11 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life

Believe me or not, following these rituals will definitely make your life better!
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Our morning routine determines if it is going to turn out to be a good day or a bad one. Here we present 11 habits that can make your day brighter.

11 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life

morning rituals that can change your life

Wake Up Early

Wake up early

Twilight time is considered to be the ideal time to wake up, because, of the pleasant environment. The chirp of the birds and the rise of the sunrise will soothe the mind and maintain your mind in a calm state. Also, waking up in the morning will provide with a ‘my time,’ where you can meet your needs. This will bring your body to line to the regular walk of the detoxifying procedure. Moreover, waking up early will help in cleansing the bowel and avoids backward flow of toxins.

Oil Pulling

oil pulling

This is a good old method followed by our ancestors to remove the toxins out of the body. Take a tablespoon of oil, preferably coconut oil or gingelly oil. Let the oil swish in the mouth for about 15 minutes. Make sure that the oil in the mouth is not swallowed. After the procedure, spit the oil in a trash bin. This method should be carried out before brushing the teeth or before consuming any kind of liquid.

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Tongue Scraping

tongue scraping

After the oil pulling procedure, scrapping the tongue will eliminating the other remaining residue too from the mouth. This will help get rid of the bad breath in the mouth. After this, brush your teeth with a good toothbrush. Use a plastic or steel scraper to remove the sheet of dirt from the tongue. This ritual will make your rejuvenated.

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Drink a Glass of Warm Lemon Water

Consume a Glass of Warm Lemon Water

Drinking a glass of lemon water will lubricate all the internal parts of the body. This will make the digestive system ready for the upcoming food that it has to digest. A spoon of organic honey could be included to this drink, if you are planning to cut weight.

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Stretch Yourself

Stretch yourself

Stretching for 5 minutes will wake up the muscles and make them prepared for the day. The workouts should be altered now and then to make yourself feel comfortable in what you are doing. Yoga exercises, sun salutations or routine exercises can be followed, for if you are strategizing to lose weight.

Brushing the Body

Brushing the body

This is an Ayurveda treatment that focuses on recuperating the blood circulation and removing the dead cells. Short strokes can be made towards the direction of the heart. Initially, it should start from the feet and worked up to the legs till the midsection. Then the movement should start from the arms and end up in shoulders. Back should be concentrated finally. Brushing towards the heart is very essential. Then take a good shower. You will definitely notice a change after you dry off.

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Detoxifying Breakfast

Detoxifying Breakfast

The breakfast should be very simple. It can be a detoxing smoothie or a bowl of oats. Breakfast is the one that makes your brain function. So, it not advisable to skip off breakfast as skipping the breakfast will make your body run short of the essential vitamins and minerals, that is required for the day.

Listen to a Pleasant Music

Listen to a pleasant music

Starting the day with music, will make your day beautiful. This is an absolute step to move towards success as it will give the right mindset to welcome the day. Maybe your favorite number as an alarm? But Be Careful! Don’t start hating it!



Keeping your mind clear is a good way to begin the day and keep your stress level under control. You listen to your favorite music and meditate or relax without music. Take a position that you are comfortable with and follow it. Try to find out your inner feeling of peace.

Smile at Yourself

Smile at yourself

This ritual will boost your self-esteem for sure. After you enter into this habit, you will never dare to miss this ‘me time.’ Smile at yourself at the mirror. Smile confidently, that you will show the world ‘who you are’ on this day and this will do wonders for the rest of your day. You will be taken aback by the positive vibes that your mind experiences.

List Out The Top 3

If you are a busy person, and feel that things are falling out of track, then prioritize the top 3 things that you really want to get done on that day. Once you gain this routine, you will be confident of achieving greater things than the ones mentioned in the list.

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