The Simpsons Nail Art Designs: 35+ Awesome Designs You’ll Love

Simpsons Nail Art Designs

Who doesn’t love ‘The Simpsons’ and the way they used to bring smiles to our faces during childhood? If you are also a fan girl, these Simpson-inspired nail designs are a must to have once in your manicure. As you get it on your nails, no wonder people will know your love for this dazzling animation series. So, select any one of these 30 Simpson Nails that we have hand-picked for you and let your hands talk. 

30 Nail Art Creations for Simpson Fans

1. Pink Simpson Nail Design

Pink Simpson Nail Design

This alluring nail design, where the beloved Simpson is made on the middle finger, will easily attract anyone’s attention. The rest of the nails are colored pink to bring subtleness to this nail art. 

2. Yellow and Blue Simpson Nail Art

Yellow and Blue Simpson Nail Art

The big-eyed Simpson made in this nail art makes it extremely interesting. At the same time, the use of blue and white colors to create a sky in the rest of the nails elevates the look of the entire nail art manifold. 

3. Donut and Simpson Nail Art

Donut and Simpson Nail Art

We all know the love of Simpson for donuts, and this nail art depicts it perfectly. This nail design has Simpson on the index finger, looking at his favorite donuts that are made on the rest of the fingers. The shades of pink and blue to create a donut make this nail art very beautiful. 

4. Mr. and Mrs Simpson Nail Art with Donuts

Mr. and Mrs Simpson Nail Art with Donuts

This nail design with Mr. and Mrs. Simpson on different fingers creates wholesome art for Simpson lovers. The addition of donut on the remaining fingers makes it completely dedicated to this amazing animation series. 

5. Multi-Color Simpson Nails Art

Multi-Color Simpson Nails Art

You can see how beautifully the burst of colors appears in this nail design, making it all vibrant and frisky. The combo of different characters, including hearts, clouds, Simpson, and much more, makes it attractive to the eyes. 

6. Purple Simpson Nails Design with Donuts 

Purple Simpson Nails Design with Donuts 

The choice of colors in this nail art- purple as a base coat, yellow for the Simpson, and pink for the donuts complement each other, making it appear perfect for every season.

7. Simpson Family Nail Design 

Simpson Family Nail Design 

In this nail art, the family members of Simpson are curated intricately at different fingertips. From Bart and Lisa to Maggie, in this design, you will create everyone to make a complete family pack nail design. 

8. Simpson Nail Design with Bold Colors 

Simpson Nail Design with Bold Colors

While most of the Simpson’s nails are made using light and soft colors, this design goes one step above and uses bold colors such as glossy purple to complete the bursting appearance. 

9. Simpson Nails with Glitters and Swarovski 

Simpson Nails with Glitters and Swarovski

This design looks different from the rest as it uses glitter and Swarovski to complete the look. While Simpson is made in the middle finger, the rest of the fingers are decorated with green glitter and other stunning jewels. 

10. Funny Green Simpson Nail Design

Funny Green Simpson Nail Design

This is an interesting Simpson nail art in which a green base coat is applied. Over this, Simpson is made in different fingers, gradually getting covered with green clouds. This design is nothing less than a storyteller.

11. Pink and Glittery Simpson Nail Design

Pink and Glittery Simpson Nail Design

This design has an allure, and it comes from the pink glitters, which is applied alternately with pink nail color on every finger. The middle finger has Simpson, which completes the look of this striking nail art. 

12. Design with Donut and Simpson on Nails 

Design with Donut and Simpson on Nails

In this design, Simpson is crafted intricately in one finger, and the rest are decorated with donuts- his favorite food and its frosting. The colorful sparkles in the donuts make this Simpson nail art very playful.  

13. Long Nails with Simpson Nail Art

Long Nails with Simpson Nail Art

Women with long nails looking for some cute animated design should select this wonderful Simpson nail art that has glittery pink as the base. To complement the design, a few green leaves and money are added. 

14. Complete Simpson Family Nail Design 

Complete Simpson Family Nail Design

This nail art takes you one step closer to Simpson as it has a complete Simpson family created on each nail intricately. The expressions made by each character are so apt that it becomes hard to differentiate from the real ones. 

15. Pointed Nails with ‘The Simpsons’

Pointed Nails with 'The Simpsons

This art is slightly different from others because, on one hand, it has the Simpson characters while the other hand has nails written ‘The Simpsons’ with every letter on the different nails.

16. Small Nails Simpson Design 

Small Nails Simpson Design

Women with small nails can get this funky design as it has beautifully created Simpson in one nail and the rest of the body on the next, making it really funny with his bumps. The other hand will have heart-shaped donuts, giving romantic vibes. 

17. Sky Blue Simpson Nail Art

Sky Blue Simpson Nail Art

It is one of the best Simpson nails for this summer season, as it uses a light and subtle sky-blue color on all the nails. Simpson is made only in one finger, making it the center of attention. 

18. Black Nails with Simpson Nail Art

Black Nails with Simpson Nail Art

Black nail color makes you appear ferocious and bold; however, getting Simpson in one of the fingers with sky blue and yellow color completes the entire look.  

19. Mrs. Simpson with Glitters on Nails 

Mrs. Simpson with Glitters on Nails

For every fan of Mrs. Simpson, this design is the correct choice. Here, pink nail color is used for most of the fingertips while the index one is painted silver and decorated with Mrs. Simpson on it. 

20. Playful Colors Simpson Nails 

Playful Colors Simpson Nails 

A burst of colors in this nail design, along with colorful animated characters that include Simpson, is perfect for every cartoon lover. The flowers in this nail design with a smiley in the middle make it extremely alluring. 

21. Sponge Bob and Simpson Nails Design 

Sponge Bob and Simpson Nails Design

While the Simpson in this nail design looks grumpy, the wicked Sponge Bob makes it interesting. The use of multiple colors and designs in this nail art gives it a complete look. 

22. Simpson Nails with Fingers and Drinks Design 

Simpson Nails with Fingers and Drinks Design

This design is another storyteller that showcases a smiling Simpson, a hand holding a glass of drink, and another one holding a donut. The color choice of this design- dark blue, yellow, and shades of pink are of another level, making it ecstatic.  

23. Soft Colored Simpson Nails with Donut 

Soft Colored Simpson Nails with Donut

A combination of sky blue and pink, the soft and subtle colors in this Simpson nail design give a summer vibe. It has Simpson and his all-time favorite donuts in different fingernails. 

24. The Simpsons Family Nail Art

The Simpsons Family Nail Art

This is another spectacular nail art showcasing the members of The Simpson family in different fingernails. The contrasting color combinations used in this nail art take it to another level. 

25. Zombie Simpson Nail Design 

Zombie Simpson Nail Design

If you want to create Simpson nails in some mysterious ways, create this striking zombie Simpson. It could be the perfect nail art for the Halloween season. 

26. Simpson Nail Gel Extensions Arts 

Simpson Nail Gel Extensions Arts

The cute Simpson, with his grumpy face, looks adorable in this nail art. The pink base coat makes it flashy and vibrant. 

27. Nail Art with Simpson Family on White Base Coat 

Nail art with Simpson family on white base coat

In this enchanting design, every nail is coated white, over which every family member of the Simpson is crafted intricately. The colorful and playful designs of this nail art are enough to attract people’s attention. 

28. Fighting Simpsons with Donut Frosting Nail Design 

Fighting Simpsons with donut frosting nail design

The two middle fingers in this nail art have Mr and Mrs Simpsons fighting over something, as usual. The rest are painted with donut frosting and colorful sprinkles, completing the entire look of the design. 

29. Shades of Pink with Simpson Nails 

Shades of pink with Simpson nails

The use of baby pink as the base coat of this nail design elevates its aura. Simpson is made on one finger with his mouth open and tongue dripping, seeing his favorite donut made on the other finger. 

30. Simpson and Money Nails Design 

Simpson and Money Nails Design

It is another stunning Simpson nails masterpiece wherein matte finishing is done to make it soothing to the eyes. Different shades of pink are used as the base coat over which Simpson and Money are created. 

More The Simpon Nail Art Designs

31. Custom Freehand Simson Nail design with Donut

Custom Freehand Simson Nail design with Donut

32. Gel Cream The Simpon Nail Design

Gel Cream The Simpon Nail Design

33. Bart Simpson Nail Art Design

Bart Simpson Nail Art Design

34. Fun Simpson Nails

Fun Simpson Nails

35. Handpainted Simpon Nail Design

Handpainted Simpon Nail Design

36. Cool Clouds and Simpsons Nails

Cool Clouds and Simpsons Nails

37. Acrylic Simpsons Nails

Acrylic Simpsons Nails


Now that you have explored these 30 delightful Simpson nail designs, it’s time to choose either Homer’s donut obsession, Marge’s towering blue hair, or Bart’s mischievous smirk to get it on your nails. Show your fandom using any of these stunning nail arts of ‘The Simpsons’ and illustrate your creativity on nails. 

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