How to Cut Face Framing Layers for Your Face Shape

How to Cut Face Framing Layers for Your Face Shape

Face framing layers have always been in the trend. These frames not just provide a better appearance but also boost up the confidence as they suit the face. Face frames look good on all face cuts. 

In fact, some people find it very difficult to choose a particular frame as most frames suit their face. These trendy frames are nothing but your front hairs cut at varying lengths to define your facial features. This article will guide you to choose the best framing layers for your face to spice up the style.

Best Face Framing Styles for Different Faces

Face framing hair are flattering pieces of hair strands, cut stylishly according to the face cut. These are places strategically to enhance your facial features, highlighting your best features. They can balance the loud features according to the preferences you set and hair type. These layers also depend on face length, face shape and hair texture. The best part is there is a style for all face types.

Square Face

Square Face

Square facial features are usually sharp and have equal width and height. Soft, long and wispy with side bangs will trim down the face and add smoothness to the facial features.

Oval Face

Oval Face

People having oval face structure have numerous options when it is to choose face framing layers. Oval face cut is proportional and hence curtain bangs suit the most. Such bangs emphasize the face symmetry and bring out the striking facial features. 

You may also consider styling your bangs by priming with a heat protectant and using a round brush and blow dryer to weigh them down. The short curtain bangs are most trending at the moment that you can pair with your signature cut.

Round Faces

Round face structure needs length that can be added by having mid-length face framing layers till chin. A blunt cut will create the illusion of an elongated face that will go really well with face framing layers.

Heart Shaped Face

A heart shaped face is wide forehead and narrow chin. Curtain or side-swept bangs with long framing layers play down the wide forehead and balances out the facial features. The long frames emphasize cheekbones and give a slimming effect.

Rectangular Face

Rectangular face has chiselled features and mid length layers with short framing bangs add consistency to it. It is advisable to not have long layers as they may add further length to the face.

Triangular Face

Such a face needs to add volume at the forehead to add fullness to the crown. Face framing long bangs will reduce the appearance of prominent jaw line.

Diamond Face

Such face cut has small forehead and sharp cheekbones that can be balanced with medium and long face framing layers. The forehead is small so short curtain bangs should be avoided. Side swept bangs are also a great option to soften the sharp features.

Oblong Face

The oblong face has round edges and short face framing strands will define the cheekbones and help to give a delusion of short facial features for oblong face.

Some face framing layers that hair stylists usually recommend are:

  • Short face framing layers: These layers are short lengthened and add volume to the hair and define out prominent features. These are a great option for people with wide forehead.
  • Sleek face framing layers: Such face framing layers are long and almost the same length as rest hair.
  • Face- framing tendrils: Face framing tendrils touch chin and define face cut. These are mid length frames.
  • Face framing natural curls: Face framing curly layers add glamour effortlessly and mostly suited on those who have naturally curled hairs.
  • Face framing beachy waves: Such frames add volume and grit.
  • Wispy face framing layers: These frames give half up half down hairstyle.
  • Blown out layers: These face framing layers include curtain bangs and long frames to add volume and bounce to the hairs.
  • Side swept curly hairs: These all time favourite face framing layers can be easily seen with people with short hairs.
  • Long face framing layers: These face framing layers are long and curled at the end.


Face framing layers are a great choice when you want to add glamour, rise up your style quotient and have a chic look without adding too much drama. Face framing layers are super easy to maintain and enhance natural features. If you get confused in deciding what hair style to choose, consider a hair stylist to recommend you the best face framing layers to suit your face cut.

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