Top 9 Benefits Of Milk Thistle For Skin, Hair And Health

benefits of milk thistle

Milk thistle is an herb which contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory which helps the body to fight harmful substance present especial the liver. It helps in promoting good digestion system and helps in formation of enzymes. It also helps in increasing bile production and decreasing inflammation and provides rest to the mucous membrane. The plant releases a milky white fluid that is from where milk thistle gets his name. Its native included southern Europe, Asia Minor, North and South America.(1)

Top 9 Benefits Of Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has been used since thousands of years and is found abundantly in the Mediterranean. It is also included in the family of sunflowers and daisies. Some benefits are as follows:

  • Milk thistle helps in removing toxins from our body.
  • It helps in removing cancer
  • It helps in treating high cholesterol
  • It cures diabetes
  • It helps in removing kidney stones
  • It cure gall bladder problems
  • It provides a good treatment of the skin damages also.

The vitamin E and C which are present in milk thistle helps in fighting free radical damages and slow the aging process that leads to the development of many more diseases. Besides having some many benefits the main benefit it provides to the liver. The liver which works continuously is prone to several diseases so milk thistle filters the liver and helps in moving smoothly

1. Liver

In modern society, our body faces a huge amount of challenges from various types of diseases. Smoke, alcohol, drugs and auto exhaust which really affects the normal function of our body. The food that we consume is also not pure which again causes so any problem to our living. Milk thistle extract protects the liver from such toxins. It is an herbal treatment for the liver. Milk thistle produces small hard fruits and even these fruits are extracted the herbal supplements are made from that. Milk thistle aids the liver cells by binding it with outside cell and blocks the path of the toxins and then neutralizes the cells.(2)

2. Breastfeeding

Breast milk is a very important element for the newborn. The breast milk contains all the nutrients that a newborn requires. But sometimes happens that mothers may fall short of milk it happens to mothers who deliver a baby in old age. So milk thistle is a help provided in such case. It is not a scientifically proven method but it is still used. A female rat was tested with this method and it showed good result.(3)

3. Kidneys

The chemotherapy that is done to cure cancer had a very bad effect on the kidney. So milk thistle helps in the purification the kidney and protects the kidney from and harmful effect and when milk thistle is provided to kidney it shows much better function. The thistle milk is provided to kidney after 2 hours of chemotherapy.(4)

4. Gallbladder

Milk thistle also provides benefit to the gallbladder. It softens the tissues and helps in increasing the flow of bile. The person who has gallstone must first consult the doctor and then go for milk thistle because milk thistle helps in the clearing but some stones are very huge that may not be able to pass through the organ passage. The herb is effective and it will surely help in the treatment of gallbladder.

5. Hangover

Milk thistle helps in curing the hangover. This herbal remedy has a very long history in curing a hangover. Thistle milk tablets can be also is taken to remove the hangover. It is also said that eating food can also cure the hangover but milk thistle works better.

6. Cancer

Milk thistle seeds contain an antioxidant called silymarin. Silymarin helps in curing cancer and develop a strong immune system which does not make a bad impact on the other body parts. There were many studies that have shown that how milk thistle has helped in curing cancer. About 50 to 70 percent of silymarin molecules are present in milk thistle that helps in curing cancer. It removes toxic and helps in creating new cells in the body.(5)

7. Breast Growth

Milk thistle helps in natural growth of the breast by cleaning liver. The hormones that are produced by the liver are overloaded like estrogen and liver can no longer handle them then thistle takes some of the hormones and is transferred without being processed.

8. Weight Loss

Milk thistle also helps in weight loss and reduce body mass. Milk thistle has a laxative effect which results in weight loss.(6)

9. Hair Loss

Milk thistle helps in removing the toxin from the body and with that, it also helps in preventing hair loss. Milk thistle provided strength to the body so a strengthen body will definitely prevent hair loss.(7)

How Much Milk Thistle to Take Per Day?

Adults as in person above the age of 18 must take 160-800 mg per day. The dosage must be divided in three weeks. A person who is suffering from any disease so they can take 140 mg. Milk thistle can be taken three times daily for one month for the better improvement with better results.

We suggest that if the mentioned quantity is leading to any health issue or any other discomfort, a revision in the quantity of consumption should be done.

Last but not the least the thistle milk has a lot of advantages and it helps in providing a great strength to the body for fighting diseases which requires a great attention. It is a natural herb that cures the disease naturally.

So this was all about how milk thistle helps in prevent various types of diseases and provide strength to the body and protects them from various diseases.

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