How To Get Rid Of Redness After Waxing

how to get rid of redness after waxing

Waxing helps us in getting rid of unwanted hair but leaves redness and discomfort on the skin, especially for sensitive skin. Such inflammation and redness happen because of the force with which the hair follicles are pulled from the roots. Read on to check ways of reducing the redness.

Get Rid Of Redness After Waxing

Natural Ways Of Reducing The Redness After Waxing

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Get pure or organic aloe vera gel and apply it to the skin after the waxing session, so it gets absorbed by the skin and soothes it. If you are opting for the store-bought gel, make sure that it doesn’t contain alcohol.

2. Cold Compress

You can use water, ice and milk in the cold compress by combining the three parts equally and keeping it on the skin for about 5 minutes. This can be applied thrice a day for reducing the redness.

3. Witch Hazel

Soak a cotton ball in 3 tbsp of witch hazel and apply it to the affected areas. Being an astringent compound, witch hazel has tannin and oil which can reduce skin redness.

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4. Calendula oil

It is known for its antioxidant characteristics. Use some carrier oil to dilute it before applying it to the affected areas.

5. Chamomile oil

This is an anti-inflammatory agent so a few drops of it can be added to an ounce of jojoba oil, to apply the mixture to the skin. Let it sit for 15 minutes before washing it off with cool water.

6. Solution of Mint and Green Tea:

This forms a cooling mixture with tannin in green tea that helps in relieving pain. You can make it with 3 cups of fresh mint leaves, 5 green tea bags and 850 ml of boiling water. Steep the mixture for an hour and let it cool after which you can use a cotton ball to apply to the affected areas.

7. Cucumber Mask

Cucumber has cooling properties that can heal the redness of the skin when applied directly to the target areas. Chilled cucumber slices or a paste of it can be used for this purpose.

Besides the above home remedies, it is important to avoid wearing skin-hugging clothes as this will worsen the situation. Also, avoid the application of chemical-based lotions or strenuous exercises.

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