9 Serious Side Effects of Biotin You Should Know About

biotin side effects

Biotin, also commonly known as vitamin B7, is a water soluble B-vitamin. It is found in foods like almonds, whole grains, strawberries, brewer’s yeast, dried fruits, cucumber, and cow’s milk and so on. Biotin though has these positive effects, there are several side effects it can have. Right from skin problems like acne to respiratory problems, Biotin can be harmful when consumed in wrong quantities. It can have several side effects.  Lets have a look at few of them mentioned below.

9 Dangerous Biotin Side Effects Read to Know About Them in Detail:

1. Allergic Reactions:

Biotin may cause allergic reactions when consumed in high doses. The allergic reactions could cause nausea, swelling in the throat and face, tightness or pain in the chest and so on. Though these allergic reactions are not very common, but they may happen nevertheless.

2. Acne Outbreak:

Yes, Biotin increases sebum production in the skin. This gives a way for ruptures and dirt accumulation. It is thus recommended to take 2500 mcg or less of the Biotin supplement in a day. The acne is cystic type and is formed on chin and jawline.

3. High Risk of Miscarriage:

When Biotin is taken in high doses during pregnancy, there is an increasing risk of miscarriage. Thus, it is always better that a pregnant woman avoids taking high doses of Biotin. Though there are no proven results, however, it is always better to take necessary precautions and consult specialists before taking the same.

4. Diarrhea:

It is observed that people on high dosage of Biotin suffered from diarrhea and stomach cramps. So, it is best to stop the consumption immediately if any of this happens. If the diarrhea turns uncontrollable one should seek immediate medical attention.

5. Increases Urination:

High doses of Biotin may also increase the frequency of urination. It may also lead to an increase in the amount of sweating if the consumption if Biotin is too high.

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6. Increase Blood Sugar Levels:

Biotin increases the production of glucose and fatty acids in the body. Thus, people suffering from diabetes are recommended to not take these supplements.

7. Hinder Drug Interactions:

Biotin can hinder the efficiency of drugs used  to treat seizures and drugs to reduce cholesterol levels in he body . It can also have an impact on the symptoms of diabetes.

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8. Eosinophilic Pleuropericardial Effusion:

In a case where biotin was consumed with vitamin B5, a fatal reaction occurred with the blood and air that enters the lungs causing  Eosinophilic Pleuropericardial Effusion which can be fatal.

9. Acute Respiratory Problems:

High dosage of Biotin may also cause acute respiratory problems, especially anaphylaxis. It is always recommended to consult a doctor if any such problems arise and take a proper dose.

It is very clear from all the points that Biotin can have more side effects than the benefits it is supposed to have. It can create different problems altogether. To avoid all of these adverse effects, several precautions must be taken by the users. Also, prescribed quantity should be consumed to avoid all the negative impacts.

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