30 Adorable Penguin Nail Art Designs

Penguin Nail Art Designs

Penguins remind us of the charm of the Antarctic and the beauty of white snow. If you are an animal lover and looking for some alluring animal nail art ideas, our collection of 20 adorable penguin nail art designs is sure to make a splash on your fingertips. Whether you’re a fan of these adorable creatures or simply looking for a fun and whimsical nail art idea, we have something for everyone. From minimalist penguin silhouettes to detailed cartoon renditions, you will definitely find something that suits your style and occasion. 

20 Penguin-Inspired Nail Art Creations for Animal Lovers

1. Elegant Sky Blue Penguin Nails 

Elegant Sky Blue Penguin Nails

The soft and subtle sky blue on the nails is enough to bring elegance and sophistication to your manicure, and the addition of a penguin makes it playful. In this design, the nail artist created pretty motifs of two little penguins on the ring finger. Standing subtly on the white snow makes the design more interesting. 

2. Shades of Purple with Penguin Nail Art

Shades of Purple with Penguin Nail Art

If you want to add the vibrancy of colors to your nails, this purple nail art with penguins is the right choice. In this, the nail artist used different shades of purple, along with glittery ones, as a base coat. To the nail of a middle finger, the cute little motif of penguins is then created to make the manicure look snowy. 

3. Christmas Penguin Nails Art 

Christmas Penguin Nails Art

For all those who want pretty nail art for Christmas, this penguin nail art is the best bet. Here, the nail artist has selected Christmas-friendly colors such as green, peach, and white to create snowflakes on green grass. The capped penguin on the nail of the middle finger gives the manicure a perfect Christmas vibe. 

4. Snowfall and Penguins Nail Art 

Snowfall and Penguins Nail Art

It is another wintery nail art where the nail artist has artistically drawn the scene of snowfall over a peach basecoat. The white nail color used to draw the snow and the little penguins in groups enjoying the snowfall makes this manicure nothing less than a storyteller.

5. Little Penguins on Green Nails 

Little Penguins on Green Nails

If you love the vibrancy of colors in your manicure, this flashy penguin nail art could be the right choice. In this, sea green color is used by the nail artist as a basecoat over which the cute little motifs of penguins are drawn using white and black color. The snowflakes in between the penguins make this nail art more winter-friendly.  

6. Red Textured Christmas Penguin Nails Art 

Red Textured Christmas Penguin Nails Art

This flashy and vibrant penguin nail art is perfect for Christmas. Unlike most penguin nail art, this design has textured penguins wearing a red scarf and winter caps. Along with this, the white snowflakes over the glitzy red basecoat take things to the next level. The nails of the middle two fingers also have a stunning textured design.

7. Penguin Portrait Nails Design 

Penguin Portrait Nails Design

If you are looking for some minimal penguin nail art, this is the best bet. Here, bold black colors are used for all the nails, and on the nails of a middle finger, a cute portrait of a penguin is created. In this, the two glittering eyes of the penguin are stealing the show, and the orange beak and paws make the entire manicure cuter. 

8. Wintery Penguin Nails for Christmas 

Wintery Penguin Nails for Christmas

If you are looking for a unique nail design for the coming Christmas, this wintery glittering penguin nail art is a great choice. In this, the nails of the index and small finger have a glittering red color over which white is used as a dripping color. The nails of the middle two fingers have little penguin motifs that bring cuteness to this nail art.  

9. Glittering Black Penguin Nails 

Glittering Black Penguin Nails

It is another bold and beautiful Arctic animal nail art in which glittering black is used for most of the nails. The nail of the middle finger is coated silver, and a cute penguin motif is created to make it quirky and playful. The little mouth of the penguin with bright orange makes it look even better. 

10. Black Penguin Nails with Snowflakes 

Black Penguin Nails with Snowflakes

Penguins and snowflakes go hand in hand, and this penguin nail art is all about it. In this, the nail artist first coated the nail with black, over which white was used to create penguins and snowflakes artistically. Both these little motifs symbolize the winter season and bring winter chills to the manicure. 

11. Snowfall-Inspired Penguin Nails Art

Snowfall-Inspired Penguin Nails Art

This is a unique winter-themed nail art where you can see how intricately the nail artist has designed penguins on nails with snowflakes. The wintery blue with white snowflakes makes this manicure perfect for the winter season. The phrase ‘Let is Snow’ from the animation Elsa and Anna’ makes it more playful. 

12. Ice Skating Penguin Nails Art 

Ice Skating Penguin Nails Art

This elegant penguin nails art where a penguin can be seen ice skating looks so pretty. In this, the wintery blue color is used as a basecoat that has shimmering sparkled whites all around. The quirky penguin skating playfully brings so much liveliness to this sophisticated penguin nail art.  

13. Winter Wonderland Nails with Penguins 

Winter Wonderland Nails with Penguins

Giving a perfect chilly winter vibe, this winter wonderland nail design with cute little penguins is the best. Here, every nail has different indications- from snowflakes and penguins to alternate stripes of white and dots. Adding to the charm, the glittering and sparkling sky-blue color makes the manicure look so lively and fresh. 

14. Penguins with Different Emotions on Nails 

Penguins with Different Emotions on Nails

Penguins on nails look super cute, and when they are drawn with different emotions, the beauty escalates. Here, the index finger has a silently sitting penguin, the middle one has a dancing penguin, and the ring finger has a grumpy one. The base coat of each nail is in varying shades of sky blue, which makes this manicure soothing to the eyes. 

15. Black and Pink Penguin Nails Art 

Black and Pink Penguin Nails Art

The color combination of black and pink in this penguin nail art makes it very sophisticated in appearance. The glittering pink, along with black and shining silver- all have created stunning nail art. To add to its beauty, there is a little penguin on the ring finger wearing a pink scarf that looks extremely adorable. 

16. Winter Snow Nails with Penguins 

Winter Snow Nails with Penguins

It is another beautiful winter snow nail art where a little penguin motif is drawn on each nail. The dripping white snow and some polka dots over the sky-blue nail color make the manicure more wintery. It is a perfect penguin nail art, giving winter vibes to the hands. 

17. Peach Nails with a Penguin 

Peach Nails with a Penguin

If you want to keep things soft and subtle, this stunning penguin nail art, where the nails are coated with glittering peach over which one penguin is created on the ring finger, elevates the look of a manicure. Such nail arts enhance the winter mood and make you feel elegant and good. 

18. Happy Penguins on Peach Nails 

Happy Penguins on Peach Nails

The cute little penguins in this nail art, where each penguin looks super happy and dances on the nails, make things playful. Here, the nail artist has drawn illustrations of happy penguins on every nail, each doing a different activity. While one is clapping, the other is dancing, listening to music, and so on, giving varying infographics on each nail.

19. Dancing Penguins on Silver Nails 

Dancing Penguins on Silver Nails

It is another playful penguin nail design where each nail has a different illustration of penguins. Two penguins on the ring finger, holding a heart balloon, add the vibrancy of red to this soft and subtle penguin nail design. The glitters of silver make the entire manicure more interesting and impressive. 

20. Christmas Cast Penguin Nails Art

Christmas Cast Penguin Nails Art

This is one of the best penguin nail arts, where the nail artist has created the entire Christmas cast for the manicure. From Santa Claus and snowmen to snowflakes and penguins, here every nail is decorated, giving perfect Christmas and winter vibes. The use of red, black, white, and some glittering nail colors brings vibrancy to this nail art even more. 

More Penguin Nail Art Designs

21. Penguin Nail Art for Almond Nails

Penguin Nail Art for Almond Nails

22. Cutest Penguin Nail Art

Cutest Penguin Nail Art

23. Winter Penguin Stamp Nail Art

Winter Penguin Stamp Nail Art

24. Winter Harvest Penguin Nails

Winter Harvest Penguin Nails

25. Pink Penguin Nails with Snow Flakes

Pink Penguin Nails with Snow Flakes

26. Gold Acrylic Penguin Nail Art

Gold Acrylic Penguin Nail Art

27. Beautiful Blue Penguin Nail Art

Beautiful Blue Penguin Nail Art

28. Artic Animals Penguin Nail Art

Artic Animals Penguin Nail Art

29. Winter Penguin Nails

Winter Penguin Nails

30. Penguin Nail Art with White Base Coat

Penguin Nail Art with White Base Coat


When you want to express your creativity and showcase your love for these charming Penguin creatures, getting their nail art is the perfect idea. From cute and playful designs to elegant and sophisticated interpretations, here you have explored multiple options. The versatile penguin nail art is sure to grab a lot of compliments wherever you go. Let your imagination soar and embrace the whimsical world of penguin-inspired nail art!

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