How to Delay Periods Naturally at Home?

how to delay periods

Are your chumming dates coming close and you have a trip to go next week? Are you thinking of taking some pills? Well, you should just pause! We know all the pain our lovely ladies go through every month and how difficult it can get to cope up with periods if they land up at the wrong time. But the solution to this is not popping up some pill and letting it affect you over the long run, instead one can try these natural remedies to prolong their periods easily and comfortably. Women can have quite a few reasons to delay their periods. Like attending a ritual at the temple or going on a trip or having periods during their wedding, all this can be hindered if we are on our heavy periods. To help all you women with this thought.Here are some effective ways on how to delay periods naturally at home have a look!

How to Delay Periods Naturally at Home

We have listed some amazing natural home remedies to delay your period. The best part of trying these remedies are that they have have no side effects involved. Have a look!

1. Avoid The Spice

  • Spicy food is partly responsible for increasing the blood flow and can initiate the menstruation.
  • So if you are looking at delaying your cycle, first thing you should do is avoid all that spice.
  • We wouldn’t suggest a completely bland diet but majorly avoiding garlic, chilies and pepper would do the needful in avoiding your periods.

2. Herbs Are Here To Help

Herbs have always played an important role in the field of health and medicine since ancient times. The existence of herbs have a significant role in the lives of all living beings and have been used at various levels.

The most famous herbs known for their ability to stop blood flow are yarrow tinctures and shepherd’s purse. They are used in treating hemorrhages and thus can be used to delay menstruation in women. To consume these drugs, one needs to dry these herbs and then grind them. Once they have the powder ready, mix some water to make it a fluid. Once prepared it can consumed on a daily basis in smaller quantity to avoid the periods from happening during those days.

3. Go The Gram Way

  • Well you must be wondering what I meant by that. Some foods have some substantial effect and can be consumed for specif purposes.
  • The gram lentils have been known for their ability to delay the menstrual cycle in women.
  • Like the herbs, the gram lentils too if consumed can delay periods.
  • One cam make a soup from the gram lentils by frying them first and then powdering them.
  • Mixing the powder with water and then consuming it like a thick soup will do great help.
  • Have this soup everyday till you want to delay the periods and be tension free.

4. Sip In Some Vinegar

Sipping vinegar mixed with water can delay periods with a lot of ease. It is one of the most effective ways to delay your period if consumed once during the day.

  • To make this in the right proportion, one must mix 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of distilled water.
  • After mixing it properly, one must sip it down and this can easily help in delaying periods for 3-4 days.
  • If you wish to exceed the delay further, you might need to increase the intake to 2-3 times per day.

5. Prolong With Parsley

Another herb known for its effectiveness in postponing periods are parsley leaves.

  • All you need to do is get some parsley leaves and boil it in water for around 20 minutes.
  • Once boiled, strain it into a glass and add some honey to it.
  • This if consumed once a day can delay your periods without any issue.
  • So keep sipping it till you want to delay your periods.

6. Gulp Some Gelatin

Though this remedy is slightly tedious as you have to sip the mixture quite a few times in a day, a lot of women prefer this remedy too.

  • Adding some gelatin to warm water and then consuming this mixture can delay the periods.
  • However, to significantly delay the period one needs to sip this solution thrice a day.

7. Love The Lemon

Lemon with its acidic properties is quite effective in delaying periods.

  • One can chew some lemon or take in some juice on a daily basis to prolong the period.
  • Not as efficient as the above, lemon is known for reducing inflammation during the cycle.
  • Consuming lemon during is an absolute no as it increases menstrual pain.

8. Raspberry Leaf Tea Delay Period

  • Raspberry leaf tea is known for many health benefits.
  • A lot of people around the globe consume it for its astonishing health benefits.
  • It is effective in delaying the period and improves the reproductive health as well.
  • The leaves should be dried and churned to make powder and then can be consumed as tea.
  • This if consumed daily will delay the period till the desired time.
  • If boiled along with angelica root and garden sage, it is more effective.

9. Papaya And Carrot Diet

  • Including papaya and carrot in your diet can help delay periods.
  • Due to the presence of carotene in papaya, estrogen levels can be stimulated and thus periods can be delayed.
  • Carrot juice too if consumed can delay periods for a few days.

10. Stress Control

  • Controlling the stress plays an important role in getting your period.
  • It is observed that women who under continuous stress, usually suffer from irregular menstrual cycle.
  • So first all you lovely ladies need to feel good about yourselves.
  • One way to do that could be by doing some exercise This can help tone down your muscles as well release out all that mounted stress.
  • So include some physical activity in your daily routine and automatically you can see your menstrual cycle stabilizing and your periods regulating.

Is Altering The Menstrual Cycle Safe?

Well, going against the nature can be risky but if you do it naturally then there are hardly any side-effects involved. Avoid taking pills to delay periods as it affects the reproductive organs and can affect the fertility of a woman.
So if you are looking at delaying your periods naturally, follow these natural methods and you will feel healthier and stress free. These methods will not have an adverse method hence we recommending trying them.

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