Vaseline For Lips: Benefits, How to Apply, and Side Effects

Vaseline For Lips Benefits, How to do it and Side Effects

One of the most popular skincare brands, Vaseline is known for its cost-effectiveness and versatility. Vaseline has multiple uses, from keeping the skin hydrated to improving its texture (1). If you wonder is Vaseline good for your lips, let this article clear your quandaries. 

What is Vaseline?

Vaseline is a skincare brand that offers 100 percent white refined petroleum jelly. It is an easily available and affordable option for different skin concerns and can be found in any grocery store or pharmacy. Vaseline is believed to offer the following benefits:

  • Relieve dry skin 
  • Conditions lips
  • Moisten eyelids
  • Help injured skin heal
  • Prevent skin chafing
  • Treat diaper rash
  • Rehydrate nails

Benefits Of Using Vaseline For Lips

vaseline for lips good or bad

Lips are highly sensitive to drying and chapping as they lack oil glands. The pink mucosal surface of the lips always stays exposed and is thus prone to drying. It usually happens in winters and dry climates when the winds outside are cold and chilly with little moisture in the air. 

The major function of Vaseline is preventing moisture from escaping from the skin. It can be applied to any body part, including lips, eyelids, nails, etc. However, it is important to know that if the lips are already chapped, it won’t help much. 

Therefore, if you are using Vaseline to cure chapped lips, applying a moisturizer followed by Vaseline will give fruitful results.

Are There Any Drawbacks Of Vaseline

Vaseline is known for holding the moisture (2). It means that when applied to any body part, Vaseline will ensure that the available moisture stays locked in.

Once the skin gets dry and moisture is already lost, Vaseline application won’t help much. In such cases, it is advised to first moisturize the skin and then apply petroleum jelly over it. One should remember that petroleum jelly isn’t all that effective at restoring moisture once it’s been lost.

It is the function of a moisturizer to keep the skin moist. Similarly, humectants can be used to pull the moisture from the environment into the skin and lips.

What Are The Alternatives For Vaseline?

Humectants can be used to provide essential moisturization to the skin.  They can be used as an alternative or an additional product before using Vaseline. These include-

Thus, if you are looking for an effective result for lips, use Vaseline only after applying humectant or moisturizer. Vaseline will seal the skin with the later products and keep it smooth and soft.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Vaseline?

Side Effects Of Vaseline

Generally, Vaseline is one of the safest skin care products that suit every skin type. However, some people may experience a few side effects, such as:

  • Allergic reaction: People with sensitive skin may experience an allergic reaction to petroleum jelly. Symptoms include a burning sensation and swelling of the lips. Chemically, it is not an eco-friendly product because it is a by-product of petroleum, a fossil fuel.
  • Feels heavy: The texture of Vaseline is heavy, and it feels slippery on hands and lips. Also, if you sleep with it on the skin, it may stain the bed sheets or pillow cover.
  • Clog pores: Some people complain that Vaseline clogged the pores around the mouth, causing breakouts and acne

Besides, if the lips are already dry and chapped to the point of bleeding, and Vaseline is contaminated with bacteria, the chances of allergic reaction increase. Therefore, keeping it tightly closed, away from children’s reach, is essential.   

Often people question, is Vaseline good for your lips when they are chapped? The answer is NO because chapped lips require a humectant, not a product that only seals the moisture. 

Even if your skin responds to Vaseline, it is not the cure to treat the chapped lips. In such cases, hydrating the lips and preventing them from chapping further is required.  


Vaseline, the petroleum jelly that often comes in handy to treat dryness, keeps the lips smooth and soft. It is an anti-volatile product and thus has the ability to hold moisture. However, using them after the lips have gone dry and chapped will not offer any benefit. 

Vaseline doesn’t help in restoring the lost moisture. So, if you wonder if Vaseline is good for your lips, make sure you use it only after applying humectants such as aloe vera, coconut oil, or shea butter. Vaseline, when used in combination with these moisture-restoring products, helps tremendously to keep lips smooth and soft.

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