Eyebrow Threading Vs Waxing: What’s The Difference?

Eyebrow Threading Vs Waxing: What’s The Difference

Threading and waxing, the two most common methods of unwanted hair removal, are often used to get the desired shape of eyebrows. Both methods are safe and effectively remove the excess hair around the brows.

While threading has been practiced for decades in Asian countries, it’s a new fad in the West. Earlier, most of the Western countries used waxing for shaping eyebrows. 

While waxing pulls off the hair right from the roots (hair follicle), the method of threading uses a specialized threading tool to remove hair from the skin. Both methods accentuate eyebrow shape, and the results of both last long. 

People who are confused about threading or waxing their brows should read this article till the end to know Eyebrow threading vs. waxing on the basis of different aspects. 

Waxing Benefits

Waxing Benefits

For waxing eyebrows, the technician applies warm wax in the areas of unwanted hair. Wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and pulled off in the opposite direction with the help of a waxing strip. 

Here are its benefits-

  • Less time consuming 
  • Skin exfoliation, along with hair removal 

And the disadvantages are-

  • Regrowth within a few weeks
  • Damage to hair follicles 
  • Painful 
  • Irritation for sensitive skin 

Threading Benefits

Threading Benefits

In threading, the technician uses a specialized threading tool. The thread is twisted and rolled with the help of fingers and adjusted between the hair. In one swift motion, the tangled hair is ripped off from the skin. 

Here are its benefits-

  • Less painful 
  • No risk of burns 
  • Results may last for a month 
  • Useful for sensitive skin types 

And the disadvantages are-

  • Ingrown hair when done inappropriately 
  • Time-consuming 
  • It may spread infection when the same thread is used between people 

Difference Between Threading and Waxing

Now that we know what waxing and threading are and how both processes are administered to remove unwanted hair, here are some more ways to differentiate the two. 

Below is the table giving clear, distinctive points between threading vs. waxing to help you decide which one will be the best for you.

MethodUses twisted cotton thread to remove hairUses warm or cold wax to remove hair
TechniqueHair is removed by twisting the thread around it and pulling it out from the rootHair is removed by applying wax to the skin, covering the hair, and then pulling it off with a cloth or strip
PrecisionPrecise, allowing for shaping and detailingEffective for large areas but may lack precision for shaping
PainCan be uncomfortable, especially for sensitive areasCan be painful, particularly on sensitive skin or during initial treatments
SpeedGenerally faster, especially for smaller areasSlower process, particularly for larger areas
Skin IrritationMinimal, though temporary redness or irritation may occurPossible redness, irritation, or ingrown hairs depending on skin sensitivity and technique
Regrowth TimeHair regrowth may occur within 2-4 weeksHair regrowth may occur within 4-6 weeks
Skin SensitivitySuitable for sensitive skin, although individual tolerance may varyNot recommended for highly sensitive or reactive skin
CostGenerally less expensiveCan be more expensive, especially for professional treatments
AvailabilityOffered at threading salons and some beauty parlorsOffered at waxing salons, beauty parlors, and spas

What Is Better- Threading or Waxing?

When it comes to choosing between the two, it largely depends upon the following-

  • individual choice
  • skin type
  • pain tolerance level 

People with sensitive skin types are often found developing rashes, skin irritation, and bumps at the site of waxing. For such people, threading is a better choice. At the same time, waxing is slightly more painful than threading, wherein warm wax is applied on the skin, and hair is pulled off aggressively along with the waxing strip.

However, if you have less time and want to remove unwanted hair instantly, waxing will be your buddy. 


Threading and waxing are the two most popular ways of removing unwanted hair from different parts of the body. Both of them ensure long-lasting results because hairs are removed right from their roots. However, they differ in their methodology, equipment used, and level of pain. 

Irrespective of what method you use between threading vs. waxing, make sure to get it from a licensed professional to achieve the best results with zero adverse effects. 

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