Top 50 Interesting Uses & Benefits of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

benefits of amla

Amla “the Indian gooseberry” is one such fruit which is enough to cure every heath issue. These days every second person is a target of diseases like diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, muscle pain, white hair at young age and many such. Usually we try shortcut methods to solve these health issues by taking medicines or artificial supplements to fill up the insufficiency of nutrients or vitamins in our body. It is always recommended to choose a sustainable source to cure any health problem.

A sustainable source is one which effects slowly but cures permanently. And it never let you catch the disease again in your life. One such source is Amla. Consuming Amla on daily basis not only helps to cure the disease from root but also prevent your body to catch up any such disease further. Amla can be consumed in any form. You are just considered to consume Amla though in liquid or solid.

Below you will get to know 50 benefits of Amla. These benefits will encourage you to consume Amla regularly.

Top 50 Interesting Uses & Benefits of Amla

Benefits of Amla
  1. 1.Amla is also known as vrishya herb. This means that Amla helps to enhance all the seven tissues if our body which also includes the reproductive tissue.
  2.  Amla is used to cure skin diseases, as it contains “sheet virya” in potency. It works by inhibiting pitta and thereby helps in getting relief from all the skin problems or disorders which is caused by pitta.
  3. . It is been discovered that Amla extracts helps to slow down the activity of osteoclasts in the body these are the cells that break down bone as researched by the Scientists at the Ferrara University in Italy
  4.  As many people are unable to consume Amla directly they may take up Amla powder which will help to clear pimples and acne of your skin very easily and in a very short time.
  5. Amla is also good to prevent hyperlipidaemia by the process of attenuating oxidative stress which starts when you start in the ageing process.
  6. Amla is also available in the form of paste and is used to cure lice from the hair also. By applying the paste of ground seeds of Amla it is recommended to mix it with lemon apply this paste especially on the roots of your hair and wash it after an hour or so you will be ledt with clear scalp.
  7. Amla also helps to enrich hair growth which would probably have been slow or stopped in the course of time. Amla also helps to strengthen the roots of hair and maintain your hair color.
  8. Amla powder also helps to prevents dandruff. And also cures it.
  9. Amla protects the body from harmful radiations.
  10. It helps to cure daily/chronic cough, tuberculosis or allergic asthma.
  11. Also helps to improve eyesight.
  12. Amla is rich in antibacterial qualities therefore it helps the body to fight better against infection and also builds up your immunity.
  13. Amla reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patient. You may consume Amla Juice with a pinch of turmeric to cure diabetes.
  14. Amla is also beneficial for heart patients as it strengthens heart muscles.
  15. It improves body resistance towards many diseases.
  16. Amla is also useful for for diarrhea and dysentery due to its strong, cooling and laxative properties. If you consume dry Amla fruit daily then you will be able to cure such diseases.
  17. Amla also helps to get rid of gastric syndrome and hyperchlorhydria. By consuming Amla juice daily you can achieve the cure.
  18. Helps to cure high fever.
  19. If you are having some kind of liver disorder , Amla is excellent live tonic for such problem.
  20. Cures acidity completely. For this you need to take powder of Amla mixed with sugar and milk .
  21. Amla also removes diseases of the eyes such as night blindness and bilious giddiness. with the application of a small quantity of Amla oil to the head before bathing will show you the results soon.
  22.  Indigestion  can also be pevnted and solved by consuming some dried Amla after meals.
  23. Cures harmful disease like piles. By consuming Amla juice with ghee, honey and milk after lunch.
  24. Anemia is also being cured by this amazing fruit.
  25. Amla is also helpful in paralytic situation.
  26. If you are going through any urinary problems you must always consume amla in any form.
  27. Respiratory problems
  28. Cerebral, gastro an many such related problems are also have a solution named Amla.
  29. Chronic cardiovascular illness are also been cured.
  30. It lowers your high cholesterol level.
  31. Purifies blood to prevent from any blood problem. consume Amla juice or powder with honey to do so.
  32. Amla also increases red blood cell production in the body.
  33. Amla increases Hemoglobin level as it increases red blood cells in the body.
  34. Amla strengthens weak teeth and nails.
  35. Amla helps to reduce and maintain a regular cycle of menstruation.
  36. It also suppresses swelling and pain in body.
  37. Amla cures syphilis, asthma, bronchitis, and consumption.
  38. To prevent and cure diabetes Amla is the best.
  39. Amla is rich in chromium levels also to cure diabetics.
  40. Amla and the Jamun fruit are mixed together, this mixture when taken in a teaspoon two time a day, can help in lowering sugar level to a great extent.
  41. To stop acidity, mix some amla powder with some sugar and consume t with a glass of water.
  42. It supports and helps to strengthen the muscles of heart and lungs.
  43. Amla is good to sharp the memory and good for Brain. To revitalize the memory of brain take a cup of milk without sugar with the murabba of Amla.
  44. Amla helps to improve nervous cells also.
  45. Taking Amla powder helps to break the stones and throwing it out with urine.
  46. Amla reduces cholesterol and blood sugar level.
  47. Amla cures the problem of leucorrhoea also.
  48. Amla also helps to increase the protein metabolism. Therefore it also helps you lose weight faster.
  49. Amla supports both men and women and can help overcome the problem in conceiving.
  50. Amla helps in improving quality of sperms as it contains sweet vipaka property.

These 50 benefits of Amla (Indian gooseberry) will sure help you to find a cure or prevention for your health. Eat at least one or half an amla daily and also provide this to your kids to lie a happy and healthy life without any disease. Amla is a big bucket of good things. There may be many such benefits of amla which are not known yet! Find a drug store or any retail shop to get a regular supply of this natural curing fruit. We hope that these amazing benefits of amla would encourage you more to consume it on a regular basis.

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