Ear Hair Removal: The Best Methods and Techniques

How to Get Rid of Ear Hair

Hairy ears are a big embarrassment and hence removing them is a popular option for self-conscious people. Such hair on the ears is nothing abnormal unless it impairs hearing and causes pain. These occur mainly because of hereditary reasons that become coarse and thick with ageing. Just like there are techniques for removing hair from other body parts, we have ways to do the same for our ears too. Read on to know more.

Ear Hair Removal

Causes Of Ear Hair Growth

Besides the genetic factors, some reasons for the growth of ear hair include:

  • Issues with the endocrine system
  • Metabolic disorders
  • The outcome of certain medications
  • Medical conditions such as hypertrichosis increase the body’s hair growth all over.

How to Get Rid of Ear Hair?

You can decide the best way to remove hair, by considering factors like how often you want to do it, the time you can spare for the process and your budgetary limits per session. These ways are:

1. Cutting: Take a pair of scissors and a mirror to remove the excess hair growth. Pay attention while doing it, and avoid sneezing as it can lead to cuts.

2. Plucking: Use tweezers to patiently pluck off the hair growths on the ear. This can be painful, especially when there is a lot of hair. Make sure to be careful as tweezers are equally dangerous as scissors when not handled properly as they can damage the delicate ear canal.

3. Electric Hair Trimmer: This is one of the safest and most painless techniques for removing unwanted hair on the ears. It won’t reduce the re-growth rate of the hair, so you need to repeat the process whenever there is hair growth.

4. Hair Removal Cream: While opting for this technique, it is very important to do a patch test, 24 hrs before the actual application and see how it reacts on your skin. If everything goes well, follow the instructions on the package to remove the ear hair.

Sometimes it might not work. Avoid leaving the cream on the ears for longer in such cases as this can lead to a burning sensation and discomfort. Avoid inserting the removal cream into the ear canal as it can lead to damage to the skin, blockages and infections.

5. Waxing: This involves using a soft warm wax but must be done by a professional to avoid the wax from sticking to your ear canal. It is the quickest way of getting rid of the ear hair in a single session. You will notice that the result lasts the longest(almost 2 months) in this case.

Can Hair Growth Be Stopped In The Ears

Yes, this is possible with laser hair removal and is best when you don’t want to get into the hassle of repeatedly removing your ear hair. In this process, the laser acts on the base of the hair root and destroys them, because of which the hair doesn’t come back.

Electrolysis is also a way of doing laser hair removal which uses shortwave radio frequencies to target the ear hair bulb. This damages the hair follicles, reducing hair growth.

The only drawback of such a process is the high expense. It is important to talk to a specialist and understand everything before opting for it.

The ear is a delicate part of the body, so whichever technique you use for getting rid of the hair on them, make sure to do it carefully or get it done near a professional to have a better experience.

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