35 Best Pointillism Tattoo Designs & Ideas That You’ll Love

Pointillism Tattoo Designs

Pointillism is a modern way of getting inked and keeping up one’s style. It includes numerous dots to create an image, such that the viewer’s eye will perceive it as a single image and not a combination of thousands of dots.

35 Best Pointillism Tattoo Designs

1. Rose with Leaves Tattoo

The rose tattoo with thorns and leaves indicates the coexistence of happiness and pain. It signifies that every situation in life will have certain positive as well as negative, so we need to make the best out of positive ones.

2. Skull with Snake and Stem

The danger symbol is represented in this tattoo in an interesting manner, with a skull in between along with a snake and leafy stem as a cross mark below it. The stems symbolize nature and dangerous creatures like snakes coexist, which implies there might be a danger associated even with the best things.

3. Hedgehog Tattoo

This creature inked on the skin symbolizes confidence and fearlessness so it reminds a person of these qualities to overcome any challenges in life. Though it looks small and innocent, with its wit and potential, it can still prevent others from exploiting it, and this is how everyone should be able to fight back in life.

4. Eagle Tattoo

The eagle tattoo is inked as soaring high in the sky, symbolizing freedom, power, dominance, clarity, and focus. In certain cultures, it is even believed to be an apostle of God and evil’s enemy.

5. Flower Pattern Tattoo

Love flowers and want an extensive tattoo that can cover the upper part of your hands or shoulder or other similar parts of the skin? This flower tattoo with an extensive and intricate pattern looks great despite being devoid of any colors.

6. Yin and Yang Tattoo

Yin and Yang has its origin in Chinese philosophy and symbolizes unity in oppsoites. It is perfect for someone who symbolizes a perfect balance in life and appreciates both good and bad in every situation.

7. Stem with Leaves and Florets Tattoo

Want to add an elegant touch to your wrist as you dont like putting on any jewelry often? Then this band of the stem with leaves and flowers is the best one for creating an adorable look.

8. Dog Tattoo

Love your pet dog? Get its image inked on your arms with its name to show your love for it.

9. Snake Tattoo

The snake represents a creative force in life and as they shed their skin, it symbolizes transformation and rebirth. As per the ancient mythologies, this creature represents fertility knowledge, wisdom, and patience.

10. Dragonfly Tattoo

The dragonfly symbolizes certain qualities like freedom, peace, prosperity, spiritual growth, adaptability, and transformation. It is also a sign of creativity. Strength, wisdom, and balance in life, and can be inked on the arms or in the back.

11. A Bold Lion Tattoo

This lion tattoo symbolizes bravery and courage. Those having a fearless personality and the potential to overcome even the toughest challenges in life can get it inked on their arms to show their personality.

12. Mother Bear with its Cub Tattoo

Bear is a might creature symbolizing strength and courage but this tattoo shows the motherly love of the creature for its cub. This indicates the dual sides of a person, one of which is strong and fearless where as the other is loving and caring.

13. Lion with Flowers Tattoo

A lion tattoo is suitable for someone filled with courage, strength, and valor. In addition to it, the flowers and leaves imply a softer side of the person.

14. Humming Bird Tattoo

Humming bird is the smallest bird species which symbolizes special qualities such as healing, joy, good luck, and messages from spirits. Many consider it to be a sacred symbol that represents strength, and the potential to deal with difficulties.

15. A Simple Stem with Leaves and Flowers Tattoo

Need to add a classy touch to your arms or collarbone? Ink this minimalistic tattoo to show the importance nature has in your life.

16. Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix is a creature of ancient Greek folklore that signifies nature’s cyclical nature, i.e. birth, death, and rebirth. Getting it inked indicates a marker of a turning point in life to start a new phase.

17. Tree and a Bird Flying with a Tweak

The tattoo shows a mighty bird with a tweak taken from the tree. It symbolizes how nature caters to the needs of all creatures and ensures a peaceful coexistence, signifying that in our lives too, we need to help each other and lead a harmonious life.

18. Running Horse Tattoo

Love horses but want to ink it on the skin at a concealed location? It can be best done behind the ears and symbolize strength, freedom, grace, beauty, and companionship.

19. Mandala Art with Flowers Tattoo

This tattoo is an intricate mandala pattern at the center with roses on its ends along with leaves. It is best for someone who is a nature lover.

20. Double-Headed Snake Tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes intelligence, rebirth, and renewal. The two heads represent the transformation of the body and mind for progressing in life.

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