35 Beautiful Flower Tattoo Design Ideas on Arms

Flower Tattoo Designs on Arms

Flower tattoos symbolize love, beauty, and feminism. The multi-layered flower symbolizes the contentment of God in certain ancient cultures. People even get it inked as a sign of love for their beloved one. This can be either black and white or colored, intricate or simple based on personal preference, which can be inked at various places in the body.

35 Beautiful Flower Tattoo Design Ideas on Arms

1. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo

This rose tattoo has a stem with leaves and thorns which symbolize two feelings, i.e happiness and pain. The thorns signify that a person believes in appearances being deceptive and every situation needs to be dealt with carefully.

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2. Simple Marigold Flower Tattoo

Simple Marigold Flower Tattoo

This yellow marigold tattoo signifies your hardworking spirit with a perfect attitude to get anything done. Wealth and aspiration to succeed are symbolized by it. It also shows your kindness and cares for others.

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3. Lily Flower Tattoo

Lily Flower Tattoo

The Lily flower tattoo symbolizes purity, and devotion and is known for representing rebirth and motherhood. Certain countries have symbolized this as love and pure romance for a century.

4. Blue Flower Tattoo

Blue Flower Tattoo

When blue is your favorite color, get this flower inked on your wrist or arms for a fashionable look. The color signifies power and wealth.

5. Pink Rose with Jesus Name Tattoo

Pink Rose with Jesus Name Tattoo

Pink roses symbolize affection, gratefulness, and gratitude. When you have immense faith in God and have a strong experience of him being there with you throughout the journey of your life so far, the best way to show your love for him is to get Jesus inked beside these pretty flowers, so whenever you look at them, you will remember how you have overcome tough situations in life with his love!

6. Blue Flower Tattoo with your Beloved’s Name

Blue Flower Tattoo with your Beloved’s Name

The blue flower with the name of your beloved one beside it symbolizes desire, love, and striving to achieve the infinite and unreachable together. It is a sign of hope and beauty in different things.

7. Minimalistic Flower Tattoo

Minimalistic Flower Tattoo

Love flowers but dont want to get a bigger one inked on the arms? These tiny flower heads are best for creating a fashionable and cute look while showing your love for nature.

8. Slender Lavender Florets Tattoo

Slender Lavender Florets Tattoo

Lavender is a sign of love, purity, and devotion. It is a royal color that exudes luxury, elegance, and refinement, adding a feministic touch.

9. Hydrangea Flower Tattoo

Hydrangea Flower Tattoo

The hydrangea flower is a sign of beauty, grace, and gratitude. It shows your efforts to spread love, harmony, and peace around.

10. Hummingbird with Flowers Tattoo

Hummingbird with Flowers Tattoo

The hummingbird tattoo is a sign of resilience and kindness. The flowers along with the bird hovering over them symbolize joyfulness, cooperation, and overcoming adversaries in life.

11. Orange Flowers with Name Tattoo

Orange Flowers with Name Tattoo

The bright orange color of the flowers symbolizes enthusiasm and excitement. Their bright color along with contrasting green leaves look great on fairer skin tones. Getting the name of your beloved one inked besides these flowers, shows how they have made you more enthusiastic and a better person in life.

12. Yellow Rose Tattoo

Yellow Rose Tattoo

Yellow roses symbolize joy and friendship and hence can be inked on the arms of two friends. On seeing this, you will feel peace in mind and your mood will be uplifted.

13. Minimalistic Flower Tattoo

Minimalistic Flower Tattoo

When you dont want too much color in your tattoo, this is the simple flower outline tattoo you can get inked along with the year of birth of your newborn or your beloved one in life. The yellow sun shows a new beginning of your life in the inked year/date.

14. Red Tulip with a Name

Red Tulip with a Name

The red Tulip symbolizes love and the name attached to its steam can be of your beloved one, who holds the most important place in your life. This is one of the amazing ways to express your love for someone.

15. White Lilies Tattoo

White Lilies Tattoo

The delicate white lilies tattoo is a sign of purity and devotion. It has a meaning deeply rooted in life, remembrance, and love and signifies the beautiful bond between mother and child.

16. Heart Symbol with Roses on its Outline

Heart Symbol with Roses on its Outline

When you dont want a color-filled tattoo, still like to make the tattoo appear attractive, this is the perfect choice for you. There are tiny pink flowers with leaves in the shape of a heart. It symbolizes your love for nature and can even be dedicated to your beloved one.

17. Purple Flower Tattoo

Purple Flower Tattoo

Purple is one of the most vibrant colors and those with fairer skin can get this color flower inked on their arms for a charming look. It signifies values like virtue, affection, love, care, and modesty.

18. Colorful Flowers Tattoo

Colorful Flowers Tattoo

The multi-colored flowers in the tattoo symbolize your love for nature, especially the flowers. When you want an extensive tattoo on the arms that is full of colors, this is a great option.

19. Sunflower with a Quote

Sunflower with a Quote

A sunflower is a sign of long and happy life. It acts as a good luck charm and a motivational quote beside it reminds you to stay cheerful.

20. Tulip Tattoo

Tulip Tattoo

This red Tulip tattoo shows passion and romantic feelings. Partners can get a pair of tulips on their arms to show their love for each other.

21. Beautiful Rose Tattoo with Hope

Beautiful Rose Tattoo with Hope

22. Black Sunflower Tattoo

Black Sunflower Tattoo

23. Colorful Tulips and Rose Tattoo

Colorful Tulips and Rose Tattoo

24. Colorful Red Rose Tattoo

Colorful Red Rose Tattoo

25. Flower Tattoo with Beautiful Shading

Flower Tattoo with Beautiful Shading

26. Flowers Represent the Feminine Force

Flowers Represent the Feminine Force

27. Girl with Flowers Tattoo

Girl with Flowers Tattoo

28. Large Purple Flower Tattoo

Large Purple Flower Tattoo

29. Orange Flowers Tattoo

Orange Flowers Tattoo

30. Pretty Floral Tattoo

Pretty Floral Tattoo

31. Purple Lily Flower Tattoo

Purple Lily Flower Tattoo

32. Red Rose Tattoo

Red Rose Tattoo

33. Rose Tattoo in a Circle

Rose Tattoo in a Circle

34. Simple Sunflower Tattoo

Simple Sunflower Tattoo

35. Small Sunflower Tattoo

Small Sunflower Tattoo

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