29 Super Cute & Easy Pokemon Nail Art Designs!

Pokemon Nail Art Designs

The colorful world of Pokémon is loved by people of all ages. If you are also a fan and love to create some stunning Pokémon nail art, this article will help you. Here, we have hand-picked some of the best Pokémon nail designs in which you will find some popular and iconic Pokémon characters. From Pikachu and Charmander to Eevee and Bulbasaur, these Pokémon-inspired nail designs will surely make your hands the center of attraction. 

25 Pokémon Inspired Nail Art Ideas

1. Pokémon Nails with Baby Togepi

Pokémon Nails with Baby Togepi

The cute little Togepi in this Pokémon-inspired nail art looks so pretty that you would love to have it on your nails. The burst of colors like white, yellow, red, and blue- all make it playful. 

2. Spooky Ghost Pokémon on Nails 

Spooky Ghost Pokémon on Nails

From the use of bursting purples on the nails to the spooky Pokémon, everything about this nail art is unique. The glittery purple adds to the beauty of the nails manifold. 

3. Colorful Pokémon Characters on Nails 

Colorful Pokémon Characters on Nails

The burst of colors in this nail art is enough to bring a dash of freshness to the nails. At the same time, it has different characters of Pokémon made intricately on the nails for a wholesome result. 

4. Overlaid Pokémon Nails Design 

Overlaid Pokémon Nails Design

This beautiful design of Pokémon nails has different characters such as Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and everyone’s favorite Pikachu made in an overlaid pattern on the fingertips. Baby Togepi in one of the nails makes it more interesting. 

5. Pink Pokémon Nails 

Pink Pokémon Nails

It is another wonderful Pokémon nail art where the color pink plays a major role. Every nail is in different shades of pink with some glitters and Pokémon characters, giving an edge to the design. 

6. Aggressive Bulbasaur Pokémon Nail Design 

Aggressive Bulbasaur Pokémon Nail Design

Even though this Bulbasaur looks aggressive, we can’t ignore the cuteness behind its acts. If you are a fan of this iconic Pokémon character, this Pokémon nail design is your go-to option. While one nail has Bulbasaur, the rest are decorated with flowers and glitter to make the entire design vibrant. 

7. Pokémon Design for Short Nails 

Pokémon Design for Short Nails

If you have short nails and are finding it hard to select the best Pokémon nails, this is the best bet. In this design, you can see how beautifully the different characters of Pokémon are drawn on the nails and decorated with some glitters, gloss, and sequins to complete the look.  

8. Bursting Colors on Nails with Pokémon Design

Bursting Colors on Nails with Pokémon Design

The use of bright and vibrant statement colors of Pokémon, such as red, white, black, and yellow, has brought so much grace and charm to this design. The long-eared Pikachu drawn on the nail of the middle finger completes the look.   

9. Purple Ghost Pokémon on Nails 

Purple Ghost Pokémon on Nails

We all love the spooky ghost Pokémon, isn’t it? The purple colors used in this design give an edge to the entire design. At the same time, the use of some white sparkles adds to its beauty manifold. 

10. Pokémon Nails with a Burst of Colors

Pokémon Nails with a Burst of Colors

If you love to decorate your nails with multiple colors and make the fingers look vibrant and playful, add this Pokémon nails design to your list. It has iconic characters in this animation, as well as a burst of colors to bring vibrancy to the design. 

11. Soft and Subtle Pokémon Nails 

Soft and Subtle Pokémon Nails

Giving soft and subtle vibes, this Pokémon nail design is perfect for all seasons. The choice of baby pink, peach, and glittering soft purple elevate the look of hands, making them look nothing less than a baby hand. 

12. Multiple Pokémon Character’s Nails Design

Multiple Pokémon Character's Nails Design

From the little Pikachu portrait to the sweet Jigglypuff, this Pokémon nail art is all about cuteness and charm. The overlaid gel makes the design glossier and more attractive. 

13. Yellow Jolteon Pokémon Nails 

Yellow Jolteon Pokémon Nails

This Pokemon nail design is dedicated to the iconic Jolteon. The use of vibrant white and yellow in creating the design brings so much freshness to it. If you are a fan of Jolteon, this is your go-to option. 

14. Fairy Pokemon Nail Design 

Fairy Pokemon Nail Design

The cute little fairy Pokémon in this nail art is enough to skip your heartbeat. The nails are given a bright red base coat over which one nail has this pretty Pokémon fairy made intricately to make the nails extremely attractive. 

15. Illustrated Pokémon Nails 

Illustrated Pokémon Nails

This Pokémon nail design is for all those who don’t want any character of Pokémon on nails but a few things that depict and dedicate it. The white base coat is covered with red and blue patterns to give it the desired look. 

16. Red and Black Pokémon Ball on Nails 

Red and Black Pokémon Ball on Nails

The iconic Pokémon ball looks so stunning on the nails that you would love to have it. The use of a jewel at the center of the ball and the phrase, ‘I choose You,’ makes it more interesting. 

17. Grey and White Pokémon Nails 

Grey and White Pokémon Nails

These alluring Pokémon nails add to the elegance of your hands manifold. Here, grey, white, and brown colors are used together to create nail art that impresses everyone. It looks subtle, soft, and elegant. 

18. Pink Pikachu Nails 

Pink Pikachu Nails

The adorable Pikachu on the nails add to the beauty of this Pokémon nail art. Here, the Pokémon ball is also added on different nails to make them look classy, vibrant and refreshing.

19. Blue Pokémon Nails with Blastoise

Blue Pokémon Nails with 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐢𝐬𝐞

The main character in this Pokémon nail art has an aggressive face. So, for all those who want to have a single aggressive character on their nails, this could be their go-to option. 

20. Glittery Purple Pokémon Nails 

Glittery Purple Pokémon Nails

For some extra vibrancy and flashiness, this nail art seems perfect as it has glittery purples along with iconic Pokémon characters. The Pokémon ball over a white base coat seems more alluring to the eyes. 

21. Jumpluff and Petilil Grass Pokémon

Jumpluff and Petilil Grass Pokémon

If you are looking for some amazing spring nail design ideas, this is the best bet. The presence of Jumpluff and Petilil grass Pokémon in it is enough to grab the attraction. At the same time, it looks so vibrant, bursting with the hues of green. 

22. Rainbow Colored Pokémon Nails

Rainbow Colored Pokémon Nails

For the love of rainbow colors, you would love to have these stunning Pokémon nails on your hands. The soft pink, sky blue, and yellow, as well as the inclusion of Togepi and Pokémon, have created a uniqueness in this nail art. 

23. Pokémon Engagement Nails

Pokémon Engagement Nails

This fancy Pokémon nail design is all about the different characters in this animation and their vivid roles. The extra oomph is added to the nail art by adding glitters, gloss, and sequins. In this design, you can easily identify the main characters of Pokémon drawn beautifully. 

24. Easter Pokémon Crew on Nails 

Easter Pokémon Crew on Nails 

If Easter is around the corner and you are looking for some amazing egg-cracking Pokémon nails, this is the best bet. Here, over the green base coat, some eggs are drawn cracking, and Pokémon characters are coming out. 

25. Psyduck Pokémon Nails

Psyduck Pokémon Nails

Dedicated to the psyduck character from Pokémon, this design is all about beauty and vibrancy. The flashy blue color with stars and glossy texture makes it look extremely pretty and very impressive. 

More Pokémon Nails Art Designs

26. Birthday Party Pokémon Nails

Birthday Party Pokémon Nails

27. Hand Painted Pokémon Nails

Hand Painted Pokémon Nails

28. Glitter Pokémon Nails

Glitter Pokémon Nails

29. Jigglypuff Pokemon Nails

Jigglypuff Pokemon Nails


Now that you have explored our collection of 25 Pokémon nail designs, it will be easy for you to choose one among them. Here, some nail designs have all the Pokémon characters, while the others have a single one dedicated purely to it. Thus, it will become easy for you to select. 

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