6 Unexpected Side Effects of Chia Seeds

chia seeds side effects

Chia seeds are a great source of nutrition. They are also called as Salvia Hispanic, and belong to flowering plant in the mint family. Chia seeds have more benefits than the side effects. But still having side effects on health can be really harmful. One should always be aware of the possible risks of the thing they are consuming in their daily living.

Chia seeds side effects include allergies, constipation or diarrhea, lowering of blood pressure and few more. In this article we shall be discussing each of the side effects in detail. Have a look.

6 Unexpected Chia Seeds Side Effects

1. Causes Constipation or Diarrhea

Chia seeds are highly rich in fiber and there is a limit prescribed for everyone taking fiber. Like for me it is usually prescribed to be 38 gm and for women it is 25 gm a day. Intake of fiber above this level will cause problem to your stomach and can lead to flatulence, constipation, bloating, and excessive intestinal gas.

So it is good to soak chia seeds in water before you eat them. Soaking Chia seeds in water will help your body to digest them easily.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure

People who are already suffering from low blood pressure should avoid taking chia seeds as ithas  properties that would lower down blood pressure further and can cause serious health ailment.

3. Bleeding

Intake of Chia seeds leads to blood thinning, thereby causing bleeding. Patients undergone surgery or in future may have to go for surgery should actually stay away from Chia seeds.

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4. Allergies

Chia seeds are known to be rich in proteins too. And that may act as one of the reason to hype on the allergic reactions in your body. Allergic reactions may result in skin rashes, hives or rarely watery eyes. Also it can lead to coughing, wheezing, difficulty in swallowing and a hoarse throat.

One can also feel kind of dizziness, but it is very rarely noticed. Severe allergies may include weakening of pulse, one can go into shock, and your skin may turn pale or blue. So be careful always for such allergies, and report your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible.

5. Fluctuates Blood Sugar

If someone is suffering from diabetes then you should never take Chia seeds as they could help with stimulating of blood glucose levels. It might over stimulate the drugs that control the blood sugar. It is always important to keep yourself safe and far away from such kind of harmful effects and lend your life healthily and peacefully.

6. Unsafe During Pregnancy

Intake of Chia seeds should be avoided at the time of pregnancy and  breast feeding. There are not lot of research or studies available for this particular side effect but still few of them have been known to be affected by consumption of Chia seeds during their pregnancy.

Like constipation or diarrhea are commonly seen side effects and gets worse during pregnancy, thus affecting health of babies.

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Instead of having these side effects Chia seeds also have many good effects also. So before incorporating Chia seeds in your diet plan you should always get the knowledge of doe’s and don’ts of the food.

Keep a limit of them in your diet and consult your doctor while taking them or including them in your diet. If still one encounters the side effects persisting for a longer span, it is advised to immediately sop consumption and seek medical attention.

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