Can I Shower After Waxing?

can i shower after waxing

Waxing is one of the best and proven ways of removing unwanted hair growth. Waxing is a better hair removal option than others because it leaves the skin smooth and soft. Even though the process of removing hair via waxing is painful, the results are worth the pain.

While women often prefer waxing, there is one concern among most of them- can I shower after waxing? So, whether you are waxing at home or visiting a salon to get it done, we will uncover the truth about going hairless and all the necessary precautions you must take. Keep reading!

Waxing Tips Everyone Should Know

These tips and tricks can make waxing easy, simple, and less painful. Keep them handy!

  • Your hair should be 1/4 inches in length at the time of waxing. If they are longer, be prepared for more pain, and if they are shorter, pulling out from the root will become difficult. For long hair, trimming before waxing is the perfect solution.
  • If you are a novice or waxing for the first time, start taking small skin sections. Taking larger areas will increase the pain and prevent the hair from pulling out from the roots. Take smaller areas and move ahead gradually.
  • Do not apply too hot wax on the skin. It may remove some of the skin while pulling out, causing extreme pain.
  • Scrub and exfoliate the areas where you are planning to wax. It will remove the layer of dead skin, making the pulling easy and less painful.
  • If pain concerns you, go for a good numbing cream or an OTC pain reliever before waxing. It will help to minimize the pain. People with sensitive skin can use a cold compress to soothe the area after waxing.

Note: Skin during and before the menstrual cycle becomes sensitive, and the chances of experiencing pain rise. So, avoid this time of the month for waxing.

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Can I Shower After Waxing?

Showering before or after waxing is a matter of concern among most women. So, let’s find out which is better.

1. Taking a shower before waxing

As experts advice cleaning and exfoliating the skin before waxing, it is considered ideal. Here are the major pros and cons of taking a shower before waxing-

Pros- Taking a shower with lukewarm water is perfect before waxing as it helps to clean the skin, remove the dead skin cells and open the closed skin pores. When the pores are open, the process of waxing becomes easy and less painful.

Cons- There are two major cons of taking a shower before waxing.

Showering with lukewarm water will make the skin softer. As you apply warm wax over the soft skin, it may cause skin bruises. Also, the skin may feel irritated and even burn out. You may cause harm to yourself.

Before waxing, the skin must be dry. However, showering makes it soft and supple, making it hard for the uppermost layer of the skin to come off easily.

Note: If you are showering before waxing, avoid hot water and do not wax straight after coming out of the shower. A gap of a few hours will allow the skin’s temperature to get normal, making waxing easy. The skin should not have any lotion or moisturizer to completely remove hair from the roots.

2. Taking a shower after waxing

Pros– When you take a shower after waxing, you clean all the sticky wax and the leftover residues of wax from the skin. Therefore, it is not only beneficial but necessary to take a shower after waxing.

Cons- There are no major cons of taking a shower after waxing until you maintain a gap of a few hours to allow the skin to set.

Note: Avoid showering immediately after waxing. Give some time for the skin to adjust and set to the room temperature. Since skin has undergone a treatment, when the skin is pulled to remove the unwanted hair, let it take some time to breathe. Also, avoid a hot shower and sauna for the first 24 hours as it can irritate the skin further. Always bath with lukewarm water.

Taking certain tips in mind ensures an easy and less painful waxing session. Apart from the above-mentioned steps, you should also avoid direct sun exposure and swimming pool exposure for the next two days. Prefer wearing a loose and comfortable cloth to let your skin stay relaxed after a waxing session. Apply a cold compress to the skin to feel uncomfortable, burned out, and irritating.

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