28 Facts About Menstruation

facts about mensuration

While most of women suffer from menstruation every month, there are various facts that we lack from knowing. As period is something which we deal with every month, we still don’t’ bother to talk about it, know it in detail or share about the problem. Just like for an example, study published in journal psychological science, that a man can know whether the girl is on her periods or not by just smelling her t-shirt.

Here Are Few Facts About Menstruation That Every Girl Must Know

1.  While most of the women think, during their periods they shed half of the blood but the fact says an entire menstrual period usually releases less than half a cup of blood, including clots.
2. According to a study published by physiological science, a man can know whether a woman is on her periods or not just by smelling her cloths.
3. Did you know how prostitutes deal with periods? Well most of the prostitutes don’t take time off for their period. They either wedge cotton balls up against their cervix or they take birth control pills to control menstruation.
4. Heavy bleeding is defined as passing more than one cup of blood per cycle, soaking through a pad or tampon every hour for six hours in a row, or having a period that lasts more than seven days.
5. Menstruating blood was often seen as sacred. Did you know what is sacred? Well, Sacred means both “set apart” and “cursed.
6. According to various studies, periods tend to be heavier, more painful, and longer in the colder months
7. You might have heard about menstruation problem with heavy smokers? It is because smoking cigarettes can kill a women’s egg and cause the periods to stop prematurely.
8. While using tampons is still a taboo, approximately 70% of women of menstruating age around the world use tampons. A woman may use nearly 11,400 tampons in her life.
9. If history is to be believed, In Hong Kong, an Indonesian maid added her menstrual blood to her employer’s food in an attempt to improve their relationship
10. To treat extremely heavy periods, some women turn to uterine ablation. During a uterine ablation, a physician can use several types of methods—such as a laser, a balloon filled with a heated saline solution, electricity, freezing, or microwave—to permanently destroy the enodmetrium.l
11. Women are more likely to splurge on shopping spree 10 days before their periods start.
12. A woman who has excessive bleeding may suffer from menorrhagia, a condition in which the uterine lining builds up very thick. Very heavy bleeding could also indicate a thyroid problem or fibroids (growths on the uterus)
13. 81 percent of women say that they’ve experienced dysmenorrhea (painful cramps). Dysmenorrhea occurs because the prostaglandin hormone causes the uterus to cramp, which further causes the abdomen to spasm.
14. Nearly 15% of menstruating women suffer from debilitating cramps. Also there are various researches and Scientists who claim that they have created a pill known as VA 111913 that eliminates most menstrual cramping.
15. Recent study says, artificial lights influence menstrual cyclein a women.
16. In some parts of India, a woman indicates she is menstruating by wearing a handkerchief around her neck stained with her menstrual blood.
17. Scholars suggest that marriage rites are an extension of menarchal rites, which may explain why many bridal dresses were historically red. The bride would also walk on a red carpet to the wedding ceremony, wearing a red veil
18. In the eighteenth century in Saigon, no woman was employed in the opium industry because it was believed that if a menstruating woman were near, the opium would become ruined and bitter
19. The human female egg is the largest cell in the human body. It is the only human cell that can be seen with the naked eye
20. A woman will spend approximately 3,500 days menstruating
21. A New Guinea man divorced his wife because she slept on his blanket while menstruating. He later killed her with an ax.
22. Don’t worry until the age of about 18. Irregular periods are quite common because the body is still working on perfecting the system.
23. For the reason that women weigh more than did in the past, they tend to start their periods at younger ages and usually stop them at older age.
24. In many cultures, a fetus was thought to be formed in the womb by clotting menstrual blood.
25. Psychoanalysts, such as Freud, have suggested that menstruation is a “bloody sign of a woman’s loss of penis” and that it is a reminder of a woman’s “uncleanliness and inferiority.
26. Some women are heavy clotters and pass chunks of coagulated blood during their periods. The clots come from uterine contractions and cramping so frequent that the blood doesn’t have time to thin out before passing. A few dime size or smaller clots a day during a period is normal.
27. A Tampon will never make you bleed more than your normal bleeding days. Also, you will not lose your virginity.
28. Some scientists suggest that premodern women, who had no night lighting, ovulated with the full moon and menstruated on a new moon day.
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