How To Use Bath Bombs In Shower

how to use bath bombs in shower

Who doesn’t love having a long, warm, and luxurious time in the bath? Even though bathtubs are now getting replaced with showers, you can still enjoy bath bombs and have a pleasurable time.

Bath bombs are typically made to use in bathtubs; however, if you prefer a shower or do not have access to a bathtub, you can still enjoy a bath bomb. Wondering how? Continue reading!

Using A Bath Bomb In The Shower

Take your bath bomb into the shower and cut it into two halves. You can use them for two showers or enjoy both the methods below to see which you like more.

1. Bath Bomb On The Floor

Take your bath bomb and place it on the floor in the shower. As you take a shower, the bath bomb will explode, showing all the fizz and spreading all the fragrance. While you shower, you can enjoy watching the different colors passing across your legs and smell the fragrances coming out from them.

If your bath bomb consists of glitter or confetti, it will be good to place it inside a breathable bag like an organza bag or a mesh bag. In this way, the embellishments will not drain and clog the drainage.

2. Bath Bomb On The Shower Head

Another way to enjoy a bath bomb is placing it on the shower head after wrapping it in a mesh bag or organza bag. As you open the shower, the bomb will start fizzing, and you will be able to enjoy the aroma and fizz while showering.

How Can I Use A Bath Bomb Other Than Showering?

Apart from these two interesting methods, you can also enjoy bath bombs in the following ways-

1. Pampering The Feet– Create a luxurious foot bath and pamper your feet with a bath bomb. If you do not have a bathtub, no problem because, in this method, you only need a basin or bucket in which you can dip your legs and soak them for a while.

Fill the bucket with warm water and let the bath bomb dissolve. Now soak your feet and let them enjoy the luxury for a few minutes.

2. Utilize The Fragrance of The Bath Bomb Creatively– Bath bombs have a pleasant aroma, and you can make the most out through the following ways-

3. Using Bath Bombs as a DeodorizerBaking soda is the primary ingredient of bath bombs. It absorbs the odor of the room while spreading the fragrance it has. Tie the bath bomb in breathable cloth-like organza or cheesecloth and keep it on drawers and closets. It will work as an excellent deodorizer, absorbing the odor and spreading its fragrance.

4. Use it as a Room Fresher– The beautiful colors, confetti, glitter, and floral petals in the bath bomb make them a great decorative element for the room. To use a bath bomb as a room freshener, crush it into small pieces and place it inside a decorative container. Enjoy the fragrance that spreads to the entire room.

5. Aroma Therapy With The Bath Bomb– Many bath bombs come filled with essential oils, and as they dissolve in warm water, they release a magical scent in the air. You can get a great aromatherapy session with your bath bomb if it consists of essential oil. If your bomb is large, cut it into four smaller pieces and use it for four such amazing sessions.

6. Make Homemade Air Fresher– Cut the bath bomb into two or four smaller pieces and dissolve one in a cup of warm water. Now transfer it into a spray bottle and use it as an air fresher whenever required.

7. Take Your Bath Bomb to a Vacation– If you want to enjoy the bath bomb inside a bathtub only, but you do not have access to one, wait until you head out for a vacation and stay at a hotel with a bathtub. All you need is to protect them from moisture and getting crushed. It will make your bath and vacation- both extra enjoyable.

8. Pass it as a Gift– Another good way of using your bath bomb is passing it to your friend or family member as a gift. It makes a great present for a baby shower, birthday, anniversary or thanks-giving. If not you, let others enjoy the luxury of a bath bomb in their bathtub.

A bath bomb is a luxury, and you can enjoy it really well if you use it in a bathtub. However, using it in a shower is equally enjoyable. We have given you a lot of ideas, and now it’s up to you how to use them.

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