25+ Cute & Easy Pikachu Nail Art Designs For True Fans

Pikachu Nails

Show your love for Pokémon with our thoughtfully selected 25 Pikachu nail designs. Bring playfulness, spark, and some fun to your nail art with the funky Pikachu portraits. Adding this iconic cartoon character to your nails will tell how much you adore this super cute animated character and how important a role it has played in your childhood. Let the memories of Pokémon add a jolt to your personality through nail art and take it to the next level.

25 Adorable Pikachu-Inspired Nail Designs 

1. Black and Bold Pikachu Nails

Black and Bold Pikachu Nails

This Pikachu nail design with black nail polish on most of the nails, leaving one with the Pikachu portrait, depicts your bold personality. The use of a light cream color to draw Pikachu gives it a realistic look. 

2. Yellow Pikachu Nail Art 

Yellow Pikachu Nail Art

It is another beautiful Pikachu nail art wherein this animated character is made all yellow- its iconic color and the rest of the nails are painted black. The use of black color highlights the yellow color of Pikachu perfectly. 

3. Pikachu Pika Boo Nails

Pikachu Pika Boo Nails

If you are looking for something simple and elegant yet, that can remind you of your favorite cartoon character, this amazing ‘Pika Boo’ nail art will suffice. It has written the popular words of Pikachu- Pika Boo. 

4. Long and Pointed Pikachu Nails 

Long and Pointed Pikachu Nails

Women with long and pointed nails can get this striking Pikachu nail design. The use of shades of yellow over the transparent nail coat makes it impressive. At the same time, the use of glittery yellow nail paint and some sequins in one nail enhance the overall look of this Pikachu nail art. 

5. Smiling Pikachu Nails with Thunderbolt 

Smiling Pikachu Nails with Thunderbolt

This Pikachu nail design is colorful, playful, and has all the quirkiness. The use of multiple colors, such as red, white, yellow, black, etc., in creating it brings all the vibrancy and fun into it. 

6. Pikachu Character Set on The Nails 

Pikachu character set on the nails

The best thing about this Pikachu nail design is that it has every character from the animated series Pokemon. If you are a hardcore fan of Pokemon, get this nail art immediately.  

7. Pikachu and Thunderbolt Attack Design 

Pikachu and Thunderbolt Attack Design

We are all aware of the signature thunderbolts of Pikachu, and this nail art is all about it. Here, the artistic use of yellow and black brings all the vibrancy and playfulness to this Pikachu nail art. 

8. Purple Pikachu Nails Art 

Purple Pikachu Nails Art

Because of the love of purple and some glitter, this Pikachu nail design seems to be the best. Herein starts, atman, Halloween pumpkin- almost everything is made that you would normally see in this interesting animated series. 

9. Colorful Pikachu on Different Nails 

Colorful Pikachu on Different Nails

When it comes to any cartoon character, its colorful portraits add charm and grace to the nail art, and this is all about it. In this design, Pikachu is colored in diverse nails in varying colors to make it more interesting. 

10. Pika Pika Pikachu Nails Design 

Pika Pika Pikachu Nails Design

Create the signature words of Pikachu- Pika Pika on the nails to get this alluring design. The pink base color over which yellow Pikachus are created makes the entire nail art astounding. 

11. Pikachu Nail Art for Short Nails 

Pikachu Nail Art for Short Nails

Girls with short nails and looking for cute nail art can go for this super funky Pikachu nail. The perfect color combo of yellow, black, and red creates the iconic figure of Pikachu over the transparent nail coat, which brings freshness to your ordinary nails. 

12. Floral Art and Pikachu on Nails 

Floral Art and Pikachu on Nails

To make Pikachu’s nails more interesting, the nail artist has added some floral patterns in white and yellow to this art. It has uplifted the entire look of the nails and gave it a summer vibe. 

13. Pikachu Nails with White Flowers 

Pikachu Nails with White Flowers

It is another floral art with Pikachu on the nails, which gives fresh and summerish vibes to the fingertips. The choice of colors in this art- red, yellow, and white over transparent nails takes it to another level. 

14. Bold and Flashy Pikachu Nails 

Bold and Flashy Pikachu Nails

If you are looking for something vibrant and bold, get these Pikachu nails, which use black and grey to give character to the nails. Yellow Pikachu on two nails is enough to make the nail art iconic in itself. 

15. Long Ear Pikachu Nails 

Long Ear Pikachu Nails

The beauty of this nail design not only lies in the long classic ears of Pikachu but also in the use of red and white colors to complete the look. The black outlines make the design more prominent. 

16. Black, Bold and Fierce Pikachu Nails 

Black, Bold and Fierce Pikachu Nails

This Pikachu nail design is all about fierceness as it has the bold and beautiful black nail color in most nails. The yellow Pikachu gets highlighted perfectly, making it one of the best among the Pikachu nail arts. 

17. Smiling Pikachu Nails 

Smiling Pikachu Nails

It is one of the best Pikachu nail arts, wherein the smiling face of Pikachu is created on every nail. Firstly, the nail is coated with white, and above it, iconic Pikachu figures are created. 

18. Glittery Pointed Nails with Pikachu 

Glittery Pointed Nails with Pikachu

If glittering, shining, and gawdy nails are your cup of tea, get these Pikachu nails. Here, you will have glitters, sequins, and jewels in your nails that will instantly make them the center of attraction. 

19. Blue Glittery Nails with Pikachu

Blue Glittery Nails with Pikachu

Since yellow and blue are the two contrasting colors, this nail design looks extremely attractive. Here, every nail is painted with glittery blue nail polish, except the nail of the index finger, where the classic Pikachu is created. 

20. Colorful Pikachu Nails with Smiles 

Colorful Pikachu Nails with Smiles

With some thunderbolts, this super cute Pikachu nail design looks very funky. To highlight Pikachu perfectly, the base is coated with white, over which yellow and red colors are used to draw Thunderbolt and Pikachu. 

21. Simple Pikachu Nails Art 

Simple Pikachu Nails Art

If you don’t want too much of Pikachu in your nails but still want to dedicate the nail art to this animated series, this is your go-to option. Here, you can see how artistically the colors are chosen- yellow, white, and golden to paint the nails. One nail has the ears of Pikachu, which makes sure this art is all about Pokemon. 

22. Pikachu on Fingertips Nail Design 

Pikachu on Fingertips Nail Design

This Pikachu nail design has this cute cartoon character in different emotions. While in some nails, Pikachu is smiling, in others, it is smirking, sad, and happy. 

23. Yellow Florals and Pikachu on Nails 

Yellow Florals and Pikachu on Nails 

It is yet another floral art where Pikachu is made playfully along with some white flowers, bringing all the freshness and playfulness to it. The thumb and pinky finger in this nail art is kept only yellow to highlight this iconic color of the character. 

24. Vibrant and Colorful Nail Art of Pikachu

Vibrant and Colorful Nail Art of Pikachu

Using multiple colors, the nail artist has given life to this Pikachu nail art. From blue and yellow to red and black, you can use as many colors as you like to make this design interesting. 

25. Red Nails with Pikachu Designs 

Red Nails with Pikachu Designs

If you love painting your nails in red, this Pikachu nail design could be your best bet. In this design, every nail, except that of the ring finger, is painted red. The Yellow Pikachu in the ring fingernail is highlighted perfectly. 

26. Pikachu and Playing Pokémon Nails

Pikachu and Playing Pokémon Nails

27. Pikachu with Christmas lights Nails

Pikachu with Christmas lights Nails


As we have explored 25 most electrifying Pikachu nails designs, you can choose that matches your vibes. From simple Pikachu silhouette to designs where this cartoon character is featured intricately, you can find everything that suits your choice. so, what are you waiting for? Bring this fun creativity on the canvas of your nails and show off your electrifying nail game to the world.

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