Skinerals Padded Microfiber Applicator Self Tanning Mitt Set Review

skinerals padded microfiber applicator self tanning mitt set

The best accessory to apply self tanner without litter with Skinerals Padded Tanning Mitt Set. To keep your palms stain free use these microfiber tanning mitts.

This mitt set contains 3 different like exfoliator glove, it will remove bumps, dirt and impurity and tanning mitt, it just hold a right amount of product and contouring mitt is very small and it is used for face, hand and it will help for color contouring to achieve a toned look.

How it Works:

  • These mitts are carefully sewn together with the highest quality construction.
  • The flexible and velvety smooth material of the tanning mitts allow a perfect and smooth application every time without streaks and splotches.
  • The soft, luxurious material of the tanning mitts hold tanners, mousses, creams and lotions without dripping.


  • You can apply self tanner without mess.
  • Use color contouring to achieve a toned look.
  • These are reusable and washable.
  • It keeps your palms stain free.
  • You can use this mitt for smooth, consistent application.
  • It is made with a high quality soft luxurious microfiber.


  • Best results are seen when you wait a minimum 8 to 12 hours before getting wet.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

These premium, velvety smooth microfiber fabric is to achieve super soft skin and it will remove bumps, dirt and create a perfect palette for self tanner.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. What is the best way to wash the mitt after use?
Ans: I used to wash my mitt after each use, which was a couple times a week. Now I rarely wash it but I would use Woolite or a gentle soap or even shampoo. Rinse well and let dry. I love this mitt. It is the best.

Q. Can I use the mitt for a spray tan?
Ans: You can use it to spray self-tanners, if you want to spray on the mitt and then use the mitt to apply. This could be especially helpful on the upper body, when you don’t necessarily want spray near your nose and mouth and risk the particles being inhaled.

Q. Does it stain through?
Ans: No it doesn’t stain through.

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