Frozen Cucumber on Face: Benefits and How to use it

Frozen Cucumber on Face: Benefits and How to use it

If you are perpetually searching for accessible, affordable ways to create a spa-like experience at home, then you can count on this TikTok hack, frozen cucumber on face. This has been a tried and tested hack by many people following and recreating reels on it. There is no specific method or set of guidelines for this beauty hack.

Frozen Cucumber Hack

Frozen cucumber hack

As the name suggests, the trend refers to freezing cucumber pieces and using them on the skin to benefit from skin icing. It also provides hydration to the face and the soothing effect of cucumber.

Massaging, de-puffing, de-stressing the skin, well, frozen cucumber can do all of it and more. Through this trend, gua shas facial massage tools and jade rollers were replaced by frozen cucumbers as natural soothers.

There is no set way to use it. Some people chill cucumber pieces before applying them over their faces. At the same time, some cut the whole cucumber before massaging them over their face.

Benefits of Frozen Cucumber

Benefits of Frozen Cucumber

The benefit of freezing the cucumber is the same as the benefit of cooling the skin. This combines the science of massage of the lymphatic system in the skin with the frozen cucumber. The quality of frozen cucumber is to maximize the benefits of removing excess inflammation and fluid from the skin.

With more than 96% of water, cucumber is naturally moisturizing and rich in other skincare ingredients. Cucumber (1) has been used in the skincare world for a long time. Because of its cooling properties and high vitamin C level, it helps to reduce the puffiness under the eyes. Moreover, this ingredient does the following-

  • brightens the skin over time
  • increases collagen levels
  • protects the skin against pollution and dirt.

The ice from the frozen cucumber might cause blood vessels on the skin surface to compress. It temporarily helps in reducing puffiness and redness of the face. This may help reduce the size and irritation of inflamed acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties (2).

Frozen cucumbers help to tighten and minimize pores and shrink their appearance noticeably.

Using ice in general, whether it’s an icy facial wash or frozen cucumber have additional benefits such as-

  • tones the skin
  • closes pores
  • reduces puffiness
  • rejuvenates the skin
  • makes you feel and look more energized.

Is It Safe to Use Frozen Cucumber?

TikTok’s frozen cucumber hack is a relatively safe technique. It should not cause any uncomfortable side effects. Having said that, if you have severely sensitive skin or breakouts, the dermatologist advice going easy on your skin.

A frozen cucumber is not expected to damage the skin, mainly when applied in a sweeping motion. It would be uncomfortable while holding the frozen one in hand.

Also, to avoid ice burn from a frozen cucumber, do not hold it more than a few seconds in the face. Let the cucumber sit for a couple of minutes so that it warms up slightly. You don’t want to risk a burn, similar to a frostbite, from using it straight out of a freezer.

Make sure to always wash your face before using it, to avoid the spread of any kind of bacteria.

How to Use Frozen Cucumber for a Facial Massage?

To maximize the benefits, you should know how to apply it on your face. Use long strokes in an upward and outward motion. Apply very light pressure and avoid pulling down on the skin.

Center of the forehead is an easy and plain surface to start with. Firmly touch the cucumber to your skin and begin creating small circles. Keep in mind that all the movement should be towards the lymph nodes. So always start in the center and work your way outside.

For the eyes and cheeks, move towards the ears in small circular movements. For the jawline and neck, use sweeping movements towards and earlobes and down the neck towards the shoulder. It will only take 5-10 minutes before you see the result.

In the end wash away your face again to get rid of any residual stickiness.


While you may not notice big and long-term changes from using a frozen cucumber for skin care, this TikTok hack offers short-term relief from puffy and inflamed skin.

Ultimately, a complete skincare routine will bring more prominent results that using a cucumber out of the freezer. So, be mindful of your choices and ensure that a frozen cucumber is not a complete solution for all your skin woes.

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