Should I Shave Before or After Showering?

Should I Shave Before or After Showering

Shaving is a vital part of men’s grooming routine, and doing it around the same time you shower makes perfect sense. However, one question that most men often raise is, what’s the good time to shave- before or after a shower?

While most men prefer getting rid of all the unwanted body hair pre-shower, some choose to shake up their standard morning routine and switch to post-shower shave.

Is it all about preferences, or does shaving before and after a shower have its set of pros and cons?

Let’s dig a little deeper to learn how a shower impact shaving and what should be the ideal time for a shave- before or after showers?

Shave Before or After Showering

Does Shower Impact Shaving?

Yes, a shower influences the results of shaving considerably. It impacts the quality of your shave in the same way your choice of razor and shaving foam would.

Let’s find out how the results of shaving are affected when you do it before showering and after showering.

Shaving Before Shower

Shaving before showering works amazingly if you are using an electric shaver. It is because the electric shavers are meant to work on dry hair. If your skin is wet or hair slightly damp, using an electric shaver won’t give the desired results.

Likewise, if you are just trimming your beard with an electric shaver, doing it before a shower will be the best. It is easier to remove the coarse hair with an electric shaver than with scissors.

Once done with shaving or trimming, you can wash off the shaving cream and remove hair that sticks on your neck and face in the shower. At the same time, shaving before a shower will remove the hair sitting on the collar and irritate it.

Another benefit of shaving before a shower is you get rid of any debris or residue on your face or body post-shaving. It will protect you against the chances of infection that may happen if you have cut yourself while shaving.

So, shaving before a shower is beneficial if you opt for a dry shave, preferably with an electric shaver. It will be less time-consuming and suitable if you have to run every morning to your office.


  • Shave before shower is good when you are using electric shavers
  • It is less time consuming
  • Reduces the chances of infections
  • Suitable if you are just trimming your hair

Since shaving on dry skin increases the risk of skin irritation, always keep a post-shave balm handy. Also, don’t rush shaving. Use your shaving essentials carefully and run the electric shaver carefully to avoid cuts.

Shaving After Shower

Post-shower shave is one thing that many men swear by. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that shave after shower is a time-honored tradition in many families.

Shaving after showering is considered one of the best methods to get rid of unwanted body hair for many good reasons.

  1. Hot shower cleanses the skin
  2. Steam opens the pores
  3. All the dirt and grime accumulated in the pores washed away
  4. Hair follicles soften

All of these help in getting a closer and more comfortable shave. Also, you won’t need to hover the razor multiple times because the skin is supple; pores are clear, hair follicles are soft, and hair comes out easily. Besides, it will leave your skin soft too.

For all these reasons, shaving after shower is considered the best, especially if you have sensitive skin, prone to skin irritation. Moreover, if you often suffer from razor burns and razor bumps, shaving after you have had shower will ensure preventing them.

Apart from these benefits, shaving after showering will be less messy as you can prep the skin for shaving in the shower only. You can cleanse and exfoliate the skin while showering, which helps to give the smoothest and closest shave. It reduces the amount of clean-up at your sink.


  • Shaving after shower is best for people with sensitive skin
  • Helps to achieve a closer shave
  • Prevents getting razor burns and bumps
  • Reduces the risk of skin irritation
  • Less messy than shaving before shower

Now that we have insight into both the practices of shaving before or after shower, deciding which is right and wrong is tricky. In the end, it is something that ultimately comes down to individual preferences.

How About Shaving In The Shower?

Shaving whilst showering is another aspect that you can dive into. It might seem bewildering, but shaving in the shower could be a good alternative.

It is a quick, comfortable and convenient way to shave. As you shower, the warm steam opens up your pores and softens the hair follicles. It makes achieving the closest shave possible.

It works wonders for people with dry and sensitive. Furthermore, the running water rinses off stray hairs, stubble, and shaving cream from your body, making it clean and clear.

Final Words

Shaving has many hidden benefits. It not just makes the skin free of unwanted body hair but also exfoliates and makes one look younger.

So, whether you opt to shave before or after shower, make sure to use the right shaving tools and the correct method to look groomed and tidy.

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