10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Foot Pain

I’m dam sure that you spent most of the time in treating your foot pain because you spent most of the time walking or using your legs. Age does not matter, but most of the people experience foot pain due to various reasons which includes various diseases too. So, here are guide you to various home remedies for foot pain. I suggest you, instead of spending so much time and money on getting a massage done in a parlour you can try these home remedies for foot pain.

1. cold or hot water for foot pain:

Okay, the cold water and hot water surgery is the best thing you can ever experience! I can bet that you can get rid of the pain only in few seconds by following this surgery. Take some hot water in a tub and make sure the water is bearable to your skin. now insert your legs in water and take it out after some time. Now submerge your water in cold water for some time and take it out. Repeat the procedure for few more time and practice doing this twice in a day. This will help you to get rid of foot pain.

2.  Ice Pack for foot pain:

You can also use an ice pack to lower your foot pain and get rid of it completely. Take some ice and place it over a cotton cloth. Now move this cloth over your feets and continue doing this for few more minutes. Due to excessive cold it helps to lower the pain as well as you can get rid of the pain easily.

3.  Peppermint Oil for foot pain:

Take a tub of half filled with warm water and add two to three drops of peppermint oil to the water. Allow the water to settle and let the oil get mixed with the water. Now insert your feet’s and submerge for 10 to 20 minutes. You can also add some other essential oil that would help you to lower the pain and also get rid of it completely.

4.  Arnica Tincture for foot pain:

Fill a tub half with warm water and add 3 spoon of Arnica tincture in it. Arnica helps to improve the blood circulation which in turn helps to reduce the pain over feet’s. You need to submerge your legs for 20 minutes and then take your feet’s off.

5. Clove Oil and Sesame Oil for foot pain:

Because both the oil (Clove oil and sesame oil) are believed to act as a mild booster of blood circulation in the body, and hence it can be used to reduce the pain as well as benefits in reducing the odour. You need to mix 2 drops of clove oil and sesame oil in a tub half filled with warm water. Now submerge your feet’s in this water and then remove it after 20 minutes.

6. Green Tea Ice Cubes for foot pain:

Just like you have used the ice pack in the above step, you can also use green tea ice cubes to reduce the foot pain. To make green tea ice cube, boil some green tea in water until the water turns into yellow colour. The more you boil, the more the water is yellow. Now stain out the water in a container and allow it to cool for some time. Once the water is cooled, fill it in the ice tray and freeze it for some time. Once the water has converted to ice you can fill in a cloth. Now move this cloth over your feet’s for few minutes. Repeat the step after some time.

7. Apple Cider Vinega Foot Soak for Pain:

Take a tube half filled with warm water and now add 2 cup of vinegar in the water. If you don’t have vinegar at home, you can use Epsom salt as an alternate option. Now soak your feet’s in the water and pat dry after 20 minutes.

8. Epsom Salt Foot Soak for Pain:

Epsom salt helps to boost the blood circulation in the body and also helps to reduce the pain. Take a tub half filled with warm water and then add 3-4 spoon of Epsom salt. Now sock your feet’s in the water and remove after few minutes. Generally after you have socked your feet’s in Epsom salt it can make your feet’s dry. So, apply a moisturiser after it.

9.  Mustard Seeds for pain:

Soak some mustard seeds in water and leave them for overnight. Now grind the mustard and convert it into a fine paste. Now mix the paste in water and sock your legs in it. Mustard helps to reduce the pain and also helps to reduce inflammation if any. Also, mustard is beneficial in removing toxic from legs living you an instant relief.

10. Rosemary Oil for foot pain:

Rosemary oil is known to boost blood circulation in the body which results in reducing the swelling of feet as well as helps to give you an instant relief. Add 2-4 drops of rosemary oil in water and sock your feet’s in your water for about 10-15 minutes. Rosemary water also dries your water and hence you can apply any moisturiser on your feet’s.

11. Sage for foot pain:

Take handful of sage and add in a bowl filled with two cups of vinegar. Now allow the mixture to come to boil and then allow the mixture to boil in simmer mode. Now take a cotton cloth and sock it in water and then apply on the affected area. Repeat doing the same thing for several more times.

12. Essential Oils for foot pain:

If you are not comfortable in any of the methods mentioned before, you can make use of any essential oil which you have at your home. Add 2-3 drops of any essential oil in tub filled with warm water. Sock your feet’s and if you feel your feet’s dry apply moisturiser.

Next time if you feel pain over feet, try to use these home remedies. If there is unbearable pain you can consult your doctor.

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