Drink Honey With Warm Water On An Empty Stomach And This Is What Happened

Benefits Of Drinking Honey With Warm Water

Honey is the best natural ingredient that can be consumed daily. Drinking honey with warm water helps the body. It is one of the oldest and effective natural remedies. Starting the day with a cup of warm water and honey is more beneficial than a cup of coffee/tea. This combined with a balanced and nutritious breakfast leaves the body energized throughout the day.(1)

Is it Safe to Drink Honey with Warm Water with Empty Stomach?

  • Yes. It is safe to drink honey in hot water with empty stomach. It cures illness and is responsible for wellness of the body.(2)

What Happens When we Drink Honey with Warm Water with Empty Stomach?

  • It helps in cleansing the system. The hot water helps in elimination of toxins and strengthens the immunity of the body.(3)

How to Mix Honey with Warm Water


  • Hot water 1 cup
  • Honey 1 spoonful


  • Mix honey and hot water and drink this mixture.

Best time to Drink: Early Morning with Empty Stomach.

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Benefits of Honey with Warm Water with Empty Stomach

1. Improves Digestion: The warm water stimulates the digestive system helping in digesting and flushing out toxins.(4)

2. Prevents Constipation: The warm water stimulates intestinal movements and prevents constipation.(5)

3. Relieves Aches and Pains: The warm water has relaxing effect on the body helping relax the abdominal muscles to relieve the cramps and spasms.

4. Weight Loss: It raises the body temperature and increases the metabolism.(6)

5. Improves Circulation: The warm water stimulates the removal of fat deposits from the body, helps in elimination of toxins circulating in the body, improving circulation and purifying the blood.(7)

6. Prevents Premature Aging: The warm water stimulates detoxification and prevents many diseases.

7. Reduces Inflammation: Honey contains flavonoids and polyphenols which acts as antioxidants and help in fighting inflammation and help in reducing chronic inflammation.

8. Energy Boost: Honey is full of natural sugars which gives more energy, hydration and increases blood flow to the brain.

9. Acts Like Antibiotic: Honey has antibacterial effect and fights against pathogenic and non –pathogenic microorganisms.(8)

10. Immunity Boost: Honey helps in clearing infection and stimulates the immune system of the body.

11. Prevents Chronic Allergies: The mixture helps the body to develop antibodies naturally and develop immunity against atmospheric allergies.

12. Reduces Risk of Heart Diseases: It rejuvenates veins as well as the arteries in the body and helps in reducing the cholesterol content in the blood thus reducing the risk of heart disease.

13. Flushes Toxins: The mixture helps in detoxification of the body and removes the harmful free radicals from the body.

14. Remedy for Sore Throat and Cough: The antimicrobial and antioxidant property of honey helps in providing instant relief from sore throat and cough.(9)

15. Rejuvenates the Skin: The mixture is the healthiest drink and helps in maintaining hydration of the skin. This is due to collagen boosting and healing properties of honey which also sanitize and provide a glow to the skin by increasing the formation of blood cells.

Drinking honey with warm water has many benefits. It is not recommended to children under 3 years to consume honey. Never add the honey to the boiling water as it will lead to change in composition of honey and it will be rendered ineffective. Eat a healthy breakfast after 20 minutes of consuming this mixture.

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