Cinnamon for Diabetes: Does it Really Work?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that leads to an increase in blood sugar and glucose levels in the body. Broadly categorized into type 1 and type 2 , diabetes has spread like a wildfire among a lot of people and most people suffer from it. While a lot of prople are bound to take only insulin injectable, one natural product like the cinnamon can be of help to maintain the sugar levels of the body. Below we have mentioned how one can use cinnamon and benefit the most to control diabetes.

 Does Cinnamon Help In Reduce Diabetes?

Cinnamon is found to be the most simple and effective remedy for diabetes. The Annals of Family Medicine and Diabetes Care proves in few of their readings that people with type 2 diabetes may benefit from cinnamon. Unless you have any sort of liver problems it is safe to consume cinnamon for diabetes.

  • Cinnamon contains polyphenols, which assists in weight loss for people who are overweight with reduced fasting glucose. It also acts as an insulin sensitizer and antioxidant.
  • Cinnamon helps to increase glucose metabolism nearly 20 times and controls blood sugar.
  • Cinnamon also acts as a substitute for insulin due to its insulin-like effects.

How To Make Cinnamon Drink To Reduce Diabetes:

Cinnamon is a safe, easily available and inexpensive for the treatment of diabetes. However it needs to be clubbed with healthy eating and regular exercise. Given below are some ways of consuming cinnamon.

How to Use Cinnamon for Diabetes:

1. Cinnamon With Holy Basil:

This is a very healthy drink that stimulates you as well as helps you in curing your diabetes.

  • Put to boil two cups of water in a pot.
  • Take two to four sticks of cinnamon sticks along with a few leaves of holy basil and put it into the pot of boiling water.
  • Allow the liquid to turn brown.
  • Strain the liquid.
  • Keep your blood sugar level in control by drinking this cinnamon tea every morning.

2. Cinnamon Tea:

This is a very easy drink to make and can be used as a supplement for tea as well.

  • Take a pan and pour one liter of water into it.
  • Put the water to boil.
  • As the water starts boiling, add three tablespoons of cinnamon powder.
  • Simmer the concoction for 20-30 minutes and leave it to cool down.
  • Strain the mixture and drink it daily.

Tips And Precautions:

There are certain dos and don’ts while using cinnamon. These must be followed for the best results.

  • Cinnamon should be slowly included in the diet. For example, if you have to start with 1 gram of cinnamon per day, then it should be taken in small quantities throughout the day instead of consuming all at once.
  • Any changes in glucose levels should be monitored and discussed with the physician.
  • Cinnamon should not be used as a substitute for an ongoing medicine or treatment. It can be used along with the treatment after consultation with the doctor.
  • Do not use cinnamon if you have liver problems as it will aggravate the problem.

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Cinnamon for Diabetes: Does it Really Work?
Cinnamon is found to be the most simple and effective remedy for diabetes. Given below are some ways of using Cinnamon for Diabetes treatement

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