65 Cute and Inspirational Small Tattoos With Meanings

There are two types of people in this world: those who enjoy large tattoos and full of details; And those who like small, delicate and symbolic tattoos ♥ If you are part of this second group, you are in the right place – because we describes a list of small tattoos to inspire you in that style!

To help you choose the design for your tattoo, we’ve put together some photos to inspire you to choose which one really satisfies your desire to have a tattoo. Check out the options and see the other galleries below so that your tattoo is a success and get the way you really want.

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65 Cute Small Tattoos With Big Meanings You’ll Love It

1. Tiny Baby Elephant Tattoo:

The elephant tattoos represent good luck. Because of their size and grandeur, these animals consider as powerful in Asia and Africa. So they can also consider as a symbol of power.

They were also related to pharaohs, kings and other types of nobility, treated with reverence for symbolising divinity.

Tiny Baby Elephant Tattoo

2. Small Heart Ankle Tattoo:

Small Heart Ankle Tattoo

3. Small Shell Tattoo:

Small Shell Tattoo

4. Arrow Small Finger Tattoo:

Arrows were the most used protection and defence weapon in the past. Therefore, with their delicacy, these tattoos are a symbol of protection for people.

Let’s not forget Cupid, a character so long for girls, that little one that arrows couples to fall in love. For this reason, it can be a discreet symbol of love for couples.

arrow small finger tattoo

5. Moon Tattoo Design on Ankle:

Moon Tattoo Design on Ankle

6. Tiny Star Tattoo:

tiny star tattoo

7. Small Queen Crown Tattoo Behind Ear:

Small Queen Crown Tattoo Behind Ear

8. Black Unicorn Tiny Tattoo:

black unicorn Tiny Tattoo

9. Small Mountains Tattoo Design: 

Mountains are elements of nature imposed by their greatness, majesty and, often, danger.

A mountain tattoo symbolizes that you will never give up and you will always find a way to overcome your obstacles and reach the top of what you set out in life.

Small Mountains Tattoo Design

10. Tiny Triangle Tattoo Design:

Tiny Triangle Tattoo Design

11. Small Cactus Tattoo:

Small Cactus Tattoo

12. Tiny Girl Power Tattoo:

Tiny Girl Power Tattoo

13. Small Camera Tattoo on Finger:

Small Camera Tattoo on Finger

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14. One Direction Tattoo Small:

One direction tattoo Small

15. Small Ladybug Tattoo on Toe:

Small ladybug tattoo on toe

16. Small Dove Bird Tattoo:

Small dove bird tattoo

17. Tiny Lotus Flower Tattoo on Thigh:

Tiny Lotus Flower Tattoo on Thigh

18. Equal Sign Tiny Tattoo on Finger:

Equal Sign Tiny Tattoo on Finger

19. Small Pine Tree Tattoo: 

The tree associated with life. It represents the origin and development of the same. We born as seeds, we grow with different social institutions and experiences that make us become strong as a trunk. And as the years pass our branches are the decisions and the development of our course that grows.

Small Pine Tree Tattoo

20. Small Arrow Tattoo:

small arrow tattoo

21. Small Bat Tattoo:

Small Bat Tattoo

22. Small Koi Fish Tattoo:

Small koi fish tattoo

23. Small Plane Tattoo on Wrist:

Small Plane Tattoo on Wrist

24. Small Moon Tattoo on Ankle:

Small moon tattoo on the ankle

25. Tiny Flower Tattoo Behind Ear:

Tiny Flower Tattoo Behind Ear

26. Small Cat Paw Print Tattoo:

small cat paw print tattoo

27. Small Puzzle Sister Tattoo Design:

Small Puzzle Sister Tattoo Design

28. Small Crown Tattoo on Finger:

Small Crown Tattoo on Finger

29. Small Flower Ankle Tattoo:

Small Flower Ankle Tattoo

30. Small Taurus Tattoo On Finger:

Small Taurus Tattoo On Finger

31. Small Matching Tattoos for Friends:

Small Matching Tattoos for Friends

32. Wave Tattoo on Foot:

wave tattoo on foot

33. Small Mandala Tattoo: 

Mandalas allude to the sacred forces of the universe. On the other hand, the tranquility that they transmit is very pleasant.

In case you did not know, they constitute a proper symbol of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Small Mandala tattoo

34. Tiny Anchor Tattoo on Ankle:

The anchor is the representation of the strength and stability or of someone who maintains us and gives us strength to cling to it.

Tiny anchor tattoo on ankle

35. Tiny Dotted Bow Wrist Tattoo:

Tiny Dotted Bow Wrist Tattoo

36. Tiny Star Tattoo Design:

Tiny Star Tattoo Design

37. Celtic Symbol Small Ankle Tattoo:

Celtic symbol small ankle tattoo

38. Small Owl Tattoo On Ankle:

Small Owl Tattoo On Ankle


Small Avocado Tattoo for Fruit Lovers

40. Cat Tattoo on Inside the Finger:

Cat Tattoo on Inside the Finger

41. Geometric Portrait Tattoo:

Geometric Portrait Tattoo

42. Small Pineapple Tattoo on Finger:

Small Pineapple Tattoo on Finger

43. Small Hummingbird Tattoo on Leg:

Small Hummingbird Tattoo on Leg

44. Small Diamond Tattoo:

The elephant tattoos represent good luck. Because of their size and grandeur, these animals consider as powerful in Asia and Africa. So they can also consider as a symbol of power.

They were also related to pharaohs, kings and other types of nobility, treated with reverence for symbolizing divinity.

Small Diamond Tattoo

45. Small Dragonfly Wrist Tattoo:

Small Dragonfly Wrist Tattoo

46. Small Sunflower Tattoo on Ankle:

Small Sunflower Tattoo on Ankle

47. Tiny Scissor Finger Tattoo:

Tiny Scissor Finger Tattoo

48. Small Matching Flower Tattoo:

Small Matching Flower Tattoo

49. Tiny Semicolon Tattoo Ankle:

Tiny Semicolon Tattoo Ankle

50. Small Rose Tattoos on Wrist:

Small Rose Tattoos on Wrist

51. Small Yin Yang Tattoo:

small yin yang tattoo

52. Small Moon Tattoo Design:

Small Moon Tattoo Design

53. Small Butterfly Tattoo on Inner Ankle:

A butterfly is a symbol of youth and femininity, although two together would totally change their meaning and would become a representation of happiness and enjoy a good marriage.

For the ancient Aztecs, the butterfly was the representation of the nobility.
We also see that the butterfly is beautiful and can have the freedom to fly wherever it wants. No doubt that also symbolizes a lot.

Small Butterfly Tattoo on Inner Ankle

54. Small Skull Tattoo on Ankle:

Small Skull Tattoo on Ankle

55. Ankle Tattoos:

ankle tattoos

56. Small Compass Wrist Tattoo:

Small Compass Wrist Tattoo

57. Small Feather Tattoo on Finger: 

Feathers can see as a symbol of freedom. Each bird has many feathers and it is they who allow it to do so. They are also related to intellectuality, ideas and the ability to communicate what we think.

Do you have a profession in which communication is key? Then, sure a feather tattoo would be ideal for you.

Small Feather Tattoo on Finger

58. Small Finger Tattoo Design:

Small Finger Tattoo Design

59. Small Lotus Flower Tattoo:

The lotus flower symbolizes the purity, beauty and above all, the resurrection.

small lotus flower tattoo

60. Small Dream Catcher Tattoo on Foot: 

The dream catcher is an element used by the natives as a symbol of protection. It can also represent the maternal protection, the spiritual. It would be in charge of avoiding bad luck, darkness and bad energy.

Small Dream Catcher Tattoo on Foot

61. Small Buddhist Tattoo:

small buddhist tattoo

62. Small Elephant Tattoo:

Small Elephant Tattoo

63. Small Lilac Tattoo:

small lilac tattoo

64. Small Dragonfly Tattoo Design on Wrist:

Small Dragonfly Tattoo Design on Wrist

65. Cute Small Sister Tattoo:

Cute Small Sister Tattoo

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