30 Cute Balloon Tattoo Ideas for Your Inner Child

Balloon Tattoo Designs

Balloon tattoos embody a sense of whimsy, freedom, and joy, making them a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts seeking designs that evoke positivity and light-heartedness. In this compilation, we showcase 30 balloon tattoo designs that capture the charm and beauty of these buoyant symbols. Check them out!

30 Colorful Balloon Tattoo Designs 

1. Balloon and Whale Tattoo Design 

Balloon and Whale Tattoo Design

Bringing colors to your body art, this whale and balloon tattoo looks stunning. Here, a red air balloon can be seen tied to the body of the whale, floating up. The fusion of multiple colors in this balloon tattoo makes it visually appealing. 

2. Space Inside Balloon Tattoo 

Space Inside Balloon Tattoo

This is another excellent balloon tattoo design in which the whole galaxy is created inside. From stars and planets to the moon, you can find a lot of things in this art. The small size of this tattoo makes it a minimalistic balloon design as well. 

3. Small balloon Honeybee Tattoo 

Small balloon Honeybee Tattoo

If you are looking for some tiny balloon tattoo designs, this could be your choice. Here, a small honeybee is created on the shoulder, holding a tiny air balloon in its hand. The balloon going upwards gives this design a visually appealing look. 

4. Heart Balloon Tattoo 

Heart Balloon Tattoo

For all those who want to ink love motifs on their body, this heart-shaped balloon is for them. Here, a small heart balloon with a small thread is created on the arm. This heart balloon tattoo could be one of the memories you want to hold on to forever. 

5. Little Metallic Balloon Tattoo 

Metallic balloon tattoo

As metallic balloons look great due to all the glossiness, this red metallic balloon tattoo could become your next idea. Here, the tattoo artist has used bright and flashy red ink to create this stunning heart-shaped balloon with a blue outline and thread. 

6. Two little Red Balloons Tattooed on Shoulder 

Two little Red Balloons Tattooed on Shoulder

Holding your memories forever, this beautiful design with two red tattoos on the shoulder looks amazing. Some numbers are also depicted on each balloon in Roman, making this tattoo a story to tell. This pretty red balloon tattoo design comes under minimalistic tattoo art. 

7. Eeyore Balloon Tattoo Inspiration

Eeyore balloon tattoo

This is a pretty Eeyore balloon tattoo design for all those who love this Disney character. The blue ink used in creating this design makes the tattoo look adorable. You can customize this tattoo with some other cartoon characters as well.  

8. Watercolor Balloon Tattoo Design 

Watercolor Balloon Tattoo Design

This is another enigmatic balloon tattoo which is given a watercolor impression. The flashy orangish red color used in creating it makes the design visually appealing. At the same time, the thread tapers into the word ‘fly,’ giving it a symbolic meaning as well. 

9. Balloon Tattoo with Phrase 

Balloon Tattoo with Phrase

If you have had enough of normal balloon tattoos, try this one where the phrase, ‘Talk to yourself like someone you love’ makes it unique. The best thing is you can even customize this design with a phrase of your choice or something with which you relate more. 

10. Raccoon with Balloon Tattoo 

Raccoon with Balloon Tattoo

This is one of the cutest balloon tattoos that you can get inked if you love raccoons. Here, a raccoon holding a backpack is created that has tied an air balloon on its back. The air balloon can be seen taking the raccoon with itself towards the sky. 

11. Pandas with a Bunch of Balloons Tattoo 

Pandas with a Bunch of Balloons Tattoo

In this design, the tattoo artist created two little animals, one of which is the mother and the other is its child, holding a bunch of air balloons and flowing up toward the sky. It is a cute balloon tattoo that animal lovers can get on their bodies. 

12. Dogs with Colorful Balloons Tattoo 

Dogs with Colorful Balloons Tattoo

If you are looking for some flashy colors on your body, get this dog tattoo-holding balloon. Here, a pink Dachshund breed dog is inked on the calf muscles of the leg, holding colorful balloons with colorful dots on the skin. It gives a visually appealing look to the design. 

13. Comic Balloon Tattoo 

Comic Balloon Tattoo

This is another colorful balloon tattoo design where a person with a bear coat can be seen holding three balloons of different colors. The orange, yellow, and green give a flashy appearance to this design and make this tattoo extremely flamboyant. 

14. Balloons Tattoo on Wrist

Balloons Tattoo on Wrist

If you are looking for balloon tattoo designs for the wrist, this could be the one. Here, multiple balloons in a bunch are inked on the person’s wrist. The dark black of the balloons makes the design extremely alluring. A symbol of music below the balloons will show your love for it. 

15. Winnie the Pooh Balloon Tattoo Design 

Winnie the Pooh Balloon Tattoo Design

If you love cartoon or animated characters, this Winnie the Pooh with balloon tattoo design will clearly depict it. The red air balloon in the hands of Winnie the Pooh is taking it towards the sky, giving the entire piece an impressive look. 

More Balloon Tattoo Designs

16. Simple Mickey Balloon Tattoo

Simple Mickey Balloon Tattoo

17. Mom’s Love Balloon Tattoo Design

Mom's Love Balloon Tattoo Design

18. Heart Balloon Tattoo on Foot

Heart Balloon Tattoo on Foot

19. Fine Line Balloon Tattoo Design

Fine Line Balloon Tattoo Design

20. Sheep Balloon Tattoo Design

Sheep Balloon Tattoo Design

21. Fun Disney Piece Balloon Tattoo

Fun Disney Piece Balloon Tattoo

22. Up House Balloon Tattoo

Up House Balloon Tattoo

23. Bumble Bee Balloon Tattoo

Bumble Bee Balloon Tattoo

24. Green Gummy Bear Balloon Tattoo

Green Gummy Bear Balloon Tattoo

25. Cute Girl and Balloon Tattoo

Cute Girl and Balloon Tattoo

26. Snake Floating Up and Away Balloon Tattoo

Snake Floating Up and Away Balloon Tattoo

27. Little Bumble Bee with a Balloon Tattoo on Ribs

Little Bumble Bee with a Balloon Tattoo on Ribs

28. Metallic Balloon Dog Tattoo

Metallic Balloon Dog Tattoo

29. Cute Baby Girl Balloon Tattoo

Cute Baby Girl Balloon Tattoo

30. Hot Air Balloons Tattoo

Hot Air Balloons Tattoo


Whether inspired by hot air balloons drifting gracefully in the sky or colorful helium balloons adding a festive touch to celebrations, balloon tattoos offer a versatile canvas for creative expression. Each tattoo here celebrates the artistry and symbolism of balloons, inviting you to explore the possibilities of incorporating these uplifting motifs into your own tattoo collection.

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