Why Does Trimming Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Why Does Trimming Hair Make It Grow Faster

At some point in our life, we all have heard that cutting hair makes them grow faster. During childhood, our mothers used to tell us this to convince us to visit a salon for a haircut. But does this fact seem counterproductive? Does trimming hair make it grow faster?

If you are wondering the same and looking for the answers, we have got you covered. This article will discuss the benefits of trimming hair and whether trimming actually hastens the process of hair growth. You will also learn the frequency of hair trimming to get hair that appears healthy and luscious. 

Hair Trimming 

Hair Trimming

The process of cutting off a small amount of hair from the ends is called hair trimming. While some people trim their hair at home, others visit salon to get precision. 

Hair trimming is done for different purposes such as maintaining the length or shape of hair, to remove the split ends and rough ends or to simply refresh the hairstyle. 

While there are many benefits of hair trimming, the fact that it makes the hair grow faster is a myth. Trimming hair doesn’t accelerate the process of hair growth; however, it makes the hair look healthy which is an important criterion for long voluminous hair. 

Over time, due to varying factors, the hair starts splitting from the ends (1). As a result, they look dull and damaged. At the same time, they become uneven from the ends and don’t appear the same they used to look when you got a fresh cut. It is when the need to remove the rough ends becomes necessary. 

As you chop off the dead ends of the hair and remove the damaged ones, the hair starts appearing thicker, especially from the ends. All the split ends are removed after trimming, preventing them from traveling up to the hair shafts. 

How Often Should I Trim My Hair?

How often should I trim my hair

Hair trimming should be a part of your hair care routine as it keeps them healthy and makes them appear thick. However, its frequency depends upon the following factors-

  • hair type
  • hair length 
  • desired style

Usually, it is recommended to trim hair after every 10 to 12 weeks. It ensures that the split ends developed over time are removed completely and that the overall health and appearance of hair are maintained. 

Women who are yearning for long hair can stretch this period a little longer and can trim after every 15 weeks. However, if the hair feels extremely damaged from the ends, it is better to chop them off instead of keeping them to prevent further damage. When split ends are not cared for properly, they travel up to the hair shaft and cause more damage to otherwise healthy hair. 

It is better to talk to a hairstylist before every trim. Consulting him about the hairstyle you need will help you decide the frequency of hair trimming based on your hair type. 

Here are a few recommendations-

  • Textured hair: To keep textured hair soft and healthy, trimming them every 2 to 3 months gives good results. 
  • Non-textured hair: Trimming frequency depends on how fast your hair grows and what hairstyle you have.
  • Short hairstyles: To ensure short styles like pixie or bob cuts look sleek and maintained, trimming every 3 to 4 weeks is advised.
  • Medium-length hairstyles: Such hairstyles need to look clean; therefore, getting them trimmed after every 2 months is beneficial. 
  • Long-length hairstyles: Since long hair often stays braided or styled in a bun, the chances of it getting damaged are lower compared to short and medium hairstyles. Such hair can be trimmed after every four months to maintain the look. 


The simple answer to ‘does trimming hair make it grow faster’ is NO. However, it is essential to trim hair to make it healthy and appear thick, especially from the ends. 

There is no correlation between trimming and hastening hair growth because hair grows from the roots, not from the ends. At the same time, hair growth goes through a cycle (2) wherein every phase takes time to complete. So, whether you trim your hair or not, the growth speed will remain the same. 

But, if you want your hair to appear healthy, luscious and voluminous, regular trimming will contribute to achieving it. As the split ends and rough ends are removed, the hair starts appearing thick and healthy. Thus, regular trim is essential for healthy hair. 

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