Top 35 Most Popular Cartoon Tattoo Designs for Cartoon Lovers

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Cartoons are not just meant for the entertainment of kids but also to convey to them valuable life lessons. The cartoon characters even help adults to remain cheerful and remind them of life values that they have forgotten in stressful situations. Here are some popular cartoon tattoo designs for you lets see.

Top 35 Most Popular Cartoon Tattoo Designs for Cartoon Lovers

1. Gin from Aladin’s Golden Lamp

Gin from Aladin’s Golden Lamp

Aladdin’s Golden Lamp symbolizes good work, intellect, divinity, and wisdom. The Gin from the lamp acts as a guiding light, ensuring protection against demons and evil spirits, symbolizing that we need someone similar to guide us in life to stay on the right path.

2. The Charismatic Bugs Bunny Tattoo

The Charismatic Bugs Bunny Tattoo

Bugs Bunny is one of the most interesting characters of Looney Tunes, depicting his shrewd, tricky and charismatic nature. The tattoo symbolizes how such traits are crucial for having an advantage over opponents like Yosemite Sam in the show as well as enemies in real life.

3. Classic Donald Duck Tattoo

Classic Donald Duck Tattoo

This Donald Duck tattoo depicts an upbeat attitude towards life. The cartoon character has a jovial mood and enjoys without caring for anything unless it comes along his way to ruin his day.

4. Courage Thinking of his Home all the Time

Courage Thinking of his Home all the Time

The name of this cartoon character is “Courage” who doesn’t usually show himself to be bold but his home and beloved owners are always on his mind. He loves and cares for them and can do everything for their safety and wellness, which is a lesson for everyone to keep their near and dear ones above everything else.

5. The Cheerful and Colorful Roadrunner

The Cheerful and Colorful Roadrunner

This is an interesting Looney Tunes character known for its enthusiastic nature. If you are resourceful, capable of thinking big, and full of passion to fulfill something in life, then this is a perfect tattoo for you.

6. The Colorful Gary Tattoo

The Colorful Gary Tattoo

Gary, from Spongebob, is well known for his calm and caring disposition but is quite stubborn when it comes to fulfilling his demand. Those who love doing activities like reading, teleporting, going through poems, and levitating, can get this inked on their arms.

7. Shaggy Holding Scooby-Doo in his Arms

Shaggy Holding Scooby-Doo in his Arms

The tattoo of Shaggy holding Scooby represents true friendship in tough times. Both are foodies and cowards but never leave anyone alone in crucial times, which signifies the importance of having such friends in our lives, even if it’s just a pet.

8. Beautiful Minnie Mouse Tattoo

Beautiful Minnie Mouse Tattoo

Minnie is one of the sweetest Disney characters with a fun-loving nature. The tattoo is perfect for girls having similar hobbies as the character, such as gardening, fashion, dancing, cooking music, shopping, and spending time with loved ones.

9. Black and White Felix Tattoo

Black and White Felix Tattoo

Felix signifies a mischievous yet good-hearted character who is ready to help others. It represents the sense of wonder in a child, sensibility, and elegance of simplicity.

10. Enjoying Spongebob and Pattrick Star Tattoo

Enjoying Spongebob and Pattrick Star Tattoo

The tattoo depicts Spongebob and Pattrick Star enjoying their childish underwater lives, symbolizing their fun-loving and hyperactive nature. Despite such characteristics, Spongebob knows what is right, which shows that life is not just about enjoying but how we need to act smartly in different situations.

11. A Whimsical Mickey Mouse

A Whimsical Mickey Mouse

This whimsical and lovable mickey mouse represents a person’s kind, fun-loving, selfless, and optimistic nature. It is perfect for someone who enjoys adventure but has a calm yet brave disposition.

12. Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog

The tattoo represents the character in a frightening state but just like his name, “Courage”, he bravely faces any danger and overcomes them. He is morally aligned and is an example of how we should be in our lives.

13. Fun Loving Scooby-Doo Tattoo

Fun Loving Scooby-Doo Tattoo

Scooby-Doo is always seen as a fun-loving and jovial character but not very brave at heart when it comes to facing tough situations but can trick someone by using outrageous disguise to escape from the situation. The tattoo signifies skepticism and shows how we create the scariest monsters in our mind.

14. Cute Disney Characters Tattoo

Cute Disney Characters Tattoo

Love Disney characters? Get these cute Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck inked in your arms. All these symbolize that the child within you is still active, signifying your fun-loving, sweet as well as upbeat nature.

15. Jerry with a Heart

Jerry with a Heart

The tattoo shows an excited and cheeky Jerry mouse which is one of the most lovable characters among kids as well as adults. The cartoon character signifies strength, endurance, agility, and intellect.

16. Cute and Lovable Winnie

Cute and Lovable Winnie

This tattoo represents a soft-voiced and lovable teddy bear that is naive and slow-witted. But it is the friendly, helpful, and thoughtful nature that makes the character win friends.

17. The Cheerful Bubbles-Powerfull Girls

The Cheerful Bubbles-Powerfull Girls

Bubbles are the sweetest of all the three Powerpuff girls but can fight monsters just like her sisters. She loves her stuffed octopus and other animals and symbolizes that the kindest people can also be strongest when a situation demands it.

18. A Jovial Tom and Jerry Tattoo

A Jovial Tom and Jerry Tattoo

Though Tom and Jerry are seen quarreling most of the time, they have a special bonding that symbolizes confidently facing challenges together and being ready to face any situation in life. It signifies how to have a positive mindset in tough situations, to overcome them easily.

19. Innocent Minions Tattoo

Innocent Minions Tattoo

Minions are known for their impulsive nature and have infectious humor. They symbolize enjoying life with peers and being obedient to authority.

20. The Pink Panther Tattoo

The Pink Panther Tattoo

If you love pulling pranks, discovering and trying new things, then this Pink panther tattoo is a perfect fit. The character symbolizes elegance and style.

21. Homer Simpson Character

Homer Simpson Character

22. Cartoon Robot Tattoo

Cartoon Robot Tattoo

23. Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

24. Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaid Tattoo

25. Colorful Bug Tattoo

Colorful Bug Tattoo

26. Princess Mulan Tattoo

Princess Mulan Tattoo

27. Cartoon Cat Tattoo

Cartoon Cat Tattoo

28. Aladdin Characters Tattoo

Aladdin Characters Tattoo

29. The Simpsons Tattoo

The Simpsons Tattoo

30. Mr. Burns Talking on Phone

Mr. Burns Talking on Phone

31. Mickey Mouse Cartoon Character

Mickey Mouse Cartoon Character

32. Colorful Little Lulu Tattoo

Colorful Little Lulu Tattoo

33. Small and Colorful Winnie the Pooh Tattoo

Small and Colorful Winnie the Pooh Tattoo

34. Furious Taz Mania Tattoo

Furious Taz Mania Tattoo

35. Mulan Tattoo

Mulan Tattoo

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