Does Cologne Stain Clothes?

does cologne stain clothes

Watching your expensive clothes get ruined due to perfume or cologne is the last thing you want. If you wonder if cologne stains clothes, the answer is yes. The presence of essential oils, color dyes, and alcohol can easily leave a stain on clothes that sometimes become hard to get rid of. Such stains are not instantly visible after application, but over time, they get dark and appear like oily spots.

Does Perfume Stain Clothes?

No matter how branded your perfume is, even those coming from expensive brands like Gucci are known to stain clothes. All perfumes, irrespective of brand, contain an essential oil that spreads aroma. The main culprit behind the stain is the essential oil used in its manufacturing, giving an oily spot on the cloth.

Points to Remember While Using Perfume

  • Always avoid spraying perfume on clothes made with silk as they are more prone to damage due to perfume deposition. The perfume application on silk clothes changes silk’s color and mechanical properties, making it easily damaged.
  • Perfumes are not meant to be applied on clothes but the skin and in a moderate amount. Just one or two sprays are enough to use on the skin without causing any harm to it. However, it is advised that people with sensitive skin should avoid direct application.
  • Every perfume will not stain clothes. Usually, dark-colored perfumes tend to leave a stain more than light-colored.
  • The perfume color is more prominent on light-colored clothes- whether cotton or silk. For instance, it is more visible in white shirts. Perfumes can also decolor a colored cloth; therefore, you must be extra cautious before using them over expensive shirts and dresses.

Now that you know that cologne leaves stain on clothes and degrade their quality, you must also know how to remove perfume stains from clothes.

How To Remove Perfume Stains From Clothes

The different methods that can help in getting rid of perfume stains from clothes are-

1. Use Stain-Removal Liquid- You can prepare this liquid by using dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. To make this liquid, add one tablespoon of each ingredient to a bowl and mix well to get a soft consistency. Now take a soft cotton cloth or sponge and dab gently on the stained cloth.

2. Apply The Liquid to Stain- Take the above solution and dip the area of cloth inside the solution for at least ten minutes. It will lighten the stain, and eventually, it will fade.

3. Use a Paper Towel- After the above step, you can use a paper towel and keep it over the stained area for a few minutes. While the liquid will help to break down the stain, the paper towel will absorb it off the fabric.

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide for oil Stains- If the above does not work because the stain has gone old and deeper, you may need to use hydrogen peroxide. Take 3% hydrogen peroxide on a sponge and dab it over the stained areas of the cloth. It will help to cut the cologne stain.

5. Buy Stain Remover- You can find plenty of brands selling stain remover liquids. Pick one that you trust will help to get rid of perfume stains from your cloth.

How To Avoid Perfume Stains On Clothes

Since perfumes will stain the clothes, it is essential that you know how to avoid such a situation.

1. Take Stain Test of Perfume

When it comes to staining clothes, perfumes can be categorized into three-

  • Never leave the stain on clothes
  • Immediately stain the clothes
  • Leave stains that get deeper over time

So, before splurging on any perfume, test it on the inner parts of the clothing- probably the part that gets tucked inside the trouser or remains hidden. It will help to decide whether you should buy that perfume or not.

2. Apply Perfume Before Getting Dressed

If your skin does not react to perfume, it is better to use it before getting dressed. The best time for perfume application is immediately after the shower when the skin is damp and absorbs perfume fragrance to last longer. Make sure you apply it only after wiping yourself with a towel.

3. Spray From a Distance

Instead of using perfume directly on the clothes, spray from at least a 10 to 15 cm of distance. Three puffs here and there, preferably on the left shoulder, right shoulder, and back of the neck, will suffice. Be sure to be 6 to 8 inches away from clothes to prevent cologne from staining your clothes.

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