Can I Get A Tattoo Over A Scar?

Can I Get A Tattoo Over A Scar

Not everyone gets tattoos to look cool and stylish; some get them to make their scars less noticeable.

Can you tattoo over scars is one of the most frequently asked questions from tattoo artists. They explain that people who have scars often get self-conscious due to it. The last resort to make them less noticeable is getting a tattoo over the scar.

Let’s understand why people get tattoos over scars if this procedure is more painful, and what should be considered before getting a tattoo over the scar.

Can You Get a Tattoo Over Scars?

Getting a scar is nothing less than getting a tattoo. It is mainly because some scars are also permanent, like tattoos. While some people wear their scars with pride as they are associated with sweet memories, others want to get rid of them as it makes them recall the trauma behind them. 

Even though it is possible to get a tattoo over the scars, the procedure is more painful than those over unscarred skin. The pain may range from moderate to severe, depending upon the type of scar. At the same time, there are many more factors that decide how painful it will be. 

Therefore, you should always find a tattoo expert for tattooing scarred skin. Those with expertise in tattooing over scars and who have done it previously should be considered. It will ensure that the tattoo will conceal the scar properly. 

When Can You Tattoo Over Scars?

Scars can make anyone self-conscious about their looks. Here are a few reasons why people want to conceal their marks and reach out to tattoo artists-

  • To hide stretch marks 
  • To cover scars from an accident 
  • To fleece marks obtained after surgery, such as breast cancer 
  • To hide scars from injury or trauma 

People get tattoos over their scars to feel confident all over again and forget the traumatizing past that gave them those scars. 

Is Getting A Tattoo Over A Scar Painful?

Is getting a tattoo over a scar painful

Usually, how much a person feels pain while getting a tattoo depends upon his pain tolerance level. While some people experience huge discomfort, others find it bearable. 

However, according to tattoo artists and people who have got a tattoo over scars, the procedure is more painful than getting a tattoo over unscarred skin. 

One of the common reasons behind this extreme pain is nerve damage due to a scar. If the scar is due to an injury, accident, or trauma, there are chances that the nerve underneath the skin has been damaged or compressed. In such cases, getting a tattoo over a scar will be painful. 

Besides this, here are a few types of scars that tend to pain more while getting a tattoo over them-

  • keloid scars
  • atrophic scars
  • hypertrophic scars
  • burn scars

The deeper the scar, the more painful it will be to get the tattoo. However, if the scar is mild and small, it will cause less pain. 

Things To Consider While Getting A Tattoo Over Scars

If you are thinking about concealing your scar with a tattoo, here are a few things to know beforehand-

Tattoos Can Increase Scarring 

If you have the tendency to develop keloid scars, thick and red bumps with a raised, rounded, and irregular shape, tattooing over it will be extremely painful.

At the same time, it will make the scar worse by developing ore raised around it. So, if you have a keloid scar, wait until it heals completely, which may take a year. 

Likewise, if the scar is deeper, you may need to wait for 3 to 5 years to allow it to heal completely. It will reduce the risk of making the scar worse. 

Tattoo Color Can Bleed

 When a tattoo is done over the unscarred skin, the ink absorbs, and the color settles into the skin easily. However, in the case of scars, the skin surface becomes irregular, making it difficult to absorb the ink. 

So, the chances of ink spreading to the surrounding area are high, which will make the tattoo look smudged and unclear. The only way to reduce this chance is to choose the right tattoo artist who has experience in covering different types of scars.

The Tattoo May Appear Irregular

Some scars, such as stretch marks and acne marks, make the skin irregular. They may create indentions on the skin, wherein the skin appears thin and tender. 

Even though getting a tattoo over such skin is possible, you need to wait until it is properly healed. At the same time, the indented skin is often discolored, so finding the right tattoo design and colors to conceal them becomes a little problematic. 

In such cases, only an experienced tattoo artist can find the best solution. 


If you wonder if you can get a tattoo over scars, the answer is YES. 

People often choose to cover their scars with tattoos so that they can feel comfortable in their skin. Sometimes, it makes them forget their traumatizing past that caused the scars. 

So, whether you are getting tattoos over scars to hide an injury due to an accident or trauma or to stop being self-conscious about the scarring, ensure getting it right. 

It is essential to find the right tattoo artist who has experience in getting such tattoos. Since tattoos come with a risk of infection and blowouts, they can make the scar worse when not done properly. The more experienced the artist is, the better the outcome will be. 

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