How To Use Vaseline on My Tattoo

vaseline on tattoo

Tattoo making is an art and which is trending really well in the world of fashion. The design is made by the tattoo artists by inserting ink, dyes as well as pigments, both indelible and temporary, right into the dermis layer of skin for bringing change in the skin pigment.

You should not allow Tattoo to get soaked in water at the time of taking bath. Many say to use Vaseline on it. A question may come to your mind as “Can I use Vaseline on new tattoo”? Here we discussed how to use Vaseline on tattoo let us read!

Can I Use Vaseline on Tattoo?

Yes, you can use Vaseline on tattoo but on specific occasions.

  • You need to Coat the tattooed area with Vaseline only at the time of taking showers in order to keep a check on the Tattoo from getting soaking wet.
  • Wipe off the area after a shower.
  • Follow this for 2 days then do not use
  • Use a moisturizing skin cream or moisturizing lotion
  • Lubriderm is one of preferred skin ointment, lotion to make an investment on.

What Happens If you Use Vaseline on Tattoo?

If carefully Vaseline is not applied to the tattoo following things can happen:

  • It will develop a moist and humid pocket which will be trapping air in between Vaseline and skin. This will encourage creating a perfect environment for the growth of germs and bacteria and will allow it to multiply.
  • One reason for which you should not use Vaseline on the new tattoo is that the ink of tattoo will draw ink from the lower layers of skin if kept on for too long. This will be fading the color of the ink and create patchiness.
  • Vaseline along with different other petroleum-based products breaks down materials like latex and nitrile in less than 20 minutes time. Tattoo artists generally use gloves made from such materials which actually transfers bacteria as well as pathogens from the bare hands to wounds.

How to Use Vaseline on New Tattoo

By now you are sure that there are some specific techniques which need to be adapted to use the Vaseline while healing the tattoo after the process.

  • You can use Vaseline for guarding the tattoo during showering.
  • Take Vaseline on your fingertip and spread it over the newly designed tattoo (do it when you have the plan to go for a long shower)
  • Now take shower and Vaseline will protect it from water spray
  • Vaseline will hold the area very well until the time strong water jet gets blasted directly on the tattoo.
  • After shower clear off the Vaseline with lukewarm water and no perfumed soap
  • Pat it dry with your towel.

How Often to Put Vaseline on Tattoo

Use it for no more than 2 days essentially at the time of taking bath only.

How Long to Put Vaseline on Tattoo

Use it until the time you are through with your shower

Vaseline has several useful benefits, but not to be used regularly on any newly carved tattoo which is under the process of healing. This will actually stave the area for oxygen, pull ink out from the tattoo and may lead to infections.

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