20 Interesting Benefits and Uses of Moringa Seeds

moringa seeds health benefits

Moringa seeds also known as drumstick seeds, are obtained from the pods of the drumstick trees. These seeds are known to be extremely beneficial and have proven benefits for health, hair and skin. While drumsticks being a delicacy in many dishes, let us all enlighten ourselves with the magnificent benefits of the moringa seeds and see how best we can use them. Have a look!

Surprising Moringa Seeds Health Benefits

1. Helps In Weight Loss

  • Moringa seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that reduces water retention, thus avoiding any bloating of the body. Also being rich in fiber, it promotes better digestion and reduces fat accumulation.

2. In Treating Symptoms Of Asthma

  • As stated in a study, moringa seeds have anti-asthma properties that help in reducing the symptoms of bronchial asthma specifically.
  • It is seen to reduce coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.
  • These seeds are highly when consumed cold as heat damages it properties and reduces its effectiveness.

3. Reducing Aches

  • Being rich in amino acids, moringa seeds helps the brain produce serotonin, that helps one feel good.
  • The neurotransmitter helps curb chronic aches like head ache, stomach ache, tooth ache, etc…

4. Treating Skin Problems

  • Having anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, moringa seeds works on curing various skin condition like dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, etc…
  • The presence of benzylisothiocyanate improves skin health and helps in skin purification.

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5. For Body Detoxification

  • These seeds help in detoxifying the body and helps in removing the toxins with ease.
  • Being rich in quercetin, carotenoid phytonutrients and other natural anti-bacterial compounds, it is highly preferred by a lot of people over other commercial anti-oxidants in the market that have side effects.

6. For Lowering Cholesterol

  • Consuming moringa seeds after meals enhances blood circulation hence cleanses the blood.
  • This lowers bad cholesterol and also is effective in improving cholesterol metabolism.
  • In traditional medicine, moringa seeds are used as cardiotonic that helps improve heart health avoiding plaque formation that leads to blockage.

7. Prevents Hair Loss

  • One can obtain oil from moringa seeds that can be applied on the scalp for improved hair growth and for preventing further hair loss.
  • These oils can exfoliate the scalp and improve the hair density by nourishing the hair follicles due to the presence of Vitamin C and E.
  • Readily available in the market, one can use this thrice a week before they go off to bed, for the scalp to soak in the oil and give best results.

8. In Improving Eye Sight

  • Highly rich in beta carotene and Vitamin A, consumption of moringa seeds help in enhancing eye sight and promotes clearer vision.
  • The beta carotene present in these seeds also protect the eyes from infections thus making them stronger.

9. To Treat Arthritis Pain

  • Having high amount of anti-inflammatory compounds present, moringa seeds are a remarkable remedy for arthritic pain.
  • It reduces the pain by working on the inflammation and gradually reducing it with in a few days of consumption.
  • Also, applying moringa oil on the affected joints can reduce pain and give comfort.

10. For Treating Sleeping Disorder

  • Popularly used as an aid in insomnia, moringa seeds help in inducing sleep in sleet stricken individuals.
  • The serotonin produced by these seeds helps one getting sound sleep if they consume these seeds mixed in hot water, 15 minutes prior to sleeping.
  • Sipping this well one get a good night sleep and help the body rest accordingly.

11. Improves Digestive Health

  • Oil obtained from moringa seeds enhances liver functions, thus detoxifying the body of heavy metal toxins that can cause potential harm to the body.
  • Being rich in fiber, it helps enhance bowel movements, keeping the digestive system healthy and avoiding constipation, fluid retention and diarrhea.

12. For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

  • As published in a study in International Journal of Food Science Technology, moringa seeds have positive effects in controlling blood glucose levels hence controlling insulin levels.
  • The presence of chlorogenic acid regulates the release of blood sugar level as required making moringa seeds a natural anti-diabetic remedy for diabetes.

13. Nourishes Skin

  • The oil extracted from the moringa seeds is said to contain 30 different types of anti-oxidants that help the skin and the pores to exfoliate.
  • It is high in levels if tyrosine (crucial in melanin production), copper and calcium that promote healthy skin.The skin absorbs the oil and make the skin shinier and healthier.

14. Treating Menstrual Cramps

  • It is advised to have moringa seeds or tea before the onset of menstruation to avoid menstrual cramps.
  • However, consuming moringa seeds during menstruation can lead to heavy menstrual flow hence should be avoided.

15. As An Anti-Aging Agent

  • Moringa oil extracted from the seeds is rich in anti-oxidants that helps slowing down the natural aging process.
  • The presence of Omega 3 fatty acids helps keeping the skin young and youthful hence delaying the aging.
  • These fatty acids contribute to healthy cell production and cell regeneration.
  • The makes the skin supple and prevent skin from wrinkling.

16. As A Laxative

  • Moringa seeds can be consumed as a laxative whenever one feels overfed.
  • Being highly rich in fiber, it helps in releasing stress caused by excessive eating on the intestines and helps in fastening and enhancing the digestion process.

17. To Reduce Fatigue

  • Moringa seeds provide higher energy levels when compared to sugar because the high amount of iron present in it.
  • Iron helps in blood circulation and strengthening muscles and boosting energy.
  • Hence consuming moringa seeds can help attain more energy that lasts longer, reducing fatigue caused by daily stress levels.

18. To Treat Dandruff

  • Moringa seeds are rich in zinc and Vitamin A, that stimulates sebum production and avoids the scalp from drying and causing flakes. This eventually eradicates dandruff.

19. Improves Brain Health

  • Moringa seeds improve brain health by enhancing the neurotransmitter functions.
  • It contains amino acid tryptophan that helps in producing the feel good hormone “serotonin” hence regulating mood swings, libido levels and curbing other minor neurological symptoms.

20. Preventing Cancerous Cells

  • Moringa seeds have anti-carcinogenic effects that helps prevent cancerous cells from developing and kills potential cancerous cells. It is highly effective in restraining colon cancer.

With these 20 health benefits, we have given you a gist of how beneficial moringa seeds.They have many health benefits and have been a part of traditional medicines since ancient times. While people are opting for natural ways to cure various health ailments, moringa seeds should be consumed for curbing those health issues. So if you want to go the healthy way, try moringa right away!

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