14 Incredible Health Benefits of Bee Pollen You Must Know

Bee Pollen Benefits

Ever wondered what is bee pollen all about? Yes, it is a gift from the bees to mankind. The bees wander from flowers to flowers in search of pollen grains. They collect the pollen grains from the flowers and coat it with their saliva. Ya, it sounds little gross, but let me remind you that they rich in nutritional values. They store this coated pollen grain in their hind leg in the form of balls. The bee pollen has lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins and amino acids.

If you are looking for a source that can serve your amino acids purpose, bee pollen is the right one. It has been used from the olden days and is a natural product. Your dairy products may not provide you as much amino acids that the bee pollen seeds can give. Bee pollen is highly nutritional and one an solely rely on them without even hunting for other sources of proteins. Bee pollen cannot be made artificially and thus is slightly expensive. Bee pollen is basically the collective efforts of all the bees to prepare food and store it for the queen.

Ways to Consume Bee Pollen

One can eat bee pollen raw. A teaspoon of bee pollen per day is enough for the body. You can also add it in the recipes. Sprinkle it over waffles and pancakes. If you are chocolate fan, add it your chocolate drink. One can also add it in smoothies. Bee pollen is a mix of sweet and bitter taste. Do not be under the assumption that they are completely sweet. You will soon start enjoying bee pollen.

Bee Pollen Benefits For Health

1. Antioxidants

They possess antioxidants in ample quantity that fights with inflammation. These antioxidants also fights with infections. They regenerate the cells, thereby strengthening the body’s power to fight with foreign infections. It is a good antibacterial and antioxidant product and can be used to treat both skin and health related problems.

2. Nourishes the Body

The body has it’s own requirements of minerals and vitamins depending on the activities that we carry out and also the body type. A spoon of bee pollen can make your body deficient free. The following are the nutrition that one gets from a single teaspoon of bee pollen:

● 28 minerals
● 11 enzymes
● 12 vitamins
● 14 fatty acids
● 11 carbohydrates

3. Strengthens Cardiovascular System

Bee Pollen contains rutin that is said to strengthen cardiovascular system. The cholesterol level that is present in the body must be stabilized for a healthy blood circulation and heart. Rutin is said to strengthen both blood vessels and capillaries. Consumption of bee pollen also prevents heart attacks and strokes.

4. Enhances Fertility

If you are trying hard to conceive, here is a solution for you. Bee pollen is said to enhance fertility as they stimulate ovaries. It also provide nutrition to foetus. However, there is no scientific proof behind this. It is always better to consult a doctor whether pregnant women should consume bee pollen or not.

5. Increases Libido

If you are the one who is struggling for a healthy sex life, you can rely on bee pollen. They increase the sexual desire by igniting your sexual hormones. Do try it for fews days to notice the change in your libido.

6. Supplies Energy

Energy is required for all the activities, right from movement till the adventurous activities. If you are a professional bodybuilder or sports personnel, you must add bee pollen to your diet. It contains 35% protein and 50% carbohydrates. It releases instant energy and strengthens your muscles.

7. Better Immune System

The body might be attacked by bacteria and germs. A strong immune system can only help you to keep the pathogens away from harming the body. Bee pollen is said to strengthen the immune system, thereby giving the power to the body to fight with pathogens.

8. New Skin Growth

The skin might get damaged and torn. There are also chances that the due to accidents, the skin gets peeled off. This requires a new skin. Bee pollen is said to stimulate new skin growth. You can either add it to your diet or get the bee pollen injected into the skin. Do consult a professional.

9. Treat Skin Infections

If you are affected by psoriasis or eczema, bee pollen is a cure for it. It has antibacterial properties to fight with infections.

10. Increases Blood Supply to Skin

If you are looking for a rich glow to your face, what better than bee pollen. They increase the blood supply to the skin, thereby adding glow to the skin. It also smoothens the skin.

11. Reverses Ageing

If the ageing process could be reversed, it would have been the greatest gift to the mankind. An gaed look is hated by everyone. We try ample ways to look young. As bee pollen is said to increase the blood supply to the skin, it smoothens the wrinkles and fine lines. This in-turn reverses the ageing process. The secret of reversing the ageing process is out. Do try this remedy.

12. Controls Food Cravings

It is said to control the appetite by directly signalling the brain’s impulse control centers. If you are into emotional eating and do not have a control over your cravings, do try bee pollen. This will save you from being obese and all other ailments.

13. Helps in Digestion

Facing digestion issues? Struggling to poop? Bee pollen has enzymes that smoothens the digestion process. The antimicrobial properties ensures the unwanted pathogens are removed from the digestive system. This will led to a better food digestion.

14. Treats Urinary Problems

If you are suffering from urinary tract infections or other urinary problems, bee pollen can be a remedy for it.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do try out bee pollen and get rid of various deficiencies and ailments. You can also consult your dietician before you start the consumption. Let us know your experience. We would love to hear from you.

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