BEYELIAN Glue Wiping Cloth Review

BEYELIAN Glue Wiping Cloth

Give a new life to your glue, tweezers by using Beyelian glue wiping cloth. This dry wiping cloth is used to remove the residual glue and prevents the clogging of bottle mouth, thus extending the glue life.

It not only removes the clogged glue but also helps to detach the residue glue at the tweezers and the stone surfaces.

These wipes effectively clean all the eyelash extension tools and surfaces which are contaminated with glue and makes them clean.

BEYELIAN Glue Wiping Cloth

How it Works:

  • Beyelian glue wipes are made of high quality non woven fabric.
  • Lint free technology of this product will clear the tough stains of glue and give you 100% tidiness and cleanliness.
  • It is a good absorbent and anti static.
  • The high quality of this product makes your salon awesome. The texture of the wipes is so soft and they 180 in each box.
  • The wipes come in a superb plastic box which helps to keep the wipes well packed and prevents dirt and moist.


  • Removes glue residue on crystal stone surfaces.
  • Works great with Beyelian gel remover .
  • Disposable.
  • High quality , non woven fabric.
  • 100% safety.


  • Thickness of the pad is not up to the mark.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Beyelian beauty glue wiping cloth works great and gives an extraordinary look to your parlour. Use these wiping cloth instead of paper towels to increase the professional image of your salon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. On one side it has adhesive?
Ans: No. They are dry, lint free wipes.

Q. Which glue remover is used to remove the residue?
Ans: Beyalian gel remover works great with these wipes.

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