have to leave the bandage for at least 3 hours. Some tattoo artists suggest for 24 hours wrapping too. It protects the site from infections and scarring.

Once your wrapping time is complete, the first thing is to wash and clean the tattoo. It should be done as per the guidance of your tattoo artist.

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8 Tips On Taking a Shower After Getting a New Tattoo

1. Treat Your Tattoo as an Open Wound

Your skin has been pricked several times to get inked. Therefore, the site should be considered an open wound. Now, you have to treat it just like you treat an open wound- gently and delicately. Maintain hygiene and handle it with care as the site’s skin has recently undergone trauma and needs time to heal.

2. Use Lukewarm or Cold Water

The site’s skin after the trauma becomes highly sensitive. Do not overburden it with hot water. Instead, use cold streams or lukewarm water. Using hot water may cause the skin to swell further.

3. Gently Wash The Area with Your Hands

If you stand directly below the showerhead, the water may come with force, causing the skin to swell. Put water on the inked site gently and wash it with your hands. Do not apply any kind of force.

4. Use Gentle Soaps, Free of Harsh Chemicals and Fragrances

The harder is the smell of your soap, the more chemicals it has. For sensitive tattooed skin, use unscented soap and majorly herbal or organic. It should be free from abrasive chemicals yet can clean the impurities and flush the bacteria that could cause infection at the site.

5. Don’t Submerge Tattoo in Water for Long Hours

Gently dab the tattoo site with water instead of dipping it for long hours. Keep the exposure to water minimum for some days as it can impact the intensity of ink or pigments in your tattoo.

6. Make The Shower Time Small

Do not take too much time in the shower. Excessive exposure to steam and heat may break the pigments and slow down the healing process. So, keep the shower time as small as possible and try to keep the site of the tattoo away from water. It can be done if you have a tattoo on your arms or legs. If you got it on your back or stomach, take extra care.

7. Use a Paper Towel

Although it is advised to air dry the tattoo areas, you can use paper towels if air drying is not possible. Basically, the idea is to avoid using a towel that may cause cross-contamination and infect the inked site.

8. Moisturize The Area

Once the tattooed area gets dry, moisturize it properly. Use a gentle moisturizer free from harsh chemicals and a profound smell. At this point, you can also go for products that are made especially for tattoo care. They help in speeding up the healing process and give faster results.

Generally, a tattoo starts flaking after 48 hours, but some may take more than 48 hours to completely heal. If you see the flakes and scabs coming out, do not scratch or pick them, no matter how tempting they may feel. With the right precautions and aftercare, you can enjoy the artistry for a lifetime.

It is important to consult the best tattoo artists and strictly follow their aftercare instructions for the best tattoo results. Still wondering if you can take a shower after getting a tattoo? Consult your tattoo artist.

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