Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat – Top 10 Reasons

reasons for not losing belly fat

Belly bulge is embarrassing as stubborn fat around the tummy makes the stomach look bulky. Getting rid of belly fat is possible if you make some necessary changes in your daily routine. Whether it is your lifestyle, eating habits, or hormones that is adding up to the fats, it is essential to shed them to lead a healthy life.

If you haven’t done much yet, it’s the right time to get up and do something for your body. Since belly fat surrounds your organs badly and can lead to heart disease, cancer, type2 diabetes, and insulin resistance, wake up. Better late than never!

These few tips from the nutrition experts will help you a lot, surely. Let us whittle down your waist and get ready to flaunt that bodycon dress you always have been eyeing out for.

Sugar Intake

Your sugar intake is probably way too much if your belly is getting fat. Those muffins loaded with chocolate, white pasta dipped in sauce, those long rice grains you have been eating your whole life, are few items full of sugar. They take a serious toll on your body and the time you get to know, you have already gained immense weight. High sugar diet causes fat so unless you cut that down, you can’t lose belly fat.

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Depending on Junk Food

Driving yourself nuts into managing your belly fat? Nothing can ever control your belly fat if you consume high levels of junk food. Yes, this is true. Rather than eating junk, add colourful food to your routine. It looks brighter and contains Vitamin C to lower down your stress level which is again a reason why you are not losing belly fat. People who ate greens, yellows, orange, and reds have smaller waists as compared to others. Add bell peppers, mango, berries, and bright foods to see your belly shaping down.

You Have Been Working Out Wrong

You took daily cardio sessions to lose belly fat, right, but nothing worked out? It is because you have been doing it all the way wrong. Cardio is effective but only to some extent, however, you have to go for a combination of weight and strength training. Perhaps the body burns fats more with strength training. Never cheat in between reps and do it honestly because at the end, you are going to pay for it not your trainer. Also, do not focus on the scale while working out as the results will be clear if you are working out in a right way.

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Eating Processed Food

Packed and canned food items are bad for your complete health. Besides, processed food lowers down your capability to burn belly fat because they are full of carbs and sugar. And sugar is your enemy if you are looking forward to get that perfect belly. The artificial sweeteners in packaged food give a huge boost to your insulin level which in turn decreases your body’s sensitivity, thereby storing more fat around the tummy.

Excess Beer

I am fond of beer too! But you shouldn’t be. Belly fat is due to excessive beer consumption and if you think you can drink wine, you can. Wait, you cannot. Yes, wine and beer both are bad for your tummy. Keep the belly fat down by taking only 6 drinks a week, which sounds good, isn’t it?

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Constant stress is bad for health as well as belly. People who feel depressed and stressed are prone to belly fat. Not only do they have less physical activity but also bad eating habits like munching high concentrated sugar food. Workout is the only solution to kill that stress and puts you in better mood. Actually, this is the number one rule to lose belly fat, so I should list it at the top rather than 6th number, isn’t it?

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep leads to many problems, however, make sure to sleep for good 7-8 hours to combat belly fat. Bad sleeping habits leave a negative impact on cortisol balance. As cortisol is a stress hormone, it increases the amount of fat in your body which is further linked to visceral fat. However, all in all, lack of sleep adds to the fats making it hard for the belly to shed those extra pounds.

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Diet Soda

People who are high on diet soda are more likely to gain fat around the belly. Actually, diet soda contains a huge number of calories which they think they are cutting down because it is diet soda. But you are wrong here! If you still don’t want to give up on your favourite diet soda, you should better reduce the number of calories you consume from other food items in a day.

Over Exercise

Doing things excessively is never done. So you are just sitting and one day, you get up and start exercising for 3 long hours thinking that you will lose belly fat in a day, is it so? Will that work? Definitely not! Going over the board never works. By over exercising, your cortisol balance gets upset so make sure to workout in a balanced way. For an example, 20-30 minute of exercise would do.

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Sweat it Out

If you don’t want to jump into cardio or strength training, sweating out is a good option. Go out on your racing cycle and speed up for 2 minutes to go out of breath and then stop. Do pushups or squats for 2 minutes and then stop. Take a brisk walk for 2 minutes and relax.

So adjust your diet and workout sessions to get a perfect belly shape. But if you still don’t see any changes, it’s the time you see a doctor for medical checkup and see where the problem lies. There may be some issues in hormones which a doctor can help with because if this is the case, diet and exercise will do nothing good.

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