Lume Deodorant Cream: The Secret to All-Day Freshness Revealed

The Secret to All-Day Freshness Revealed

Introducing Lume Deodorant Cream: Your Aluminum-Free, Baking Soda-Free Solution for Sensitive Skin.Say goodbye to underarm and private area odour worries with Lume Deodorant Cream. Formulated without aluminium or baking soda, it’s the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic and safe, this cream offers effective odour control without compromising on skin health.

Enjoy a refreshing Clean Tangerine scent that keeps you feeling fresh all day long. Plus, its convenient travel tube makes it perfect for on-the-go use, ensuring you stay confident no matter where life takes you. Designed for both men and women, Lume Deodorant Cream is the ultimate unisex solution for all your odour control needs.

Lume Deodorant Cream

Lume Deodorant Cream

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How to Use

Here the process of  Lume Deodorant Cream

  • Warm the cream slightly between your fingers for easier application. Avoid overheating the product.
  • Use a pea-sized amount of cream for each underarm or other intended area. A little goes a long way with cream deodorants.
  • Apply the cream gently and evenly to the desired area. Avoid direct contact with mucous membranes.
  • Allow the cream to dry completely before dressing.
  • Reapply as needed throughout the day, especially after sweating or activity.

Additional Tips:

  • For best results, apply the cream at night before bed to allow it to absorb fully.
  • Store the cream in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Key Ingredients

Lume Deodorant Cream Ingredients

Here is the list of Key Ingredients that the  Lume Deodorant Cream

  • Antioxidant: Caffeine
  • Exfoliant: Mandelic Acid
  • Soothing: Panthenol
Ingredient Namewhat it does
Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoateemollient
PPG-15 Stearyl Etheremollient
Zea Mays (Corn) Starchviscosity controlling, abrasive/​scrub
Ozokeriteviscosity controlling
Stearyl Alcoholemollient, viscosity controlling, emulsifying, surfactant/​cleansing
Isododecaneemollient, solvent
Isopentyldiolsolvent, moisturizer/​humectant, emollient
Mandelic Acidexfoliant, antimicrobial/​antibacterial

Pros and Cons of Lume Deodorant Cream


  • Aluminium-Free and Baking Soda-Free Formula: Lume Deodorant Cream is meticulously crafted without aluminium or baking soda, ensuring it’s gentle on sensitive skin while effectively controlling odour.
  • Hypoallergenic and Safe for Sensitive Skin: Designed with sensitivity in mind, this cream is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for even the most delicate skin types.
  • Clean Tangerine Scent: Enjoy the invigorating scent of Clean Tangerine, providing a refreshing and subtle fragrance throughout the day.
  • Convenient Travel Tube: The compact travel tube packaging makes it effortless to carry your odour-fighting solution wherever you go, ensuring you’re always prepared to stay fresh.
  • Unisex Use: Lume Deodorant Cream caters to both men and women, offering a versatile and inclusive solution for all individuals seeking reliable odour protection.


  • Potential Skin Sensitivity: While hypoallergenic, some individuals may experience mild skin irritation or allergic reactions. It’s essential to perform a patch test before full application.
  • Application Sensitivity: The cream’s consistency may vary from traditional stick or spray deodorants, requiring a bit of adjustment in application technique for some users.
  • Reapplication Required: While effective, users may find the need to reapply the cream throughout the day for continuous odour protection, which may be inconvenient for some individuals with busy schedules.
  • Individual Sensitivity: Although marketed as hypoallergenic, there’s always a chance certain ingredients could irritate some users’ skin. Patch testing before full application is recommended.
  • Sweat Stains: Since it doesn’t control sweat production, sweat stains on clothing may be more noticeable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Is Lume Deodorant Cream suitable for sensitive skin?

A: Yes, absolutely. Lume Deodorant Cream is hypoallergenic and formulated without aluminium or baking soda, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin types.

Q. How long does the Clean Tangerine scent last?

A: The Clean Tangerine scent of Lume Deodorant Cream provides long-lasting freshness, though individual experiences may vary. Reapplication may be necessary for prolonged scent retention.

Q. Can I use Lime Deodorant Cream on other parts of my body besides underarms and private areas?

A: While primarily designed for underarms and private areas, Lume Deodorant Cream can be used on other body parts where odour control is desired, such as feet or under-breast areas.

Q. Will Lime Deodorant Cream leave stains on my clothing?

A: When applied correctly and fully absorbed into the skin, Lume Deodorant Cream shouldn’t leave stains on clothing. However, it’s essential to allow it to dry completely before dressing to minimise any potential transfer.

Q. How often should I reapply Lime Deodorant Cream?

A: The frequency of reapplication depends on individual needs and activities. Generally, it’s recommended to reapply as needed throughout the day for continuous odour protection, especially after sweating or physical activity.

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Lume Deodorant Cream emerges as a game-changer in the world of odour control, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Its aluminium-free and baking soda-free formula, coupled with a refreshing Clean Tangerine scent, offers a winning combination of effectiveness and skin-friendliness.

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