15 Side Effects Of Amla You Should Be Aware Of

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Almost every one of us would be familiar with Amla and many of us would already be using it for several purposes in various forms. For those who speak a different tongue than hindi, it is called in English as Indian Gooseberry. Here we shall be discussing the various possible side effects of Amla juice so that you can be safe from these side effects.(1)

Here are The Side Effects Of Amla Juice

1. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Drinking Amla juice could lower the blood sugar levels in case of people suffering from diabetes. So, if you suffer from diabetes and still want to consume Amla juice, you should ask your doctor to accordingly adjust your diabetes medication.(2)

2. May Worsen Cold And Cough

Being famous as a coolant for our body, people suffering from cold, cough and other similar respiratory problems may find their condition worsening if they continue consuming Amla juice.

3. May Harm The Liver When Taken With Indian Frankincense, Tinospora Cordiofolia, And Ginger

If you already suffer from some kind of liver issues, then consuming Amla along with Indian Frankincense, Ginger and Tinospora cordifolia will damage your liver even further. Though, it is yet not known whether Amla alone causes liver damage or not. So, you better avoid it if you are a liver patient.

4. Constipation

Amla is a known remedy to treat cases of diarrhea. It does because when we ingest a lot of fiber, it hardens our stool, especially when we are not drinking ample amount of water accordingly.(3)

5. Abdominal Cramps

It is sometimes observed that drinking Amla juice on a regular basis could cause abdominal cramps. If they are very severe, you must consult your doctor as they could even be a sign of some other underline problem.

6. Hyperacidity

Very rich in Vitamin C, it is also acidic. So when we are consuming it for any purposes such as detoxification, etc., it can cause acidity when consumed on an empty stomach. If you are already someone who suffers from hyperacidity troubles, avoid drinking Amla juice.(4)

7. Lowers Blood Pressure Levels Severely

Amla juice though helps in lower blood pressure, it could prove dangerous to those who already suffer from low blood pressure related symptoms. If you happen to be one of such people, kindly consult your physician before you try Amla juice.

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8. Dry Skin

Amla is said to be a great antioxidant, which means a good and healthy skin for us. But, along with the antioxidant properties it also has a diuretic nature which could take away the skin’s moisture if we do not care about our hydration properly. So, if you are drinking Amla juice regularly, make sure to drink at least 8-10 glass of water every day.

9. May Result in Diarrhea in Some Cases

If your water intake is good and you are also consuming Amla juice regularly, you may experience diarrhea. This is because the fiber when coupled with adequate water works as a colon cleansing agent. The high vitamin C contents can also cause diarrhea. These are not worrisome symptoms but pregnant ladies and infants must not drink Amla juice as it could prove to be very harmful for them.(5)

10. Dry Scalp

Amla itself is known to be good for hair and scalp health, but as they say too much of even the good stuff can be bad for us, so is the case with Amla. Its excess can cause dryness in our head, even flakes and dandruff. So, make sure you don’t indulge in excess and practice moderation.

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11. Allergic Reactions

Some people may experience itching, rashes, etc. when they consume Amla juice. These are possible symptoms that you are allergic to Amla and should not consume Amla juice and make sure that you head to a doctor immediately to make sure the allergic reaction does not get out of hand.

12. Not For Heart Patients

Being a strong heart stimulant, Amla juice is not advisable for consumption by heart patients. If you really wish to start consuming Amla juice, it would be better to take your doctor’s advice on the idea and then take a call whether you should drink Amla juice.

13. May Cause Heavy Bleeding

Amla can potentially increase the blood vessel elasticity and it may be because of the high vitamin C content in Amla. This can be very dangerous for people who suffer from conditions where clotting does not take place normally. It could also be problematic if you are on a medicine that helps you stop bleeding as it will only counter the medicine’s effects. Do not consume it if you are taking Aspirin, Heparin, Naproxen or Ibuprofen. If you are going to undergo a surgery in the near future, make sure to stop drinking Amla juice at least two weeks before the surgery.

14. Burning While Urinating

If we drink too much of Amla juice, it would mean ingesting an excess of Vitamin C. This means a highly acidic nature of urine as the excess is always excreting with fluids through urine. This acidic nature of urine would mean that you could experience burning in the urinary tract and urethra while urinating. The urine could also smell foul. If such is the case with you, drink lesser quantities of Amla juice than you already are consuming.

15. For Pregnant Women And Babies

Owing to the laxative and diuretic properties of Amla, it is possible that it could induce dehydration or diarrhea both in pregnant women and infants. In both the cases, these are not good signs and we must avoid Amla juice to prevent them as they could lead to larger problems.

Here were the various side effects of Amla juice. Keep these in mind and make good use of Amla juice without suffering from any major side effects.

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