8 Efficient Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally

sugar cravings

In the course of the day, we tend to feel hungry quite a few times. Our hunger pangs are not limited to three meals and restricting oneself needs sheer will power. How about some candy bar at 4? Or some caramel popcorn at 7? Or maybe some blueberry ice cream around 11? Oh God! These sugar cravings can be never ending and the more you have it, the more you want it.
Well, if you think you are the only one having it, then chuck that thought. There a lot of us having these sugar cravings and all hide it! So if these sugar cravings have become intolerable and a cause of concern, then hold on we just have some awesome news for you! Here we have the list of simple day to day techniques that help you control and stop these sugar cravings naturally! Go ahead and have read!

Why Do We Have Sugar Cravings?

have sugar cravings

A lot of us have a sweet tooth and most of us get those cravings every now and then that are just uncontrollable.According to Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, a dietitian and American Dietetic Association (ADA) spokeswoman, she says “ Sweet is the first taste humans prefer from birth”and that is one reason why we are hell bent on satisfying these sugar cravings. Sugar is a carbohydrate that is responsible for the release of serotonin which a neurotransmitter that helps makes the brain feel good and makes one happier.

Is Quitting Completely On Sugar Advisable?

Sugar is an important part of our diet too and completely avoiding it can do us more harm than any good. However, balancing the the blood sugar level is extremely important. Sugar craving usually happen occasionally, but gradually the tendency of taking in too much sugar can increase.
Having a sweet treat now and then in limited quantity is still acceptable, but most of when having a sugar craving can’t resist from gulping loads of sweets. Be it a tub of ice cream or a huge bar of chocolate, munching on sweets can be never ending if not controlled at the right time.

Remedies To Control Sugar Cravings Naturally

To help our lovely ladies on how they could control these sugar cravings naturally, we have listed out some remedies that could be of great help while you try to stop sugar cravings naturally. Go ahead and try these out to avoid that sweet tooth ache from happening next time!

1. Trying Out Combinations

control sugar cravings

Sugar craving are quite a task to control, because it is a fact that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. And to get off sugar right away can be a task. So to help you control the sugar craving gradually you can try combining your sugar craving with something healthy. This will help reducing the adverse effects. Well, if you feel like having some nutella, then try dipping in a banana and having it or maybe try mixing some oats in your favorite hazel nut dip and munch on a bite. Trying these combinations are great but remember restrict the munchies. A spoon or a bite should suffice.

2. Having Multiple Meals

Multiple Meals

Controlling blood sugar is the key to stop sugar cravings. So eating every two to three hours can help maintain the blood sugar level and prevent one from consuming sweets. Planning your meals with ample gap and intervals increases the production of serotonin which helps maintaining a good appetite and avoiding any sugar craving.

3. Try FFP


FFP stands for fat, fiber and protein. Now that you are reducing on sugar, increase the intake of all these three to maintain a balanced diet. Include meat, milk, eggs, avocado, coconut and salmon. Make yourself a meal chart and plan what you want to have quite in advance to avoid all last moment hassles. Consuming as per a diet chart can initiate weight loss and help maintain a healthy lifestyle

4. Chewing Some Gum

chewing some gum

According to Nutrition Adviser Dave Grotto, RD, LDN, chewing a stick of gum can reduce cravings. It helps in satisfying the sweet tooth and helps in reducing the sugar cravings.

5. Munch In Fruits

munch in fruits

Another effective way of stopping your sugar cravings are by taking in some fruits. Fruits are rich in nutrients and fiber and control that sugar urge immediately. Stocking up nuts and dry fruits too is a good idea. It comes to your rescue when anything sweet could suffice your desire

6. Water Will Help

water will help

Sometimes when you crave for sugar, it could indicate that the body is dehydrated. So to curb this issue, one needs to drink plenty of water. One can sip in some lemon juice with water and honey as this will bring up the blood sugar level and gradually reduce the sugar craving.

7. Going Green

going green

Having green vegetable juices can help you stop sugar craving too. These greens are loaded with nutrients which help boosting energy thus curbing the sugar craving. One could include sea vegetables which are enriched with vitamins and minerals that satisfy the adrenal needs and maintains a healthy blood sugar level

8. Deviating Your Mind

deviating your mind

Deviating your mind when you have these sugar cravings can definitely help. So when you get these cravings, you should probably rush out for a walk or maybe go have a swim. A change of surrounding can deviate your mind and you are mostly likely going to forget the fact that you were having a sugar craving.
With this we wind up our remedies for controlling your sugar cravings. But we know that reading so much about these cravings can give you a craving right now! So before you have that hunger pang for sugar, rush outside and go breathe in some fresh air. This will immediately help you to stop your sugar craving!
We urge you to try these remedies and let us know , what difference did they make and how well you curbed your Sugar craving without taking in any sugar! All the best!

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