How Long Does Hair Have To Be To Wax?

how long does hair have to be to wax legs

Waxing is one of the most common ways of getting rid of unwanted hair. It is used to remove hair from legs, arms, underarms, and other body parts.

However, there is a prerequisite to waxing your hair, and that is the hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long before you wax. It makes sure that hair comes out of the roots and makes the body look smooth and silky. However, this length depends from area to area due to certain reasons that we will discuss in this article.

How Long Does Hair Have To Be To Wax?

Prerequisites of Hair Waxing

While shaving and using hair removal creams are other popular ways of removing unwanted hair, waxing is considered safe and highly effective. If you are going for waxing first time, keep these two things in mind-

  • Two weeks have passed since your previous hair removal session.
  • Your hair has grown 1/4 inch long or the size of a grain.

This period usually varies from person to person. While some people have faster hair growth, for some, it is slow. If you can easily grasp your hair with your fingertips, it means they are long enough and ready to be waxed.

Area To Be Waxed

Another thing that you might need to consider is which body part you want to remove the hair. Hair in some body parts grows faster than others. For instance, you might have experienced shaving underarms more often than the legs and arms. Likewise, the thickness of hair in the underarms and pubic areas is more.

For such areas, you need to make sure that hair has grown more than 1/4 inch long so that wax can adhere to the hair, making them easier to pull out.

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Why Does The Length of Hair Matter?

The length of hair matters because wax needs to adhere to the hair. If the wax properly adheres, it becomes easy to pull it out, and the pain will be less. However, if the hair is short and wax is not able to adhere properly, pulling may cause-

  • Hair to break into half
  • Entire hair will not come out
  • External irritation and pain to the skin

Moreover, if the hair is of proper length, it will help with future waxes too. Complete hair removal in one cycle will ensure that same will happen in the next cycle too.

Waxing When The Hair is Short Than 1/4 Inch Long?

  • Due to shorter hair, the wax will not hold fast, resulting in hair breakage or improper hair removal.
  • Some hair will be left behind, and you may develop ingrown hair.
  • Skin irritation and pain
  • The technician will reschedule your appointment, and you have to visit again when the hair gets the proper length.

Can The Hair be More Than 1/4 Inches Long?

Yes, why not! Hair can be 1/2 inch or a bit more before you go for waxing. But, make sure that they are not too long to wax. If they are, it is better to trim them or cut them with a pair of clean hair cutting shears.

If you haven’t trimmed the hair, do not panic, as the technician will do it before waxing.

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How Far Apart Should One Schedule Waxing Sessions for The Correct Length?

How fast your hair grows decides how far apart you can schedule the waxing session. Some parts of the body show faster hair growth as compared to others. On average, hair takes around four weeks to regrow to 1/4 inches long.

Some people experienced slower hair growth after every waxing session. If this is the case with you too, you may have to wait for five or six weeks. You may apply ingrown hair oils and moisturizers to prevent dry skin after waxing or ingrown hair between the sessions.

Additional Tips

  • Some women experience their skin getting sensitive when they are on their period. If you also feel the same, try to avoid getting waxing at this time of the month to prevent unnecessary skin irritation.
  • You may refrain from drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks.
  • If the pain is severe, you may take pain medication to lessen it.

Make sure the hair is between 1/4 to 1/2 inches long before you go for waxing. In case they are too long, ask the technician to trim prior to waxing.

If waxing doesn’t seem right, you may try to consider other options of hair removal like shaving, threading, epilation, or sugaring.

For long-term results, go for laser hair removal treatment.

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