8 Surprising Ways To Use Lemon Essential Oil for Health & Beauty

lemon essential oil uses

Lemons are small, sour and acidic. Yet for such a tiny fruit, lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C and are widely used around the world for a variety of purposes. Lemon oil is an incredibly powerful oil. Powerful enough that while it can cure a bunch of ailments, it can also double as an industrial cleaning agent at the same time.

However, we are not going to discuss its properties as an industrial cleanser today. Rather we are going to focus on its incredible medicinal properties. Ayurveda – an alternative medicine that originated in the Indian subcontinent – has been using lemon and lemon oil to treat a variety of illness from a long time. What all can lemon oil be used to treat? Here is a short list.

Lemon Essential Oil Uses

1. Cleansing and Purification

Lemon oil has powerful anti-bacterial properties. If you want to do some body cleansing, add three drops of lemon oil to 8 ounces of water and slowly drink this water throughout the day. This mixture will gently flush out the toxins in your body and will help your kidneys and your digestive system.

2. Mood Enhancer

Essential oils are concentrated and as a result, their aromas tend to be amplified. Lemon oil has a very pleasant fragrance that is reminiscent of freshness and tartness. Add a few drops of diffused lemon oil into a spray and spray it around your house/room. Instantly, you will find that your house smells better and as a result, your mood also will be uplifted. Lemon oil by itself or along with other essential oils can help calm stressed minds, reduce anxiety and in generally make you feel more peaceful and mentally relaxed and alert. If you like, you can even add lemon oil to your bathwater for a relaxing bath.

3. Blocked Airways

Lemon oil’s pleasant aroma can clear congested sinuses and make breathing a lot easier for people who suffer from allergies or colds. Lemon oil can also soothe a sore throat when it is had with warm water and honey.

4. Improves Digestion

If you have frequent problems with digestion in that you often suffer from indigestion or acidity, drink water with lemon oil added to it. Drinking this water will help reduce bloating and cramps and ease digestion.

5. Hair Care

Dandruff is the bane of many a person’s life. A bad case of dandruff can make healthy hair look oily and stringy and of course and of course produce a lot of white flakes, which many people find embarrassing. Add a drop or two of lemon oil to your shampoo and use it control dandruff and grease. Alternatively, you can also use in a hair mask along with curd and egg white to get rid of dandruff and have shiny, conditioned hair.

6. Healthy Skin

Lemon oil is a very good astringent that can be used to reduce control oil production on the face and reduce pimples as well. A drop of lemon oil added to your skin cleanser will help your skin be clean and fresh. Lemon oil also livens your skin and make dull skin look bright and youthful.

7. Weight Loss

A drop of lemon oil when had with warm water can promote weight loss. It’s most useful when you drink this mixture right away in the morning, as soon as you get up and on an empty stomach. It also controls your appetite and ensures that you do not eat more than you need.

8. Boosts Immune System

Lemon oil contains a lot of Vitamin C and Citric acid. It improves the circulation of nutrients throughout the body. And as we all know, Vitamin C is very important to human beings as it is an essential nutrient. Lemon oil with water or in added to foods reduces the risk of scurvy and keeps the body healthy. And if you frequently fall prey to the common cold, then lemon oil with definitely help you catch fewer colds and even reduce the duration of the cold!

A Word of Caution

Though lemon oil has many wonderful qualities, you must also be aware of few things. As with most essential oils, lemon oil cannot be used by pregnant or nursing women. Also keep it away from children as they could accidentally ingest it or get it into their eyes. If they do ingest it in large quantities, please visit the hospital at once and if gets into their eyes, wash the affected area in cold water to flush it out and then visit the doctor.

As with all things, lemon oil should be used in moderation. Despite its curative properties, too much of it is only going to affect you adversely. When it is being applied on your body or your face, take care that you apply it carefully and avoid sensitive areas. Also, ensure that you use in a mixture along with coconut oil and not just by itself. You must not forget that lemon oil is extremely acidic and applying too much of it on your skin can cause your skin to become dry or break out in rashes.

Different people tend to be allergic to different things. And you may never know you are allergic to lemon oil because you have never used it before. Before you use it, test it on a small portion of your skin. If you show no adverse reaction to the oil, go ahead and continue to use it. If the oil adversely affects you, do not use it at all.

Also, while many illnesses can be cured through home remedies, if the illness becomes serious or dire, do not hesitate to contact your doctor or your physician immediately.

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