Excessive Tiredness: Causes and How to Combat

excessive tiredness

“I am a healthy person with a fairly normal diet and food habits, but I am so tired and exhausted all the time.” A number of patients complain about this problem on a daily basis. The root cause of this issue is often not known upon examining a patient physically and externally. Many studies have shown that tiredness is not just physical. It can be physiological, emotional and most often related to the food habits of an individual. Years of research has also shown that tiredness is closely related to isolation, stress, lack of rest due to over-work and existing illness. Let us read to know the causes of excessive tiredness and how to stop.

Reasons For Excessive Tiredness

  • People assume that they are healthy and they follow a good diet. This is not true in most of the cases.
  • Most basic dietary habits are ignored.
  • These may include – drinking too little water, skipping meals especially breakfast, consuming food with excess carbohydrates, lack of protein diet, consuming food with less iron, intake of caffeine & alcohol.
  • If improvements are made on these, then a significant improvement in lowered fatigue can be observed over a period of time.

How to Combat Excessive Tiredness

Most health experts recommend a minimum water intake of two liters each day to avoid dehydration, thus reducing energy loss in the body and lowering fatigue.

1. Stress

Stress can be a major cause of fatigue. Stress results in rapid fluctuation of blood pressure, slowing down digestion. Many consume alcohol and resort to drugs to relax their mind. This in turn results in nerve disorders which directly relates to fatigue.

2. Electronic Devices

Use of electronic devices before going to bed can stress your eyes. It’s recommended that you refrain yourself from using your mobile devices, TV or tablet 1-2 minutes before bed time. This sounds pretty much difficult, but this definitely works.

3. Depression

Tiredness and absence of eagerness are two of the most widely recognized symptoms connected depression because of the changes it can bring about in the cerebrum. Depression may arise due to personal issues and work related problems. Under the circumstances of extreme dejection and distress, consulting a therapist may address the problem and anxiety.

4. Prescription Pills

Prescription pills can frequently bring about tiredness and dormancy in one’s body. It’s imperative to counsel with your specialist if this is turning into an issue so they made amendments in the medicine.

5. Sitting Long Time

Many of us spend a lot time in the office sitting in front of a PC monitor, going home after a hard day’s work to spend long hours watching TV at home. There is no body movement in this activity and hence no circulation of blood in the body. Taking a 5 minute break every hour and indulging in activities resulting in body movement can help blood circulation. It is strongly advised to exercise every morning for at least half an hour.

6. Night Shifts

Working on a night shift and frequent changes in time schedules of work can also cause increased fatigue. A person can also be lethargic by nature, inactive most of the times, does no physical or mental activities. Yoga, exercise, reading books, cycling are one of the few activities that can change the negative force within the person.

7. Glucose

Glucose is an important element in a human body which provides energy to the body parts for their smooth functioning. Diabetes is a disease and a serious condition in which body does not produce required quantities of glucose making a person tired.

8. Low Magnesium

Low magnesium in the body is also one of the major signs. Found in nuts, seeds and green vegetables, magnesium has been assessed to be insufficient in about 70% of the western population and is crucial for everything from glucose digestion system to sleep requirements. This mineral is evaluated at low levels in majority of the world’s population.

9. Virus and Bacterial Attack

If you have been sick during the past weeks, your body will take a number of weeks to get back to normal and stable condition. Virus and bacterial attack can weaken the body to a great extent. Consuming plenty of fruits, antioxidants and working out, can speed up the process of healing within the body to restore its normal condition.

10. Menstrual Cycle

Fatigue in women during the first 3 days of the menstrual cycle is not uncommon. Women can experience a great deal of weakness and taxation during this time. Work stress, personal stress coupled with periods can worsen the situation. Unfortunately, there is no scientific solution to this problem. Meditation and relaxing one’s mind by indulging in social activities can relieve some load.

11. Insomnia

Perhaps, you are not able to sleep very well on account of trouble that is caused in the upper portion of your throat. Eating highly acidic food at dinner can lead to stomach acid flowing to the throat during sleep. You have an urge to clear your throat every morning is one the sings of acid reflux. On the subsequent day, you feel sleep deprived and hence tiredness.

One of the symptoms of stress and exhaustion is a result of a serious hidden illness which should not be ignored. Contact your family physician or a specialist in case of repeated sleep deprivation, night sweats and tiredness.

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