6 Dangerous Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Sugar

side effects of sugar

Everybody loves the delight feeling of sweetness in their food. Many people in this world crave for sugary products as its sweetness attracts many people and they consume it blindly, overlooking the damage it could be doing. Also known as white poison, below we have mentioned the side effects of having Sugar. Have a look!

6 Dangerous Side Effects Of Sugar

1. Excessive Cravings

Sugar is an element which creates excessive cravings when consumed on a regular basis. Unstable blood sugar level usually leads to mood swings in which the person often craves for sugar or sugary products for satisfaction.Though after consuming, the craving ends but only on temporary basis.Having sugar usually makes the brain release serotonin that leads to these cravings to make one happy. This over a due course of time can be extremely dangerous.

2. Obesity

Sugar always induces obesity in a person. Sugar contains many elements that encourage person’s body fat to increase. The fructose quantity in sugar can make one laze around and become inactive post consumption. This cause the calories to build up and eventually add up to weight gain. Thus obesity can cause many problems and sugar plays an important role in leading to obesity, hence the consumption should be monitored.

3. Chromium Deficiency

Chromium and sugar has a very relevant relation between them. Both of these elements are important for body but here chromium is vital and beneficial but sugar is bad. Chromium is the mineral that is present in sea food, plant food and animal food and this mineral helps in the circulation of blood sugar.But high amount of sugar in the body absorbs this mineral from the food you take in thus leading to the deficiency.

4. Premature Aging

Aging is something natural and unavoidable. But if it starts reflecting before time it becomes quite an agony for the suffering from it. Consuming high level of sugar in the food is a primary cause for aging and it lands up giving age spots and wrinkles on the skin. Elements of sugar, glucose and fructose mix in the blood, but some amount of fructose remains insoluble and attaches itself to the proteins in our body. This later sticks to the inner structure of the skin thus inducing premature aging.

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5. Fatty Liver Disease

Sugar is made of 2 elements one is glucose and the other is fructose. Glucose is present in every living cell and even our body produces it as it is essential for our body. But fructose is an element that is not needed by body and it can only be digested by liver. Because of this aspect of fructose storing up in the liver, it add up to fat deposition in the liver giving riseto a fatty liver.

6. Diabetes

Sugar when consumed in large quantities tampers the blood sugar level. Occasional tampering is acceptable by the body, but in excess it cause the insulin levels in the body to fluctuate. To curb to these various fluctuating levels of insulin, one has to artificially inject insulin for the blood sugar level to be maintained. This phenomena leads to Diabetes in a patient.

Sugar is much needed by the body as it flows in the bloodstream and does very useful functions in the body but one has to always remember that high amount of sugar can cause various ill effects to the body and can be extremely dangerous . Not just diabetes or heart issues sugar can cause many small effects that imbalance your body structure. Hence it is advised to avoid Sugar.

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