30+ Romantic Heart Nail Art Designs That’ll Be Love at First Sight!

Heart Nail Designs

Ready to skip a beat? Today, we have come up with the 30 best and most innovative heart nail designs that will add a touch of love and charm to your manicure. Whether you are looking for classic red hearts or whimsical patterns and intricate detailing, here you will find an array of collections for every occasion. Explore these amazing heart-themed nail art ideas and get ready to slay your romantic date night, special event, or casual outing with beloveds and let everybody fall in love with your hands all over again. 

30 Heart Nail Designs to Suit Your Style

1. Little Red Hearts on Nude Nail Color 

Little Red Hearts on Nude Nail Color

The red color is vibrant and graceful in its own way, and when you create little red hearts on the nails, the manicure looks next level. Here, the nail artist has beautifully created little red floral hearts with green leaves over the nude nail color. The index and small finger are kept vibrant red to highlight the illustration more clearly. 

2. Pink Hearts on White Nail Color 

Pink Hearts on White Nail Color

The cute little pink hearts over the white nail color make the fingertips look extremely pretty. It is one of the most elegant and sophisticated heart nail designs, perfect to bring charm and grace to your hands. 

3. Overlaid Blush Heart Nails 

Overlaid Blush Heart Nails

The charm of this heart-nails art is extraordinary. Here, the nail artist has used a shaded peach color as the basecoat, over which transparent overlaid hearts are created- one in every nail. It is what makes these heartnails one-of-a-kind and extremely attractive.

4. Cute Little Hearts on Nail Plate 

Cute Little Hearts on Nail Plate

It is another stunning piece of heart nails that looks very graceful. Here, transparent nail polish is applied to the nails, and a white color is given to the nail plate. Now, to create the pattern, cute little red hearts are made of white nail color that highlights these red hearts perfectly. 

5. Valentine’s Special Heart Nails Design

Valentine's Special Heart Nails Design

Even though you can create this stunning heart nail art on any occasion, when done on Valentine’s, it brings all the charm and grace to the nails. Here, the nails of the middle and small fingers are kept nude while little red hearts are made on the ring and index finger to complete the look. 

6. Pink Heart Nails Art 

Pink Heart Nails Art

Using the different shades of pink, the nail artists have tried giving a subtle and sophisticated look to this nail art. Here, different pink shades are applied to the different nails, and hearts are made over them in contrasting colors. This heart nail art gives a perfect summer vibe. 

7. Hot Pink Hearts Nails 

Hot Pink Hearts Nails

This flashy hot pink color is enough to bring all the vibrancy and grace to the hands. Here, hot pink color is applied to all the nails except the ring finger, which is base coated with nude color. Over it, a few little glowing hearts with hot pink are created to give its hands a lively and refreshing look. 

8. Romantic Heart Nails with Bright Red Hearts 

Romantic Heart Nails with Bright Red Hearts

This nail art is all about giving you a confident and chic look. From the use of light peach nail polish as a basecoat and the creation of flashy red colored little hearts over them gives a mesmerizing view to the manicure. 

9. Nail Art of Nude Nails with Hearts and Sequins 

Nail Art of Nude Nails with Hearts and Sequins

When you want to give a glamorous touch to your nails, this heart nail art is the best bet. Here, to bring more flashiness to the nails, the artist has added sequins along with the little red hearts over the white basecoat. The white color is only on the nail plate, while the hearts are scattered all around. 

10. Little Black Hearts with Sequins on Nails 

Little Black Hearts with Sequins on Nails

The nails are first coated with peach, and then some cute little black hearts are drawn, bringing a contrasting look to the manicure. Now, to make the nails look fancy, some sequins are added that complete the look of these astonishing heart nails. 

11. Magnificent Blue and Peach Nails with White Hearts  

Magnificent Blue and Peach Nails with White Hearts

The nail artist has used a contrasting color combo in creating this stunning nail art. Royal blue and peach nail colors are used as a base coat, over which white nail color is used to create a little heart. The white nail palate of the index finger brings it an elegant look. 

12. Sacred Burning Heart Nail Art 

Sacred Burning Heart Nail Art

If you don’t want a simple design but something that instantly draws attention, try this sacred burning heart nail art. Here, a combination of black and red in creating art gives an oomph to the nails. To make nails more attractive, a golden sparkling star kind of illustration is also added to every nail.  

13. Varying Colors and Heart Patterns on Nails 

Varying Colors and Heart Patterns on Nails

The beauty of this heart nail art lies in the use of different shades of red and pink to create it. While some nails are painted red, others are kept nude or pink, over which little hearts are drawn with different colors. Some nails have solid colors to highlight the design more intensely. 

14. Long Square Nails with Red Hearts Design 

Long Square Nails with Red Hearts Design

Women who love carrying long nails can try these alluring red heart designs over the white nail palate. Along with red hearts, some pinks are also added to bring grace and vibrancy to the manicure. The white adds grace and sophistication as well. 

15. 3D Hearts on The Nails Tips 

3D Hearts on The Nails Tips

This is one of the simple yet elegant and chic hearts nail art where the nail artist has created 3D hearts on the nails’ tips. Each nail is first coated with a transparent nail color, and only the nail palate is decorated with a 3D heart. 

16. Little Matte Hearts Nails Over White Nail Color 

Little Matte Hearts Nails Over White Nail Color

Highlighting the little red hearts on the nails, this design over the white nail color makes everything look extremely alluring. Three cute hearts are drawn dramatically on the nails, bringing all the vibrancy and grace to the manicure. 

17. Nail Art with Heart and Baby Pearls 

Nail Art with Heart and Baby Pearls

To bring more beauty to this astonishing heart nail design, little baby pearls are added to the manicure. Here, a single heart is created on every nail, and alternately, small beads or pearls are stuck around them. It gives an illusion of 3D hearts, making the hands the center of attention instantly. 

18. Pink and Red Heart Nails Art 

Pink and Red Heart Nails Art

When you want to have something elegant on your nails, this lovely heart nail art is the right choice. Here, both the colors used to create the pattern are subtle and soft. The perfect use of baby pink and small little hearts on it make everything look unique. Additionally, this nail art gives summer vibes. 

19. Heart Candies on Nails

Heart Candies on Nails

While most of the heart nail art comprises cute little hearts in different colors, this masterpiece is perfect for kids as it has colorful heart-shaped candies drawn beautifully on the nails of two middle fingers. The index and small fingers are kept nude to highlight the heart candies more intricately. 

20. One Mini Heart on Pink Nails 

One Mini Heart on Pink Nails

Looking extremely elegant, this design is easy to create, graceful to look, and attractive to feel. Here, the nail artist has not drawn anything intricately or complex but finished the look by just creating a small red heart on the ring finger. The nails are coated in a baby pink color to make them appear soft and subtle.  

21. Shaded Pink Heart Nail Art 

Shaded Pink Heart Nail Art

The use of two contrasting shades of pink- one bright and the other soft makes this heart nail art extremely alluring. The heart pattern is created by using contrasting shades on either side that make it attractive and eye-pleasing. 

22. Bold and Black Heart Nails Design 

Bold and Black Heart Nails Design

If you are looking for something rebellious, look no further than this bold and black heart nail design. In this, the nail artist first coated all the nails in solid black nail color, over which one little white heart was made on each nail at different locations. It brings newness and freshness to the manicure. 

23. Dots and Hearts on Nails 

Dots and Hearts on Nails

A few dots and little red hearts on the nails make these heart nails one of a kind. Firstly, the nail artist coated the nails in peach, over which a dripping illustration was created with a slightly darker shade. Over this illustration are the little hearts and dots in flashy red color to complete the look. 

24. Valentine-Ready Nails with Heart Design 

Valentine-Ready Nails with Heart Design

This is one of those heart nail designs where nail artists have used intricate patterns on different nails to complete the look. The two fingers- small and index have a solid red color, while the middle two fingers contain a complex heart pattern that is pleasing to the eyes. 

25. Red Hearts on White Nail Palate 

Red Hearts on White Nail Palate

Some nail designs instantly draw the attention and this is one of them where the nail artist has kept things soft and subtle while adding a lot of grace to the manicure. Here, the nails are kept transparent except the nail plate where white nail color is added. Now the hearts are added to the design just over the white nail plate to make it simple and sober. 

26. Nail Design with Hearts, Flowers, and Pearls

Nail Design with Hearts, Flowers, and Pearls

If you want to bring a lot of things to the palate, this design is your go-to option. Where the nail artist created hearts, flowers, and pearls to complete the look. Over the peach basecoat, multiple white lines are created, and to add more detailing, patterns of hearts and flowers are made. To increase the elegance, some pearls are also stuck to it. 

27. Multi Soft Color Heart Nails Art 

Multi Soft Color Heart Nails Art

Here, the grace of the heart nail art is the use of soft and subtle colors such as light red and shades of baby pink and white. The popular tic-tac-toe game on one finger of the hand makes it more interesting as hearts and crosses are used to complete it. 

28. Long Rectangle Heart Nails Art 

Long Rectangle Heart Nails Art

The long nails get glamorous when you add these cute little hearts to it. The transparent white basecoat over which vibrant red hearts are added brings all the vibrancy and flashiness to it. While some nails have two hearts, others have three, giving an edge to the manicure. 

29. Elegant White Heart Nails Design 

Elegant White Heart Nails Design

Drawn over the soft peach shade basecoat, the little white hearts make this nail art very impressive. A single heart is created over each nail, which makes the manicure look gentle and elegant. 

30. Colorful Heart Nails Design 

Colorful Heart Nails Design

Adding colors to your life, this heart-n nails art is nothing less than a burst of vibrancy to the hands. Here, different colors are used, such as red, yellow, blue, orange, etc, and some intricate heart patterns to complete the look. One evil eye heart nail adds chicness to the manicure as well. 

More Heart Nail Art Designs

31. Monochrome Valentines Heart Nails

Monochrome Valentines Heart Nails

32. Textured Sweethearts Valentines Day Nails

Textured Sweethearts Valentines Day Nails

33. Gel Heart Nail Art for Acrylic Nails

Gel Heart Nail Art for Acrylic Nails

34. Glitter Holo Heart Nail Design

Glitter Holo Heart Nail Design

35. Creative Red Heart Nails

Creative Red Heart Nails


When none of the nail designs seem interesting, these cute little heart nails steal the attention. These heart nail designs are perfect for every day as they are vibrant without losing the touch of elegance. Symbolizing love and fondness, creating them on your special days such as anniversaries, weddings, or Valentine’s will increase the grace and beauty of your hands. 

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