Bikini Wax vs. Brazilian Wax: What’s the Difference?

Bikini Wax vs. Brazilian Wax What's the Difference

Waxing, the process of removing unwanted hair, is of different types and is used for different body parts. While the knowledge about hard wax and soft wax is ubiquitous, Bikini wax and Brazilian wax are still a matter of confusion.

Even though it’s easy to understand a few things about them from their name, a deeper insight is essential to know bikini wax vs. Brazilian wax.

Let’s find out the major differences between Bikini wax and Brazilian wax and understand when to choose what.

What’s the Difference Between Bikini Wax and Brazilian Wax?

Bikini Wax and Brazilian Wax

The major difference between the two lies in the amount of hair being removed.

Bikini wax, as the name indicates, is used to remove hair along the bikini line; Brazilian wax, on the other hand, removes all the hair from in and around the pubic area.

While the bikini line includes areas where your hair becomes visible after wearing underwear or a bathing suit, a Brazilian wax is more detailed, removing every hair in and around the pubic area, including the anus.

Here is a detailed bikini wax vs Brazilian wax information on the basis of different aspects-

AspectBikini WaxBrazilian Wax
Areas InvolvedAreas outside the bikini line, typically along the sides and topPubic area from the front, back, and everything in between, including the labia and buttocks.
Amount of Hair RemovedSmaller amount of hair compared to Brazilian wax.Most or all pubic hair from the genital area.
StyleLeaves some hair in the bikini area, maintaining a defined shape or style.Offers complete removal of pubic hair, leaving a completely bare look or a landing strip upon request.
SensationLess painful as smaller area being treated.More painful due to the larger area and sensitive regions being waxed.
TypesHollywood and FrenchBikini line and Bikini full
DurationTypically, quicker to perform due to less hair removal.Often takes longer due to the larger area and more intricate hair removal.
MaintenanceRequires more frequent touch-ups as hair grows back within a few weeks.May require less frequent touch-ups as hair regrowth is slower due to more extensive removal.
CoverageOffers coverage suitable for wearing bikini bottoms or swimsuits.Offers full coverage, suitable for wearing any type of swimwear or lingerie.
SuitabilitySuitable for those who want to tidy up the bikini area or remove hair along the bikini line.Suitable for those who prefer a completely hair-free genital area or wish to wear thong bikinis.
PrivacyVarying levels, depending upon salonOften requires more exposure due to the extensive hair removal process.
CostGenerally, less expensive than Brazilian wax due to less hair removal.Can be more expensive due to the larger area and more time-consuming process.

Types of Brazilian Wax

  1. Hollywood wax– Removes hair around the pubic bone, labia, upper thighs, and anus.
  2. French wax– Removes hair from your labia and pubic bone, leaving hair from the buttocks area.

Types of Bikini Wax

  1. Bikini line– Removes hair that is seen outside the underwear or bathing suit.
  2. Bikini full– Removes hair from the pubic bone and labia, leaving butt strips and areas around the anus.

Types of Wax used in Bikini Wax and Brazilian Wax

The wax used for aesthetic purposes of hair removal is of two types- hard wax and soft wax.

While hard wax adheres only to the hair, ensuring the process of hair removal will not interfere with the skin, soft wax adheres to the skin and removes hair follicles straightaway.

Also, hard wax hardens after being applied to the skin; thus, waxing strips are not required for the purpose. On the other hand, soft wax doesn’t work like hard wax and needs waxing strips to remove the hair.

When it comes to the level of pain, soft wax is considered more painful than hard wax due to its adherence to the skin.

Which Wax is Better- Brazilian Wax or Bikini Wax?

When it comes to choosing between bikini or Brazilian wax, you need to check your targeted areas and skin’s sensitivity.

1. Targeted Areas of Hair Removal

If you want a clean pubic area with no hair at all, even at and around the anus, Brazilian wax will be the best. It will ensure that you can wear any type of bikini, even a thong bikini, with no fear of hair poking out. However, if you are just heading for a beach wearing your normal and usual bikini, a bikini wax will suffice.

2. Skin’s Sensitivity

People with sensitive skin are advised not to wax in the first place because, regardless of wax, their skin may feel irritated. However, if your skin is not that sensitive and you can bear pain, soft wax won’t be a bad option. But do not forget that it is messier and stickier.

On the contrary, hard wax is thick in consistency. Also, it hardens on the skin surface immediately, requiring little effort to be removed. Thus, it gives quicker and neater results.

Here, it is important to mention that the closer you move toward the pubic area, the greater the pain and discomfort. This is because the skin tends to become soft and sensitive in those areas.


The basic difference between Brazilian wax and Bikini wax lies in the targeted areas of hair removal. In Brazilian wax, hair from the front of the vagina, vulva, and anal area is removed; however, in bikini wax, only hair poking out from the underwear and bathing suit is removed.
Both are good options, and what you choose depends on your bikini preference.

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