10 Side Effects Of Pumpkin Juice Read to Know About Them in Detail

pumpkin juice side effects

Pumpkins come packed with nutrients(1) that are extremely good for our health. They are relatives of the cucurbita family same as the cucumber. They come in various varieties of orange and green shades. They are very beneficial and protect humans from prostate issues, parasites and harmful bacteria. It is however advisable to consume it in controlled quantities. Consuming large quantities of it will have its severe side effects. Here we will discuss some of the common side effects posed by consumption of pumpkin juice.

10 Pumpkin Juice Side Effects

1. Stomach Problems

Pumpkin juice is a rich source of fatty oils which will lead to an upset stomach if you are consuming it in high levels. It also has high levels of dietary fiber, which in excess upsets your stomach. It will lead to severe cases of nausea, diarrhea, bloating and cramping. You should drink this juice in regulated quantities to get best benefits.

2. Nutrition Deficiency

You should be careful about how you are planning to take your juice. To get the best benefit you should keep it as simple as possible. If you mix it with too many ingredients, especially sugar, it will lose its nutrient value. Excess consumption with sugar will make your body be deprived of essential nutrients.(2)

3. Allergic Reactions

This side effect does not affect everyone but there are some unfortunate ones who are allergic to pumpkin. Symptoms of allergic reactions are itching and hives, rhino conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, obstructed breathing, headache, swelling along with redness around and inside the mouth, throat irritation, excessive coughing etc… If you are facing any of these problems after consuming pumpkin juice, consult your doctor at once.(3)

4. Blood Thinning

It is said that pumpkin juice is good for the heart. This is for the anticoagulant properties of pumpkin juice. It generally helps in preventing blood clotting in the veins and arteries. But it leads to excessive blood thinning when consumed in excess. It also interacts with blood medications for blood tinning. It will cause excessive bleeding and must not be consumed before a surgery.(4)

5. Pruritus

This is not seen among every one. It is generally common among pregnant women, elderly people, infants, nursing mothers as they have an under developed or compromised immune system.(5)

6. Diuretic – Drug Interactions

Apart from its interactions with blood thinning medication, it also interacts with Lithium. It has a diuretic effect and leads to the flushing out of essential lithium from the body. But excessive consumption can also lead to an accumulation in the body. If an individual is on lithium medication, the doctor must be consultedto adjust to the lithium dose or a reduction of pumpkin consumption.(6)

7. Hypoglycemia

Pumpkins contain a certain amount of glucose content in it, which is beneficial for health. If you are diabetic you need to be careful about your consumption quantity. Also consult your doctor before adding it to your diet. You should be careful of the amount of sugar you are adding to you juice as well, as you may make it unnecessarily unhealthy for yourself.(7)

8. Weight Gain

You must make yourself aware that this juice can lead to weight gain. You need to regulate the amount of juice you are consuming. A controlled consumption will not be harming you at all. It must be remembered that obesity will lead to further complications in your body. Consult your doctor before making it a part of your diet.(8)

9. Unsafe for Children

Methemoglobinemia is seen among infants if they consume pumpkin juice as the nitrate content is too high for them. Researchers have confirmed that infants are affected as they do not have a strong immune system. It is advisable to not feed it to them.

10. Erectile Dysfunction

Drinking large amounts may lead to problems achieving or maintaining an erection. Consult your doctor if you encounter any difficulties.

These are some of the common side effects noticed on the consumption of pumpkin juice. Care should be taken of the amount you are consuming. Consult your doctor if you are already under going some treatment, to prevent any kind of drug interactions. Stay safe and healthy.

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